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Earth Day, The Climate Agreement and March for Science


Earth Day, The Climate Agreement and March for Science

Kathleen Rogers

It’s no coincidence that Earth Day, the first anniversary of the signing of the climate agreement and the March for Science are all taking place on the same day, April 22. It is the people’s day. It has been the people’s day since 1970, when Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-Wisc.), Rep. Pete McCloskey (R-Calif.), and lead organizer Denis Hayes turned out 20 million ordinary citizens in what is still regarded as the largest-ever single social mobilization effort in world history.


I lost my Mother many years ago, and still to this day tear up at times at the thought of my love for her.

Through Empire the Duopoly has proven their total disregard for our Mother Earth.

This first 100 days of this Insane Clown Presidents administration has again brought many of us to tears when we think of how our Mother Earth is being treated.

This is all one big learning experience for all of us.
Will any of us again trust these two political parties with the care of our Mother?


it makes me cry what is happening to this beautiful Mother Earth...or what was once beautiful, and is rapidly disappearing...
I heard that clear cutting of what's left of the rainforests is happening again...at a very rapid pace.
for cattle
which causes more global warming....
and on it goes...


I agree, but I am not going to give up, and have joined in with groups as I have for many years. Also- people need to stop having kids!!!!!


Ms. Rogers, are you aware of this article, from April 13th (http://arctic-news.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-methane-threat.html), that asserts that the extinction of our species “could happen as fast as within the next four years time”?! Obviously not!

You write about relying "on real science," but WHOSE "real science" are you relying on?!

Get your head out of the sand!


Elsewhere on this site, the verdict of a people's trial that's been going on (at the Hague for symbolic reasons) for some time now:

"The Tribunal concludes that if ecocide were formally recognized as a crime in international criminal law, the activities of Monsanto could possibly constitute a crime of ecocide . . . the advisory opinion encourages authoritative bodies to protect the effectiveness of international human rights and environmental law against the conduct of multinational corporations."

What a world that would be, where corporations are held accountable for their crimes.


I am so proud of America that we will have a March for Science. That is the America I love. I respect religion and have always believed in Freedom of Religion as every American's guaranteed constitutional right.

Somehow with these right wing Repubs and fundamentalist hypocrites (who have forsworn their oaths to uphold the constitution) I am coming to think that we need to hear the phrase Freedom of Science used in constitutional terms!

This march restores us and invigorates us. Millions of our fellow Americans will shake off that fundamentalist evil spell (and their forsworn oaths) and proudly assert that intelligence and progress are good things. Moreover that a faith in God can incorporate a belief in science without conflict.

God created evolution! <<< is my rallying cry!


I was in 10th grade for the first Earth Day teach-in at my high school. We had to go to five talks of various subjects to be considered in attendance that day. Everything that was foreshadowed, especially global warming and poisoning, from the fresh water to the oceans has now transpired. If anything it's about 30+ years ahead of schedule. The legislation put in place as a direct result of the activities stemming from that day have included; saving birds and especially the bald eagles, saving the alligators, cleaning the pollution from rivers, regulating industrial waste and placing fees to clean up the mess they created, scrubbers on the coal fired plants to reduce sulfur and heavy metals from being spewed into the atmosphere, oil burning pollution awareness; resulting in greatly reduced pollution from autos and trucks. The list is long indeed and now in a few short months all of these things may disappear and unfettered poisoning via pollution will kill Earth's inhabitants, including the short sighted humans running things. It's time to rebel before it really is to late, really.


The problem with an article like that is that it takes facts and twists them beyond any sensible science. Methane is not a heat producing gas, it is a heat trapping gas. Methane has doubled in the atmosphere and has contributed to global warming, but the temperature rise is nowhere near an extinction level event.

If as this article professes that methane release would have such a dramatic effect in 4 yrs, then why after 9 yrs of increased methane from sources not have caused a dramatic increase in temperature? The temperature increase has been at a steady rate of climb with no spike coming from it. Also the measurement of methane in the arctic has remained the same.

This article talks about a particular methane compound not formed except in deep water that rarely makes it to the surface. And while scientists say the measurements are correct, the resulting conclusions have no factual basis. In other words these people are rushing to judgement not based on real science. But hyperbole. Not real science.