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Earth 'On the Edge' as Disastrous 2016 Goes Down as Hottest Year on Record

Earth 'On the Edge' as Disastrous 2016 Goes Down as Hottest Year on Record

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Earth is "on the edge."

So declared the EU's Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Thursday, announcing that 2016 was the warmest year on record.

The first global assessment of last year's temperatures finds that 2016 broke the record set in 2015 by close to 0.2°C , with last year's record having broken the record set in 2014.


Egads, then 2017 will probably be the next hottest year on record.

Probably not - 2016 was an El-Niño year - which provided an extra kick to the general warming. 2017 will be cooler - but still in the top ten - probably in the top five - the top ten all having occurred over the last 11 years!

But this won’t stop the denialists from starting back up with their “the warming has stopped” nonsense.

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Thanks to all sh*^heads who voted for Chinese Conspiracy.

Oxford, the most prestigious inclusive, exhaustive English Dictionary (and also produced the ONLY Medieval English Dictionary) got the word of the year right this year. Webster’s “surreal” a close 2nd to Oxfords


IE. “We now live in a post-truth world.”

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I have given it a lot of thought and the only answer that I can come up with to stop this dire, aeromancy is for a whole new paradigm.

What is needed to save our earth from climate devastation, it seems to me, is to eliminate EARTH borders. In other words, when someone asks you where you are from; instead of answering: " I am from the U.S." or any other country on this fragile planet, how about if people all over the world said: " I AM FROM THE EARTH"!


2 other recent pieces of importance----the first I would retitle to: “The Arctic is responding to the crazy, suicidal/ecocidal behaviors of humans”.

The Arctic isn’t “ getting crazy” (as in title below) it is responding in accordance with human behaviors that spring forth from avarice, ignorance, short term thinking, objectification and the death grip that is capitalism:



What about all of those aliens Trump keeps talking about?
What should they say? :slight_smile:

The atmosphere’s growth in carbon dioxide is accelerating. It was down below 1 part per million in the 1960s. In 2015 it passed 3 parts per million for the first time.


We are going to experience a natural explosion in CO2 and methane levels as the Arctic tundra and continental shelves thaw out. Also, most of the world’s forests are dying, decomposing and burning up. At least the burning forest bulge will slow in a few decades because there won’t be many forested acres left.

We’re not shafted because we don’t have the inventiveness to switch over to solar/wind. We’re shafted because we’re going to have to pry those innovations from our plutocracy’s cold, dead hands. Think of that 9/11 airliner where the hijackers were determined to plunge the plane into the ground as the passengers flooded into the cockpit.



“The world is my country” – Garry Davis, quoting Thomas Paine

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Great post.

Gutwrenching (to put it mildly) to read that co2 was over 407 the other day.


and this:

If anyone was under the illusion that populism isn’t dangerous that illusion should have been shattered by the election of Trump. All those working class people who believed that the Democrats abandoned them were suckered by Trump’s nonsensical claims that he will create factory and resource extraction jobs. The article by Paul Krugman published to today clearly exposes how Trump scammed these people who certainly deserved a better fate than they will now have. Voting strictly on pocketbook issues and ignoring climate change is a recipe for disaster. This is exactly what happened in many cases although it seems certain that many people also voted for Trump because of racism, xenophobia, distrust of Muslims, etc. By denying climate change Republicans have an advantage that the reality-based Democratic Party cannot match. For example, the Republicans can promise jobs in industries such a coal mining and oil drilling.

I think you might be correct. We’re entering nonlinear, accelerating warming. I fear the 2020’s and the global social unrest and chaos that will ensue.

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I wouldn’t pay that much attention to these annual records although three straight years of records could indicate something very significant. What matters most is the long-term trend. That usually includes years with record warming but also years when warming slows. The trend as predicted continues up. There seems to be a good chance that we will reach 2C in about 20 years according to scientists if no strong action is taken.

The spaceship Earth is is now like the Titanic. The Captain aware of icebergs, ordered full speed ahead confidant in his new unsinkable ship’s ability to survive any encounters.
The good news is we can clearly see this naked aggression toward our planet, and our lives, as never before. We all want to live, so will the 0.01% be able to continue to drive this death machine? We have the perps in range.

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Hi Pilot,
I fear the chaos that will ensue from here on out----2017 and beyond. I follow certain climate bloggers----Eric Holthaus being among them. This is how he is feeling after reporting on human induced climate change for 11 years—many of us here can relate.

I’ve got a few years more under my belt of environmental work and sadness over all the losses. He speaks for many of us:


Both good articles worth reading. Warming in the arctic is happening about twice as fast as in the temperate latitudes. The decrease in temperature differential is what is causing the changes in the jet.


Such a time of unrest and upheaval must come as it is seemingly inevitable. One can’t just remain quiet in farmland that has now become a desert without rainfall. It is that which we all must face about the effects of climate change on populations. They have no choice but to move elsewhere when the sea level submerges their tiny island or unending drought pushes them into famine and their starving children are dying.

They will have no choice about climate change. They cannot turn up the air conditioner of climate change denial like some can do? The decade of disruption (not terrorism) approaches…

…and once it arrives then that door will ever remain open on this poor planet of ours.

The days of misery!

If we do hit 2C around 2035-2040 as many climate scientists predict if strong action isn’t taken then certainly we will be on a nonlinear accelerating warming course. It has taken many decades to reach 1C so if we reach 2C in only two decades that would be accelerated warming. But the most important thing is that if emissions can be markedly reduced soon then the warming path would probably not be assteep. As bad as the politics have been for reducing emissions they now appear even worse which is discouraging. But this is no time to give up. Solar and wind are taking off around the world and just about every country is led by someone who is very concerned. If Trump keeps up with his little lie about a hoax this will create serious problems with leaders on almost all issues. What is scary about Trump is that he seems to get his jollies by disrupting things. This is probably why his father sent him to military school. I think even there he was disruptive. Somehow he has been able to convince many of the poorly educated and even the not so poorly educated that disruption will produce positive results or at least it is worth a try. I believe we are about to unfortunately find out that he couldn’t be more wrong.