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Earth Could Reach Critical Climate Threshold in Decade, Scientists Warn


Earth Could Reach Critical Climate Threshold in Decade, Scientists Warn

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The planet could pass the critical 1.5°C global temperature threshold in a decade—and is already two-thirds of the way to hit that warming limit, climate scientists warned on Thursday.

Speaking at a University of Oxford conference this week, led by leading U.K. climate researcher Richard Betts, scientists said global greenhouse gas emissions are not likely to slow down quickly enough to avoid passing the 1.5°C target.


We have already passed the 1.5 degree increase mark (since 1750, the original benchmark), and we are past the "point of no return" whereby natural positive feedback mechanisms on our planet simply continue to increase the temperatures in an acceleration of climate destabilization that we obviously cannot imagine and certainly cannot control!


To effectively sequester carbon in soil, the soil needs to be in a relatively anoxic state, which ultimately means the soil needs to be moist, if not saturated much of the time. Otherwise, the carbon oxidizes (burns) back into carbon dioxide. Carbon sequestration via soil building and rainfall go hand in hand. It is just one of many processes in global climate change that cannot be explained using one variable. Complexity rules the day.


It was known over 40 years ago (late 60s, early 70s) that unless the growth of both industrial output and population were curtailed immediately (1970 immediately) that we would enter into a system of irreversible exponential feedback loops resulting in a massive dieoff of the human population (let alone everything else) midway through the first half of the 21st century, the initial effects beginning about now.

And here we are. Famines in parts of Africa. Floods and droughts. Crop failures. Polluted oceans. Melting icecaps. Rising seas. Methane releases from permafrost. Wars for the last remaining resources. Refugees from those wars. MegaStorms. Polluted aquifers. Farmlands poisoned by pesticides and GMOs. etc etc etc

Thanks not only to the climate deniers and the corporate profiteers, but also to a seemingly endless stream of scientists saying over and over again "we've got time but we better do something" .. long after time ran out.


",,,mass lifestyle change must be undertaken to combat rising temperatures, such as developing more sustainable diets, reducing food waste and red meat intake, and importing fewer greenhouse gas-heavy vegetables.." "There are lots of behavioral changes required, not just by the government...but by us,"

This stuff gets lost with all the demonizing of the fossil fuel industry but it reinforces how important a comprehensive view of the problem is to reducing emissions. I think the hardest changes to make are lifestyle changes. You can have programs for solar and wind, and energy efficiency but how in the world do you get people to change their lifestyles, and how many people are willing to admit that their lifestyles are part of the problem, particularly when it comes to food. It is much easier to blame oil companies and even capitalism in general. It is much harder to look at your dinner plate blame yourself.


It is technically feasible to capture CO2 from ambient air and compress it (cost of about $50/metric ton),and if we would try enhanced geothermal systems, they most likely would be good places to store CO2--not sure of costs on that part--but need to use something for fracking fluid, and whatever is used for that will be stored in the hot rock reservoir of the enhanced geothermal system.


Future headline?



There was a 50 year delay in our actually feeling the effects of Global Warming --
right now, we are only actually feeling the effects of capitalism's abuse of Nature
and Animal Life up to about 1966 -- imagine all the destruction after that point.

Also, unless you're a cold blooded reptilian -- our temperature is 98.6 which suggests
that the next question is . . . .

Who has control of the cyanide tablets?


I would say that a lot of people will now be thinking about retiring early.


Oh wait the deteriorating economic situation won't allow that...


On food -- as a VEGAN, I can say very definitely that I've seen the effects on vegetation
over the last decade plus -- one being bananas -- and that situation has gotten a lot worse
as the trucks bringing in bananas have had to be so cold because of the intense heat that
the bananas are pretty much frozen -- with no chance to ripen -- and subsequently showing
a lot of damage to the bananas. They are then, of course, brought into large food stores who
also have extra refrigeration going on in back rooms before produce is brought out.

I've noticed a lot of vegetables and fruit when put out are almost in frozen condition.


Is that why those super green bananas I see and have tried to ripen will not ripen? They just turn to brown but still unripe mush.... Head smack - I never thought it through....


Seattle -- Would be helpful if everyone responding would add at least a snippet of the post
to indicate just what part they are referring to . . . .

Did this have something to do with Glyphosate from Monsanto's Round Up seeping into our
soil and water? It's a herbicide which is also being found in all of our crops -- and vaccines.


Give up bananas. You want a banana, bike down to Honduras.


Scary stuff. California's cap-in-trade program is working and I'm proud of my state for doing it. Hope others will follow.


My attention waned after, "some scientist in Scotland said lifestyle change must be undertaken to reduce temperature, develop more sustainable diets, reduce food waste and red meat, import fewer greenhouse gas-heavy vegetables." Real lifestyle changes include less flying, less driving, less trucking and shipping goods around the world to produce sweatshop labor goods that workers don't need and 1st world buyers will toss like last years fashion statement. The USA needs a world class interstate passenger-rail and metropolitan area transit modernization that is of course opposed by automobile-related business interests (finance, insurance, advertising, sales, parking and pumping black gold) who are otherwise investing in delicious WMD stocks.


Yes, folks, retire early because if you wait too long, you may be too sick from climate devastation by the time you retire... to enjoy it!


It's more than heat -- they're saying = 10 years no bananas.



smile --



Here in western pa we haven't seen a decent piece of fruit in years. Everything is, as you say, frozen when so it can travel farther in the heat and not over ripen.
I have forgotten what a sweet peach or plum tastes like. They used to grow them around here, but all the orchards are long gone, their land sold out to frackers and pipeliners alike.
When the gas runs out we here on the northeast and Ohio valley will surely starve.