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Earthquake Triggers Tsunami, Claims Lives in Chile


Earthquake Triggers Tsunami, Claims Lives in Chile

Common Dreams staff

A tsunami warning has been lifted in Chile, but the country is still assessing the damage after a massive 8.3 magnitude earthquake shook buildings, claimed lives, and did trigger large waves that swept into coastal towns overnight.

After the initial quake late Wednesday night, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) issued a series of warnings for low-lying island states across the Pacific, including Hawaii and French Polynesia. Though waves did wash ashore in Chile, the impact across longer distances have reportedly been slight.


Seismic waves register in Boston last night. Click 'change day' to see aftershocks also registering early this morning.


Seismometers can pick up earthquakes down to a magnitude 6 - often less, so anywhere in the world.


at last count there had been approximately 30+ 'aftershocks' averaging 4.5