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Earnings of Top .001% Up 636% Since 1980, But GOP Tax Scam Would 'Turbocharge Inequality'


Earnings of Top .001% Up 636% Since 1980, But GOP Tax Scam Would 'Turbocharge Inequality'

Julia Conley, staff writer

As Republicans seek to ram through tax plan that favors corporations and uber wealthy, global inequality report shows ever-growing chasm between rich and poor


Buy your Pitchforks and Torches now, before there’s a run on them at the stores.


inequality “is situated within capitalism.” Making capitalism as we know it in need of structural change


Notice that even with all of this long-planned, willful mayhem waiting in the wings, there’s one verb that we’ve yet to hear or read, to describe this:



P.S. That’s an adjective, not a verb.:slightly_smiling_face:


Ross Perot’s " giant sucking sound " is now just the everyday elevator music of our lives. The extremely wealthy have fine tuned the " hoovering " to such a degree, we’re humming along with the droning whirl of it.
If you close your eyes and use a little imagination, it does kind of sound like " Joy To The World " sung by cockroaches lurking under the refrigerator.


Today’s “giant sucking sound” is whenever the Orange Orangutans puckered up lips part, and he prepares to “suck up” to his base.

His ever dwindling base.


This tax bill, along with the ending of Net Neutrality firmly establishes the US, at least for now, as a kleptocracy. Like all kleptocracies, it is based on fraud.


This is old news for anyone checking outside the corporate owned mass media.

In the U.S. THREE INDIVIDUALS (Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Bezos) now have more wealth as the economic bottom 150 MILLION working people. THIS BARBARIC WEALTH INEQUALITY IS INTRINSIC TO CAPITALISM! The solution to this and many other crises is to END CAPITALISM!

Check out Marxist economist and educator RICHARD D. WOLFF http://www.rdwolff.com and his weekly radio program ECONOMIC UPDATE now in 70 plus radio stations.

Read daily the World Socialist Web Site http://www.wsws.org

The economic crises inevitably created by globalized capitalism, such as global warming and climate change, economic inequality, unending wars, etc. can only be ended by the ending of capitalism and building a globalized socialist economy. A socialist economy works to provide an universal minimum standard of living for all people.


Now that the 1% and their corporations own as many US politicians as they need to manifest their agenda, the GOP tax scam will give the 1% and their corporations more money to use to purchase politicians in other nations around the world and spread US style kleptocracy to every nation on earth.


Did anyone else notice that the more dishonest they are about this tax scam the louder they are? They must load up on sleeping pills to deal with a conscience if they have one left.


It is exactly the right word. SADISTIC.


I’d like to clear up something that has been purposefully obscured.
It is simply a failed economic system that we need to change (or end) before it destroys every one of us regular working people.


Right you are Hooligan.

The Duopoly has been for decades gaming the system in favor of the few, at the expense of the many.