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Earthly Messenger: The 15 Faces of Bowie, Sort Of

Earthly Messenger: The 15 Faces of Bowie, Sort Of

A bronze, strange statue of David Bowie, billed as the world’s first such testament to the rock icon, was just unveiled in the English town where he debuted Ziggy Stardust. The installation - which shows the ever-reinventing Bowie pondering his earlier personae as speakers play his songs - has been deemed "beautiful" and "a mess" akin to "chocolate melted in the sun," apt for a guy who said, "I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring."

Always loved his music. As a young adult, I started to realize that rock music had themed fazes that changed every so often, it seemed to me that David Bowie’s music was always about 5 yrs. ahead of other musicians when these changes took place.


thank you david bowie - for the whole kit and kaboodle


David Bowie was very media-savvy and anticipated many trends, which kept his music fresh and innovative all the way up to his death. Madonna borrowed a number of pages from Bowie’s book to keep her career on the cutting edge. Bowie also helped other rock acts such as Mott the Hoople and the Stooges further their careers–indeed, Iggy Pop (“ne” Iggy Stooge) owes him a debt.

The statue captures Bowie’s many facets. Quite appropriate.

“We can be heroes/Just for one day.” As with much of Bowie’s persona, an oblique and ambiguous observation.


Thanks Goat, my favorite.

What a fun, complicated and interesting statue! An excellent tribute to an excellent musician.

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His greatest gift to us was Major Tom, for truly, planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do…it speaks for us all I’m afraid.

I agree that is a very fine example of his work. I think of this work too as something that is outstanding.


I like the new images on your site, I always find a little gem. Thanks.


So, I uuummm, went camping a while back, had to pack it in, save face and go home again, too :slight_smile:

That sounds exciting. :slight_smile: I’m just waiting for my pomegranate tree to blossom. It is Spring time here, and it rained.

:slight_smile: sorry, I was referring to the line in the song about a travel trailer…ooopppsss :slight_smile:

Oh, it is my bad, that is what happens when I listen to Bowie. Reminds me of another world and the proverbial question. “what does he mean by that”. :rabbit:

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