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#Earth2Trump: Campaign Kicking Off to Galvanize Resistance


#Earth2Trump: Campaign Kicking Off to Galvanize Resistance

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Under the banner of #Earth2Trump, a campaign to resist the upcoming administration's "dangerous agenda" is gearing up to take its message nationwide.



It's over. Trump just got 304 electors. Even Colin Powell got three and Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American, got one. Jill Stein got zero.

Time to dump Jill Stein who botched the recounts. You can't call for a recount without having a network of people in place to shadow the corrupt political machines conducting the re-count!


I'm sorry but, your comment makes FAAAAAAR too much sense for the peons to get behind it! :smirk:


I hope that people concerned with economic issues join this group, since it will take millions of people to resist the corporate power structure composed of Republicans and neoliberal Democrats. We can expect no actual help from the large majority of people in Congress, and any movement has to begin at the grass roots level.


So you think it's Jill Stein's fault that Donald Trump is president.

So I guess you're starting a group where you actually show up to check the political corruption.

Where is it meeting?


19 electors! Switch their electoral votes! Wouldn't do squat to reverse our collective humiliation of the ongoing sinking our sweet Democracy, now. But could the 19 electors (the spread is 38 between 306 & 232,) save face for the disgraced Dems? Can the real power-bearers, the oligarchs, pull this off - to flip their billionaire's guy's win? And why would they want to? Is this a big ef-up that wasn't supposed to be? What the hell just happened here?


What happened is the oil companies want to continue to drill for oil so people will continue to have kids and go shopping, so they can continue to have wealth and power for a few more years.

The shark must swim and eat.



(No. Really.)


The disputed, super-corrupt election of 2000 is the yardstick. You're supposed to have reps from all parties observe and do the actual counting. Otherwise, we know "hanging chads" are excuses to not count just some votes (the ones against your candidate.) Since the Green Party did not even support the recount at all, in an obvious split with Jill Stein, it's a foregone conclusion that they did not observe the recount in any meaningful way.

What Jill Stein actually did, was GIVE credibility to Donald Trump being elected fair and square. She may be a great doctor, but she's a stupid politician. She has zero experience. She's never even been dog catcher. The only thing she's good at is getting herself hand-cuffed to chairs.

With the climate disaster unfolding for all to see, the Greens should have got half the popular vote. Makes me suspect Stein is actually a Democrat now, since she was trying to get Clinton elected, against the wishes of her own party.

Stein struck out twice already. Time to find a replacement before we lose the game.


I see, so if you actually go out into the real world and actually challenge the system, and still fail, you are the cause of the problem.

Jill Stein made Trump credible.

Is Trump credible? I missed that. Or is he just a celebrity?


There's the moral of the story right there: If you are smart, you will run a celebrity. Run someone with name recognition who can get free press coverage. Don't run a stuttering, crabby old doctor with no experience who can't inspire anyone.

Most voters are products of TV and MSM. They don't read alternate news. You can't win without them. Now if we'd have had someone famous and well-spoken, like say Shaun Penn, as a candidate, we'd be in the White House Jan 20th. All the right wing knows his movies. The fact that he's a lefty is something they won't dwell on.

Politics is not about what is fair or right. It's about what works! If what you are doing isn't working then it's time to fire the whole staff and start over.


And just don't join a group-help out in your own community.


Of course you are not the cause if you challenge, and still help people and the environment.


People without the germ factories should be given a tax break!


Personally disagree that was her intention. But intentions or not, her actions did seem contradictory with her own party. Maybe she really did want to lead a one person campaign to challenge the results but you can't lead a "revolution" with only one person. If nothing else the Greens need to have a candidate that has more political excitement than a wet noodle. Unfortunately the only person I can think of that is both politically exciting and morally sound, Bernie, is stuck in the belief that the Democratic party can be reformed. We currently lack the solutions and thus we have Trump as our President.


The best I saw Stein was on Fox when she was quick, articulate, and made powerful points that the interviewer seemed totally unprepared to counter. I thought: that's her element! Not Democracy Now!, for example, where I must agree she has not been inspiring in her speaking style. We need a person with a knack for big language that's folksy enough while brightly making the key arguments, inspiring people the way Sanders did, hammering on billionaires and political revolution... even if his platform was a work in progress.

But I think you're unfairly blaming her. Her recount effort, however insufficient, was positive because it further exposed the corruption of how the shut-downs on the recounts happened. Sure, any story can be distorted by the captured media to make anyone look bad, or just to disappear the story. But we must not take that as our yardstick for judging value.


It wouldn't hurt to send some money to the ACLU. They will be seeing Trump in court and could use all the money they can get for lawsuits.


You know, I really get the feeling ... that the "movement" ... will not really "move" until we start to see, feel, experience REAL FEAR, REAL PAIN, REAL POWERLESSNESS... more than we already have... In other words, when the "structures by which civilization functions, begin to be destroyed"... then, people will SEE what is happening... and ONLY THEN, will we understand..... ON A MASS SCALE... what has happened to us... not just from Trump, but from the over take or coup, that has been happening in slow motion, since about the Reagan era..... the rich and the right... (so that covers both parties)....did the work to move us toward Oligarchy... a country whose people power was usurped and then abused and used against them... in such a secret and treacherously sneaky way.... over the years... I am one of those who did not see, or understand until it was too late.... wish I could have been smarter a few decades ago..... didn't pay enough attention... didn't listen to some who tried to teach me, older ones who were from the 60's era... I knew they had something to offer, but, since they were also "drop outs" from society, I didn't listen well enough....
Maybe, just maybe, the movement will start and build fast within this year or so.... but, I don't think that there is enough break down in society YET..... give it a few more years...


Maybe you guys are right. Maybe I'm being too hard on Jill. But if we are going to fall back and re-group, we will have to figure out where, and behind who.

At least we adverted another dangerous Cold War with the Russians, and Clinton's bloodthirsty agenda to hammer both Putin and Iran. Now we have to figure out how to survive the domestic disaster headed our way. Trump didn't pick John Bolton, thank god, for Secretary of War (er, Sec of State; but it's the same thing.) That hot-headed war hawk would have been a disaster.

We need 40 percent of the vote to win. Johnston got what? Three percent? That's the third biggest party. Maybe the Libertarian party is where we should be? It's structure is already there. They need to dump Johnson since he was pro-TPP and pro-nuke, anti-labor etc.

Maybe we could pull Bernie into a third-party merger? Greens/Libertarians/Berniestas/workers ?