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Earth Day Should Be Called "People of Earth" Day


Earth Day Should Be Called "People of Earth" Day

Shelley Poticha

You might think of the rainforest or the endangered polar bear on this day, but Earth Day is a commemoration with decidedly American roots, born in 1970 with marches and rallies by 20 million people nationwide.

It was a time of activism on behalf of civil rights and the environment and it came just two years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act to ban discrimination in housing, and five years after the creation of the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


Environmental and Climate Justice for all!

The planet will be just fine. It is life on the planet that is being challenged, including human life.

Climate justice activist Tim DeChristopher has emphasized that the movement really is about humanity, not just rain forests and polar bears. But a colleague with whom I attended COP 22 in Marrakech has made me re-realize that it is about a responsibility to all life, all existence in our interdependent web.


Rather, Earth Day should be called a SHAM--for it's likely now too late to save our species from extinction. Especially with Drumpt as our "leader" now>


People can react to our imminent destruction by standing on the sidelines or running headlong upon the barricades. Like you, I fear neither activity will have much effect as the two biggest issues, human over population and capitalism, are rarely ever discussed in relation to Anthropogenic Climate Disruption. It is estimated that the human population will peak at 15 billion. There is no way this pale blue dot will remain habitable for most species with that many people wanting "stuff" they don't need.


Population growth is easily fixed with increased education,

Is that why education and family planning are both under attack?


Yes, interdependent not just humans.


Yes, there is an organization that is addressing this called population connection. It was formerly zpg.


Also population is not easily fixed with education - remember the religious extremists factors no birth control, and also no help for those who are born.


I agree with that. Also it has been documented that it is mostly poorer people who are having kids or at least more of them. Does not make sense. That is why we need those of us who are conscientious about this more than ever.


Gee, I remember the original Earth Day- and every day is Earth Day- it is where we live. It is not a sham. If you do not want to get involved and just be cynical that is pretty sad, mister.


Are you a scientist yourself?


I won't try to convince anyone about what has been known for over 100 years, that education leads to a gently declining population. Politicians who are opposed to birth control and family planning are not what I think of as educated.

Population increases due to encouragement from religious zealots? Are you thinking of the old-fashioned Catholics?


Any theocrats or extremists who are irrational. I understand what you are saying, however about education. I also know some catholics personally who also are progressive about population control.


Never understood why anybody would be opposed to planning a family ( if that is what one wants) as opposed to be surprised or shocked then having to deal with the consequences. That is irrational. Maybe it's so they get more members for their organized religions???