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Earth Just Had Its Hottest September on Record

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/14/earth-just-had-its-hottest-september-record

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Does any body remember ten years ago, when climate scientists told us that Hot years like this one will become the new normal very soon?
Here we are.


Is NOAA building a fire ark? -You know, to save God’s species from the coming global fire?

I hope NOAA doesn’t forget to put a couple of pudús on his fire ark.


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And ten years before that, when Al Gore (who released Earth in the Balance in 1992 and was mocked for it) ran for President, and was jacked of the election by the Supreme Court? That’ll never happen again!

Also, no one gets to call this a “new normal,” cuz it ain’t stopping here.


As far as our future “I am not a scientist” future Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett goes, I’ll just suggest that ignorance of the science is not a valid defense of Planetary rape…


It’s not just the climate, though that is an obvious existential threat. It seems like every damned thing is in emergency mode. It’s difficult to walk around with one’s outrage/fear/amazement meter pegged all the time. It wouldn’t surprise me to find an article about how people are just tuning out and playing video games and eating cake.


Jim Hansen has some new info to share later this week -

Aerosols appear to be causing the surge in global warming these last five years as per the following link:


The deep ocean is also warming in unexpected ways - i.e., faster than expected:



Well they’re trying:



That sounds about right -

This time is either the necessary prelude to massive and sustained intervention to prevent a catastrophe, or a death knell.

I think we will respond to prevent catastrophe.

from Greek katastrophe “an overturning; a sudden end,”

It is possible to remain calm and focused during an emergency - it just takes practice.

This is weird too:



Hi WiseOwl:
sigh: I wonder what Ms Coney Barrett will do when every voice in America, every race, every age, and every religion screams out : 'I can’t breathe."
Although I hope that sanity will reign again----but the entire west Coast is screaming that a lot now. : (

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My voting days are over. What’s the point? We’re screwed no matter what. It’s hospice time for the stupid, greedy humans.

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Facing an Uncertain and Difficult World.
" It is evident that you are entering into a time of great instability and uncertainty in the world, a time where the Great Waves of change are beginning to strike the world: resource depletion, environmental degradation, violent weather, growing economic and political instability and the risk of war and conflict over the world’s remaining resources.

It is a time that will represent the results of humanity’s misuse and overuse of the world. It is a time where there will be so many currents and cross currents that it will be impossible to predict exactly how things will turn out.

But the effect of this will reach far into the wealthy nations, where people everywhere will be losing so much of their wealth as the result of mismanagement and incompetence in managing the financial world. But more significantly, it will be the Great Waves of change that will alter the human landscape.

Do not underestimate the power of the Great Waves. They are far more powerful than economic or political policy or the beliefs and assumptions of the masses of people…" a passage that has resonated within me deeply… I pulled this from the teaching, Google searchable…called “Facing an Uncertain and Difficult World.”

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Remember when the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock? If not:

September 6, 1620

On September 6, 1620, 102 passengers–dubbed Pilgrims by William Bradford, a passenger who would become the first governor of Plymouth Colony–crowded on the Mayflower to begin the long, hard journey to a new life in the New World. On November 11, 1620, the Mayflower anchored at what is now Provincetown Harbor, Cape Cod.

Clouds wings -

“The changes are the result of global heating causing changes to clouds. Where cloud cover increases, sunlight is blocked during the day but the clouds retain more heat and humidity at night, like a blanket.” (from the link you provided).

Clouds - Freeman Dyson specifically mentioned clouds and our inability to include them in climate models.

We are getting somewhat better in understanding clouds changing with global warming - but they are still very much a wild card.

What is robust is the projections from both models and paleoclimatic history - that we are headed towards at least a three degree C rise in global average temperature by 2100, and very possibly four.

Three or four = catastrophe.

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We are now facing a real live game of Truth or Consequences. And the first question is, an object in motion …

Is a one month time period weather or climate? These standards are from the World Meteorological Organization.

Averages: The mean of monthly values of climatological data (which may be monthly means or totals) over any specified period of time (no specific definition).

Period averages: Averages of climatological data computed for any period of at least ten years starting on 1 January of a year ending with the digit 1 (Technical Regulations).

Normals: Period averages computed for a uniform and relatively long period comprising at least three consecutive ten-year periods (Technical Regulations).

Climatological standard normals: Averages of climatological data computed for the following consecutive periods of 30 years: 1 January 1981 to 31 December 2010, 1 January 1991 to 31 December 2020, etc. (Technical Regulations).

Climatological Standard Normal refers to the most recent 30-year period finishing in a year ending with 0, (1901-1930, 1931-1960, 1961-1990, and in the future 1991-2020). The period from 1961 to 1990 has been retained as a standard reference period for long-term climate change assessments since the period, 1991-2020, is not yet complete.

Does this mean that at the end of 2020, we will literally have a “new normal”?

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Wise – That one knocked me out – she doesn’t have the smarts to understand
Global Warming, but she is equipped to prophesy, speak in tongues, and support
concepts of “faith healing” in the religious-cult community she lives in.
Read about it at Wiki People of Praise

And to dictate to the rest of us according to her religious beliefs –

What I see when I look at her is a religious robot – like “The Temptation of Christ” is
playing all the time in the back of her mind – and that …
“Fear is the basis of all mind control.”

IMO – this should have been treated by our Dem Senators as a joke –
much as Trump has treated our government, its rules and regulations as a joke.
No one wanted to say to her that … "I presume since the details of your religious
community has long been made public on Wiki and elsewhere, that nothing about
your religion is secret . . . can you therefore, explain some of these powers to us
and how they might be used when you’re on the Supreme Court? Perhaps let
us see a demonstration of you or one of your members “speaking in tongues?
Maybe ask her if she actually believed W Bush when he said that “god” had told
him first to attack Afghanistan and then later to attack Iraq?”

Would anyone here have liked to hear answers to those questions?

And if Pelosi gave only the most pitiful of reactions to this nomination – i.e., that her
religion should not be question (Yikes!), they why didn’t some other Democrat make
clear to the nation that … "We all not only have the right always to question and
challenge our own government and criticize it, but we also have the same right to
question religion, challenge it, criticize it and question it – that should be confirmed
to the American public and young people watching this play out.


FYI; underestimating seems to have been the trend all along.

Recent Atlantic ocean warming unprecedented in nearly 3,000 years



Pretty much 400 years now of Capitalism and very destructive ideas –

Disappearing the native people and still having their chains dragging on AA’s here –

How would you ever begin to atone for all the violence and harm done by those who
have ruled over this country?