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Early Votes in Texas Surpass 2016 Total as Democrats and Biden Campaign Continue Push to Flip State

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/30/early-votes-texas-surpass-2016-total-democrats-and-biden-campaign-continue-push-flip


All depends on who does the counting … Guido was elected ‘President’ of
Venezuela without a single vote. The Belarusian woman parading around at the hegemonic shit shows proclaimed herself the winner with 5% of the vote.

Using the criteria of the US imposed "democracy’ on other countries, Trump
should be a shoo in.


As a native Texan I say go blue as soon as soon can be!

Austin take ownership of the Lone Star State!


Western red states are beginning to turn purple (or pink) due to Trump and the mass migration out of Cali to AZ, NV, TX, and other red/pink states.

… economic discontent from COVID-19 doesn’t entirely explain the red-to-blue shift. Even before the outbreak, states such as Nevada and Arizona saw this transition. “More liberal Californians have been moving into Nevada and Arizona that are changing those more Democratic. You have New Yorkers who retired to Florida. In Virginia and North Carolina which used to be very conservative, you have again professionals from different parts of the country moving into those states,” James Rae, professor of politics at California State University, told CGTN.

In the past few years, reports on a “California exodus” have been making waves. Since 2010, more people have moved out of California than moved in. Between 2007 to 2016, among 1 million Californians – some 2.5 percent of its population, most relocated to Texas, according to statistics from California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office.


I wonder what the drive is to move to Texas. Weather is worse.
They do get more rain I suppose. Have some corporate centers. Can it be the many ball teams? Anyway it is a curiosity to me. a white mid-westerner.

Probably jobs. The tech industry has been expanding there. And then there is always all that oil money.

I have a 1st cousin that moved for the Austin corporate opportunities. That was forty years ago. Before, or at the beginning of the expansion of the tech industry.
So she may have had a paper pushing opportunity or something along those lines.

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As much as I hope Biden wins, I still believe that neither Republican nor Democrat presidential hopeful offers a notable improvement in poor and low-income Americans’ lot in life.
Their governances would, though, most likely maintain thinly veiled yet firm ties to large corporations, as though elected heads represent big money interests over those of the working citizenry.

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The commonly-Western first-past-the-post electoral system just barely qualifies as democratic rule within the democracy spectrum.

Western governments typically maintain thinly veiled yet strong ties to large corporations, as though elected heads are meant to represent big money interests over those of the working citizenry and poor.

It may be reflective of why those powerful interests generally resist proportional representation electoral systems of governance, the latter which tends to dilute the corporate lobbyist influence on the former.


Glad that SOMEONE is finally getting out to the rural areas – and speaking to the people there. Farm and ranch people have also been hit by the pandemic and economic downturn, and earlier trade agreements.

We all need a voice at the table and if there aren’t enough chairs already there, we need to bring in some folding chairs.


California’s high cost of living, high taxes, business "un"friendly, overpopulation, rampant homelessness, etc all have a hand in the exodus. But, yeah, Texas, really? Austin is nice (and liberal). The upside is that these red states are being diluted with the influx of (mostly) democrats, however I suspect a fair share are neolibs.

Joe Rogan (podcaster) recently made the escape to Austin. But then he can afford to live just about anywhere.

Probably cheaper property ownership, and relatives/friends in that same state, want to be closer.

I am like you. Weather; tornadoes, hurricanes, floods are not attractive at all no matter how much money one can save.

Your mention of cost is a big deal. I can’t imagine how rough it is for a middle wage earner in California to lose an apartment and still be able to afford another. Especially when there is a lost job involved.

I voted for Biden. But unlike you, I am not going to look back. I have no regrets. To continue down this nauseatingly, dizzy, chaotic and massive-murder agenda has got to end and only 1 candidate will allow us to catch our breath, and Biden is the only hope for that.

Like you, I am more than concerned about the growing poor and poverty in our country. Since Reagan, it’s been growing. With Dump, it’s on a trajectory that knows no bounds.

Are you aware that Dump and his Rethuglicon party having been licking their chops for MORE!?tax breaks for the filthiest rich aka: their donors?

So no, Biden needs to win. But we, The People must not stop with just a vote, but that’s all we The People have been doing for decades. Voting, then going home and wondering why nothing is getting better for us. Yes, we have had small protests but nothing enmasse. One exception is The Poor Peoples Campaign lead by Reverend Barber. Did you happen to see it on CSPAN a few months ago? That was a rare thing.

One of the largest mountains to climb in this fight against corporate greed is that our media, by and large, is owned and controlled by the same greediest sociopathic/narcissistic rich that don’t want things to change in America. And they also now have much more control via charter schools and privatization in our school systems so no longer are American children taught about OUR OWN government and how to change this corrupted system of capitalism we live in.

Change starts from the bottom. We already have well over 130M people poor and living in poverty. We need to join Rev Barber now and make Biden hear us. Those in power, Rethuglicons don’t care and haven’t listened, probably even before Reagan. Have any plans yourself?

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I can’t argue that. How scary to even have to consider the only places in America one can afford is a place where you may be homeless because of unpredictable weather.

Along with Biden, the freshman congress critters and the ones about to be elected need the support you are talking about. Fatalistic yammering is a drag. But that’s what opinions are for I suppose. I hope Biden is a much better president than many here are thinking he will be.

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You know, gandolf- I hear pundits and historians recount how much FDR depended on The People to push him, force FDR to become The New Deal president he became. FDR supposedly said that very openly and public. But that’s not where FDR came from–just the opposite, personally and politically. New York political machine was very corrupted and FDR born into wealth but from the actions of The People created Social Security, protections and laws for workers, the establishment of the middle-class! The country that so much of the world wanted to move to for this reason.

It’s really hard to imagine something even close to that happening now. CEOs/Corporations are mega-monopolies, a grotesque monstrosity FDR’s cousin, Teddy, fought decades before to break up.

All the old diseases of capitalism are back and stronger than ever because now too many of The People have accepted it. That’s not good.

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Oh yeah. Fatalistic is useless and depressive. Just what 45 wants from his critics.

Well said. Beyond the politics of the new deal were the projects. The wood and stone buildings like at Yellowstone. The stone and masonry work at waterfalls and places like the Grand Canyon. In my area they planted many thousands of the overall 3 billion trees planted.
Most of this is still standing after 85 years.
Too bad good politics isn’t built to last.

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Power is always going to be a struggle, right? And those with the money, will never give it up without a fight. Isn’t that what we keep hearing?

How bad, how desperate do things have to get before we, The People, enmasse, organize to get the government we need and want?

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