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Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma Amid Warnings of 'Inherent' Fracking Risks


Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma Amid Warnings of 'Inherent' Fracking Risks

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Oklahoma was hit with a by a 5.6-magnitude earthquake on Saturday, with reports of tremors felt in six neighboring states—making it one of the strongest quakes in Oklahoma's history and fueling a growing consensus that the cause lies with wastewater disposal from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.


Our legislature is not going to wake up. A tad more likely that the insurance companies will see what’s going on and decide that companies that frack are an uninsurable liability risk due to quakes and poisonings.


But they will then ask that we the people pay for their liabilities just like the nuclear industry.


Keep sucking oil out of the ground and cracking rock by fracking and very soon this entire area will become one giant sinkhole.


Let’s hope not.
We felt the earthquake here in the Dallas area. It shook the bed lightly for about twenty seconds around 7:00 a. m… Interesting wake-up call.
Personally I wonder if we might be priming the fault which runs thru this area for much more destructive activity . Waking it up so to speak.
Again I would say: Let’s hope not.


The only thing anyone living in this area has left is hope.
If it were me I’d get out of Dodge as quickly as possible.
You can not create a massive empty hole under the ground that was once filled with millions of gallons of oil and not expect that sooner or later the ground above it won’t collapse.
Re: Florida sinkholes.


Not to worry. The government is going to study it for 6 months.


But not on location.


The same mindset that keeps tickling the Russian bear with military teasing is related to the mindset that is so dangerously fracking away as if teasing the New Madrid Fault line into a grand re-awakening.

Soon to be fun for all… if they want to enjoy significantly contracted life-spans!


Why stop there?

Who bailed out the banks after they set up deregulation schemes that allowed them to traffic in weapons of mass financial destruction?

Who serves as flesh and blood guinea pigs for Big Pharma? Just think of the parade of drug-after-drug withdrawn from the marketplace after the deleterious side effects are too pervasive to deny?

Where do all the lost billions end up that the military refuses to (or can’t) account for?

Why do journalists and heads of state who LIE the nation into war (by falsifying and/or inventing “evidence”) still retain their jobs and “respected” status?

The list is far longer.

I’ve pointed out two things often in the past:

First: That U.S. courts of law require a preponderance of evidence in order to merit guilt. However, the lax atmosphere enables so much graft, corruption, and actual poisoning of nature’s many ecosystems that it becomes increasingly difficult to make the case for any ONE singular offending agent.

In other words, the climate is so conducive to trespass that it calls in all those who believe it’s their right to DO harm… until (or unless) they are caught.

That brings me to the second point: That many really do operate on the basis that they’re not doing anything wrong unless they can get caught (and/or successfully prosecuted).

It’s the attitude of Organized Crime meeting the old Machiavellian “Ends Justify The Means.” Both have been unleashed on Steroids and in this sickening (literally) environment, geniuses like Gary Johnson think it’s just swell. Just get rid of government and its regulations and those “lovers of money” (root of all evil) will just willingly and automatically do the right thing. As if!

“Beam me up, Scotty! Now!”


Something to consider:
Is a “releasing fault zone pressure” side effect of fracking being rationalized by carbon geologists as a behind the scenes reason to force the public to accept fracking? Particularly in the New Madrid Fault Zone which Oklahoma borders on?


I strongly believe Fracking should be banned immediately.

I have already shared my thoughts regarding Fracking and other serious issues:

Thank you C/Dreams for publishing this article and giving the people a voice, to respond to such alarming issues.

The reality is, the Democrats under Obama’s reign have actually overwhelmingly embraced massive gas and oil extraction i.e. Fracking. - Source: watch this video, (in his own words) enough said. During his reign he has approved Fracking so much so that thousands of extraction sites have littered the country.

And of course unprecedented environmental catastrophes have actually occurred – for example, massive gas leaks in California and Texas. Source: one example.

Obama also embraced oil pipelines that intends to cut through sacred lands and rivers. Source: Dakota Pipeline

In a nutshell, the continued abuse of the environment and human rights abuse. Environmental cataclysms have actually occurred, and will likely continue if people continue to be “Duped” into blindly supporting such atrocious agendas…

… the contributing factor that has led to decades of atrocities is that oligarchy also have a stronghold on major media groups, that continue to spread extreme propaganda to keep the rot (wealthy interests) in control at the highest level of government – the electorate continues to be duped. That is the sad reality, both major parties (Democrats and Republicans) are rotten to the core.

In addition to above said: There are grave concerns that goes beyond earthquakes, other concerns such as sinkholes and other environmental catastrophes (i.e. massive gas leaks). Pollution, extinction of species, serious health threats to humans and animals. The poisoning of land, air and water is a serious threat now and for future generations.


They say that they will be shuttering 47 active drilling sites in the immediate area of the quake tonight.


The politicians for whom we vote know this (if we know it, they do).
Having studied it a fair amount, I think it not hyperbole to conclude that fracking is protracted suicide.
The Owners have made sure that they will not be affected by toxic water and increased frequency of earthquakes.
Even in the land of a self-professed climate champion (Gov. Jerry Brown), the state still allows fracking, even though it contains some of the largest seismic faults on Earth.


Yes, they’ll get around to that one of these decades.


Fracking: A bridge to (un)natural disaster.


The United States is winning its race to the bottom. Congratulations.


Expect to be repeating this . . . but at 6am this morning, I was tuned into a Channel 127 program
which I thought was usually Discovery Channel, but right now is shown as “Viceland” which I’ve
never noticed before – but this morning they were showing a 2 hour program called “Dear Mr.
President Obama” – all about fracking in Oklahoma and other areas –

I wasn’t able to watch it all – but over an hour or so saw a good deal of it. Fracking is shocking
enough but the program provided many other details and specifics of what’s happening around
the country.

Very prominently discussed is how Oklahoma was sold out by Democrats who voted for them.
And their Gov. Hickenlooper – a Democrat in Colorado – is actually suing counties for trying to
keep fracking out.

Also many abuses of workers who are suffering serious long time effects of dealing with this
contaminated water – looks like skin burns but seemingly no real way to reverse or treat these
conditions. Little comfort for those suffering. And, again, companies in denial.

People are being forced out of their homes – in one area, the percentage of fracking was one
fracking area for every FOUR homes – !!

People are being forced to sell their homes – or they’re taken over.

Checked later today – program didn’t repeat all day or tonight.


Please see my post below re a program on fracking at 6 am this morning . . . .


What? Destruction? Deaths? No more potable water? Thirst? Civilization crumbling?

  • “Pay no attention, boys, there are profits to be made, frack on, time is money!”