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Earth Day 2019: We Don't Have Time

Earth Day 2019: We Don't Have Time

Kathleen Rogers, Ingmar Rentzhog

Generally speaking, humans have demonstrated over and over a remarkable ability to cooperate in a crisis. The tragic fire at the beloved Notre Dame’s Cathedral was a case in point. Firemen and even members of the public rushed into the inferno, while millions of people around the world paced in front of their TV sets, wanting to jump in an help, anxiously waiting for the fire to be put out, and breathing a collective sigh of relief that there was hope for its survival. Donors rushed in behind first responders, generating a billion euros in financial support to rebuild within 24 hours.


Pacha Mama, thank you for sharing your charms with me. I have tried to be worthy of those, but all too often failed. I don’t know how many dimensions there are (a hard thing to admit as a trained physicist), but I am grateful for every day I get to guess.


We don’t have time…especially with TweedleDum in the White House.

Our lives must not be dependent on his whims any longer.

We must face reality even if him and his co-conspirators won’t.


Forgive me for being slightly off topic, but this seemed like the best story to post this today (I did post a link in the marijuana story yesterday).

Tulsi Gabbard has filed 2 bills to end federal marijuana prohibition (with co-sponsors).
One is to end prohibition at the federal level (her bill), and another bill to collect positive data from legal states now, to combat the lies the right makes-up about marijuana use.



Climate Justice is at the top of my list when considering who to vote for.


Not only face reality, but act.

In the words of 16 year-old Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg: “We do need hope — of course, we do. But the one thing we need more than hope is action . Once we start to act, hope is everywhere.”


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The population counter will launch past 7.7 billion people this week. We’re fucked.


We are having a beautiful spring here in central Kentucky—redbuds, dogwoods, any tree or shrub with the ability to flower is doing so. Yet, in the midst of this natural magnificence—which I am profoundly grateful to Gaia for—I can’t help thinking: Will this be the last “normal” spring before the continuous inferno?