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Earth's Carbon Concentrations Have Soared to Levels Not Seen for 800,000 Years


Trump Dump in aisle three. The moron is strong with this one.


That is exactly the case. Corporate owned press and government are killing us. How much longer do we tolerate this?


It wouldn’t have mattered what we called it. Morons gotta be stoopid.


I usually don’t say this; but, you are either a troll or a complete idiot. Go back to watching the MSM and leave the rest of us alone.


What should the minority party do?


Get serious.


How many luxury air travel escapes (from banality) don’t strengthen fossil fuel processing delivering garbage air. Help yourself, don’t breathe, it’s all poisoned now. Trumpist Tyranny!


Perhaps you’re not familiar with the solarization of Germany. Google it.

Nuclear is just switching from one long term disaster to another. If the pyramids had been nuclear storage facilities they’d still be radioactive. How’s that Egyptian empire from 3000 years ago doing today?



All good questions. The beef/dairy “industry” produces as much global warming imact/ year as all the world’s cars in that same time period. Cows farts, corn production, clearing of forests for pasture land, etc. We either quit driving, or we cut way back on meat consumption, or give it up completely.


We either reduce the number of people through planning, or we do it through no planning, ie, extinction.


But both are problems; and, we don’t have time for any more backsliding.


And, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet-Dem, was one of those traitors. This should end his political career.


I’d like to hear solutions. Lots, lots of solutions. Not just one. Because one solution is not going to be fully implemented, given people what they are.

And I’d like to see pointers to the numbers of people who will be displaced by rising oceans, and who, where and how they are going to be relocated. Bangladesh, islanders, do you have plans? Florida, are you going to keep digging canals and piling that sand on the land?

Good news, Frank, the tree planting. I’ve heard that India is planting trees. I’ve traveled across China in several directions over recent years. They are growing trees in about half of their old farms from what I’ve seen. And a lot of these trees get planted on city streets. When they need wood, they trim large branches frequently rather than cutting down the tree.
Bad news, other places like Indonesia are still cutting. Cutting trees gives instant money. There needs to be government support for NOT cutting trees.


Because of a 50 year gap in our first feeling the effects of Global Warming, we are
now only beginning to feel the harm done to Nature/planet by 1968.
We are now moving beyond that point in time where even more immense damage was done.

Future events will be more frequent and more severe.


Ok, for one our government is a complete failure in being a catalyst for solving the major crises humanity ever faced. So why keep it/they around? Humans have the capacity to predict future consequences from currant actions if supplied with the information needed. We are being denied that information by gov’t/MSM. What to do? Revolt, get rid of this criminal, useless gov’t and take command of our destiny through a new, socially organized system.


Must do all of the above. No one remedy will be fully implemented.
And world weather cooling plans are needed, far beyond anything the Paris talks did.


Perhaps you are not familiar with the fact that despite Germany’s increase in renewable capacity the country is going to miss its CO2 emission targets for 2020. Perhaps you are not familiar with the fact that as Germany has reduced nuclear out the country has largely replaced this loss of generation with more coal and natural gas generation.

Given that you are not aware of these two facts, I would find it extremely unlikely for you to be also aware of the fact that the loss of nuclear energy in the USA in the next four years will be greater than ALL OF SOLAR ENERGY IN THE USA OVER THE LAST 30 YEARS.

Congrats you have more renewables, but if the entire objective of more renewability is to reduce CO2 output then you have ultimately failed.


Your argument of nuclear waste does not make any sense.

  1. Radioactive waste is the only type of waste that actually reduces risk over time. All other types of waste remain hazardous to infinity. While Americium 243 may have a 7,400 year half life, Silicon Tetrachloride (a hazardous waste product from the production of polysilicon in solar panels) will remain toxic even after the sun engulfs the earth 5 billion years from now.

  2. Why are you concerned about radioactive waste that lasts thousands of years? Radioactive materials that last a tremendous amount of time emit less radiation per second than those with shorter decay periods. From a medical perspective your argument is total nonsense. Seriously why do you think we measure for levels of Cesium 137, Strontium 90, Iodine 131 and not Plutonium 239 and Uranium 238 following a nuclear accident?

  3. If you are so concerned about radioactive materials that last a long period of time, then let me ask if you are willing to support nuclear burning, nuclear breeding, reprocessing and fast spectrum technology, which already exists but has strong opposition from people with the same mindset as yourself.


China closed factories too for the Olympics. I was there in Beijing that July. Chinas cars are mostly new and they have few cows. I think they banned cars to reduce traffic. The skies are gray mostly from factories and heating. Some weekends and holidays when factories close and there are still plenty of cars out, the skies will :slight_smile: turn blue!


Less coal for heating this year! It is too hot. —