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Earth's Carbon Concentrations Have Soared to Levels Not Seen for 800,000 Years


What we are seeing is just the start of this with the top point totally unknown. How much can we tolerate and when does food production become impossible? What seems to be evident here, this comment board, is a lot of frustration with none of us knowing what can be done to change course and therefore playing the blame game. That is irrelevant as all that matters now are the changes we are willing to accept to solve these problems. The goddamned hippies were right.


Stop eating meat. Stop having children.

Easy as that. This will buy time to make necessary changes in the economy.

But if we try to fix the economy without first changing breeding and consumption habits, it will not work.


The solution has been in front of us the entire time. But people seem to want to argue about socialism versus capitalism instead.

There are two voluntary things people can do right now that will drastically change this problem.

Stop eating meat. Stop having children.

Then you can talk about economic systems on a global scale.

But not the other way around.


Good points, but too little too late. We need much more radical changes recognizing that industrial civilization is not sustainable while somehow pulling carbon out of the atmosphere in a massive manner. The delicate balance demanded to support life on this particular spaceship for the long term has been disrupted probably beyond repair. Even my most progressive friends love their entitled lifestyles and will only give that up when impossible to sustain.


Good take on it.
LIVING into a problem - not knowing all the answers - is not only the only way to get anything done, its invigorating to shed the media shell by applying principle and constructive loving heart. I stopped driving about 10 years ago - live in a small ‘city’ and walk everywhere. There’s a jitney route to major destinations (hospital, stores and housing) I’ll use in heavy weather.
In my twenties I could not imagine bringing a child into this world - never have. Love other folks kids and volunteer in my gray years as human rights translator - which is now substantially ecological and land justice issues.
Joined the local co-op formed 5 years ago - its going strong and plans have been firmed to double its size next year. Any jackass (apologies to donkeys) that wants to spout about ‘communist’ please feel free to send to me. The co-op has programs where we ‘round up’ to nearest $ at check out and donate to a number of community organizations. For every $1000 spent in the co-op, $1600 recycles into the community. Young people are supported to develop farming practices, marketing and their imaginations and energy are one of my greatest valued living treasures.
Got a worm tower in my elder housing apt. and feed veg. scraps and feed a small garden with the castings.
I thank my lucky stars every day and twice on Sunday for the community I live in - sure there are knuckle heads - but living with folks that don’t appeal to my ego keep me on the straight and narrow.
I’ve been a ‘rim walker’ all my life. Only difference between me and anyone else who thinks they’re not is that I became aware of it in my 20s. Everybody else began to look different after I realized my only choice was to love - agape style.
Test your wings - never fear - sink down to the roots that appeal to your heart.
As the old indigenous saying goes: They try to bury us but they don’t realize we’re seeds…


Well that was refreshing!


Geoengineering is a bad word at this time because some horrid environmental plans have been put forward. But, does this mean that all plans are horrid? The state of California mandates white roofs on houses instead of black roofs, to cool each neighborhood. Is that law environmentally horrid?

Donald Trump loves McDonalds food. Is this the main reason that you steer clear of McDonalds food? Not really. It has more to do with doctors encouraging you not to become a fat coronary and diabetes patient with oncoming dementia, and Mr. Trump is but one example out of millions.

Part of the push AGAINST every last instance of geoengineering is the fossil fuel industry’s troll farm actively messing with our collective decisionmaking ability. They even turned out a large and fake “geoengineering” website which has not one specific thing in the entire site, and they will refer commondreams readers to this curious site.


You know, that just gets tired. Whenever people on here can not support their claims with evidence, they say it’s because of “the oil industry”, or the Koch brothers up to some nefarious scheme.

In fact, geoengineering on a global scale is not a thing. There is no science behind it.

Mainly because ecology has rules. You can not do one thing. So if you change something drastic over here, it affects a hundred, or thousands, or millions of other things, which can not be predicted.

We do have geo chaos. This is where people continue to have children and consume things without regard to the limits of habitat.


And the other attack that the Koch brothers’ troll farm does on this forum is disingenuous little putdowns of almost every single thoughtful poster on this forum, just so you’ll feel worse and probably won’t contribute either your political or your engineering ideas toward inhibiting or reversing climate change. It’s kind of a well thought out political strategy until people get wise and then the strategy blows up in their faces.


Increasingly the evidence is that we do not need nuclear to de-carbonize. Wind, solar, hydro, efficiency and storage may well be all we need. No need to produce a story that loss of nuclear will increase CO2.

Also, this is not evidence that progressives are not for climate science. What a ridiculous thing to say.


Out of curiosity, wondering where you live.


The Koch brothers actually spend time from their day paying people to comment on Commondreams.

Think about that.




well, the media can’t help it! it’s all the fault of us brain-dead commoners. just yesterday in another climate discussion talking head, chuck hays, was quoted as saying something like, ‘whenever we do a story on climate change people are bored and we lose viewership. after all, we have to consider revenues.’

the response on that article and this one proves hayes wrong, wrong, wrong about us.


No, just you.


Are they hiring?


“Drawing conclusions based solely on the amount of carbon in our atmosphere is folly.” That was the stupidest sentence but the vile one was “Perhaps the authors subscribe to eugenics too.” First of all Frank, the conclusions are NOT based solely on carbon emissions and, guess what, climate scientists actually know about the 11 year solar cycle and how little its effect has on the current trend of ever-increasing atmospheric warming. In fact its obvious that you don’t really know what your’re talking about. That attempt with associating them with eugenics is really slimy and is based on nothing in the article. Congrats on lowering yourself down to right-wing troll tactics.



The temperature has increased the most in the Arctic region but the US isn’t that close to the Arctic except for Alaska so the change in climate from global warming has not seemed as dramatic as in northern Europe which is much closer to the Arctic. The effects of climate change are very dramatic in northern Europe as this excellent article from the NY Times illustrates.


The US military consumes huge amounts of oil so that it may preserve strategic access to oil in order to get the oil it needs to preserve strategic access to oil and so on in a never ending loop. Insatiable militarism is the single greatest institutional contributor to the growing natural disasters intensified by global climate change.

There is a dangerous feedback loop between war and global warming. Not only is climate change likely to increase conflict, particularly over access to natural resources, but war, in turn, is already accelerating global warming while simultaneously draining our economy of money needed for clean energy.