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Earth to the Democrats—Anybody Home?

Earth to the Democrats—Anybody Home?

Christopher D. Cook

In the wake of the distressing confirmation of Scott Pruitt to ruin the Environmental Protection Agency—the very agency he has undermined for years—there are important lessons to learn beyond the fact that Republicans outnumber Democrats in the Senate, and that millions of Americans are still caught in the false trap of “jobs vs. environment.”


No. There is nobody home! The DNC who represent the Democratic Party couldn’t care less for any of us Americans who live in fly-over land. Why else would so many otherwise decent Americans be swayed by and vote for Trump? We feel like the Dems only want us for our $$$ but do not wish to listen to us. Hell, even my Minnesota 7th District Congressional Representative, Colin Peterson, has scheduled NO Town Hall meetings. The arrogance of these ungrateful politicians is not lost on us.

Vote for Hillary, it’s her turn. Her turn! Insulting indeed.


When the choice for the Democrats is corporate money or populist programs they always choose the money. While that is not the specific message of this article, it does describe why it seems that nobody is home in the party. They do not care and will not do anything unless there is a strong and viable challenge from progressives and the real left. Even then the action will be just enough to appear to care about actually solving the problem, but without ever addressing the fundamental underlying structure of whatever is threatening the mass of this country’s population - look at Obama care, yes it is better than nothing, but while only a single payer plan can possibly heal our health coverage issues that solution was ignored when they had the opportunity and the popular support to take serious action.


Wake up. It doesn’t matter whether Ellison or the other guy leads the Demublican Party; that party is not reformable. It will not represent us, ever, And it does not care about the Earth. Why should they engage in efforts to defeat a nominee–where’s the money in that? No, they’ll reengage in a limited way when the next election season begins, until then, they want the Republicans to do as much damage as possible so that enough Demnocrats remain who will vote for them in desperation–they don’t need to win either House, they just need to retain enough seats to remain viable as a party, because they don’t give a shit about policy. That is, as long as someone like Bernie doesn’t get in and threaten the bottom line of the wealthy.


It’s the Democrats fault you guys voted for Trump? As a Californian, what can I say but boo hoo.

I understand Mr petersons district, your district, voted Trump as well. Damn Democrats, making y’all Trump supporters.

I did not vote for Trump. Troll on…jerk.


So let me get this straight. A long-time activist is surprised by the invisibility of the Democratic Party.

Well, let me tell you where you can find them: Davos, Beverly Hills, The Hamptons and anywhere there’s a corporate teat to suckle.

In the meantime, if you want to pursue liberal policy, you’d best do an end-around where the Democrats are concerned. They’ve been too busy responding to the Reagan Revolution by meekly following Reagan-Lite policies that enable further movement rightward, going on 3 decades now.

Are they clueless, eckless or just serving their oligarchic masters by playing their role in the duopoly?

Does it matter?

Because at this point, the smart move is to focus on that grassroots agitating you’re involved in. As for the Democrats, abandon them. You know, just like the voters have been doing.


Sure they’re home. At home in gated communities the nation over. At country clubs with the corporate executives whose pay arrangements they covet. At home in lavish fundraisers in manses that would make a Romanov blush.

It’s hard to feel sorry for a rank and file so easily mislead as that of the Democratic party. They think they’re part of the New Deal. The party honchos, of course, understand they’re part of the Coup Deal.


Until there is a 12 step program for kicking corporate money addiction, the Democrats’ theme song will continue to be Sister Morphine.

Ever since the 1985 Democratic leadership Council (DLC) formation the Party’s highest priority has been to sustain corporate money flow into their war chest. Winning elections has been a low priority.


Ummm…people in charge who have not heard of Pruitt? What the hell are they there for, then? The issue here, I think, is that democratic processes have vanished, and have to be reinstated. Most individuals are pretty clueless about how to go about reinstating them, that’s why Indivisible is so effective right now: they have taken one item (Town Halls) and told people how to use that process to make their voices heard. It’s incremental, but it will happen.


Ray, Your ‘Sister Morphine’ reference is priceless!

And accurate.


“Opposing the disaster of the moment” is a losing strategy as long as the Democrats continue to field lesser evils rather than candidates who voters actually want to vote FOR.

Within 2 to 4 years the Democrats’ lesser evil strategy will give the GOP the power they need to burn the US constitution, write and ratify a new constitution that will outlaw all parties other than the GOP. Within 5 years the Democratic Party and all third parties will then be history.


Nobody is home but Wall Street. These people are not stars. This is our government.

I also like the sister morphine. I will also look up the 1985 dlc. What leadership? These people are sure not hungry to win elections or even take care of their constituents.

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Obama rescued Wall Street. Get it?


Are YOU a Trumper? Sure sounds that way.


Trump serves to satisfy your hateful side, doesn’t it BWilliamson?

What happened to you in your life, that made you this person?

Your daddy not play catch with you? Your momma dress you up in her things?

Earth to BWilliamson…stop being a Di€k.


I read this with interest until reaching the descriptive adjective “war room.”

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BWilliamson, You don’t sound much like a Californian to me.


Democrats are setting us up for another lost election thinking Trump is so bad we have to vote for them. It didn’t work for Clinton and it won’t work in 2018. We really have to pull away our hopes and put our energy into a party for the people. We don’t have much time so it better start now or we’ll be stuck with the orange despot for another two years. (If he makes it that long)