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Earth's Carbon Concentrations Have Soared to Levels Not Seen for 800,000 Years


Yes that’s a great article. I especially liked this “optimistic” sentence:

Temperatures that used to be seen as outliers — like those in the summer of 2003 when at least 70,000 people died across Europe — will become “the norm for summer” after 2060, said Jean Jouzel, who


When you get through patting yourself on the back for being an obscure lefty, please hurry up and save the planet.



That’s an idiotic response. Yes, too much CO2 is being put into the atmosphere, but it’s not happening equally and this does matter. The US uses way more energy/resources per capita (which as a measurement has serious flaws) than any other country on the planet. China uses a lot of energy/resources absolutely but not per capita. And it should be noted that China is basically the US’s manufacturing plant. The US model is the problem and that is driven by US capitalism.


Germany’s solarization has eliminated the need for that country to build several nuclear power plants. And our nation is crumbling after a mere 250 years and we don’t even have a long term solution to nuclear waste.

But, hey, visit Fukushima, I hear it’s beautiful this time of year.



Our nation is crumbling because we have morons who refuse to learn science and instead consistently want to remain ignorant. For example people who demand storage for waste they don’t even understand how it is dangerous.

if you are concerned about radiation then the solution you are demanding is the complete wrong solution. Deep geological repositories do NOT decrease decay rates, so why on earth are you constantly demanding this country to create long term storage for material waste?

You are so ignorant about the material you are describing that your estimates for total decay are off by over a factor of 100. If the objective of a facility was to last for the total decay of plutonium 239, you need a facility to last 250,000 years not 3,000. However, I fail to see why on earth you would even be concerned about this material given the fact that fission product waste emits far more radiation and is attributed to greater cases of cancer formation. Not to mention the fact that Plutonium 239 makes up only 1% of high level waste by volume. Seriously why the f@ck are you so concerned about radioactive materials that last a long time, when ALL OF OTHER TYPES OF WASTE LAST LONGER.


It seems the elephant in the room has mastered disguise and we simply fail to see it. There is going on eight billion of us on this planet and all expectations indicate ten eleven billion more within a single lifetime more. Since the anticipation is everyone wanting/having all the goodies we have today, does anyone believe things are going to get better?


Very funny. So the additional three children being born per second is not the problem, it’s that they want to become capitalists.


Oh so, all of the thousands of cities around the world that I can actually see online using the same resources as every city in the USA are just fake news.

I had no idea the conspiracy was that intricate. Those damn Koch Brothers.

Multiplicity is a thing. This is not 1993 and your statistics do not reflect reality.

In 2018, every hour this human culture changes, and sometimes drastically. That’s where we are with climate, with habitat, with population and with resource usage.

You can throw stats at me all day however reality is the videos that you can actually see of today on this planet. Do it for yourself. Type in Tokyo, Sao Paolo, (like omg that’s a big city,)Moscow, New York, Lagos, Sydney, Dubai, and on and on. Tell me the difference.

But to be totally clear, don’t stop there. Go to YouTube and explore the lesser cities all over the world. Those too are all the same. Spend a few days doing this. There are literally thousands and thousands of cities around the world all building from the same resources in 2018.

This will multiply quickly as the population grows.

Multiplicity and habitat meet at this juncture.


The top 150 largest cities in the world. The USA does not even start until Number Ten with New York.



Sorry but your thinking is wrong. Yes we do not want more nuclear shit. We actually want less. We can already date the year wine is bottled by the amount of caesium - 137 in the wine. We do not want climate change but we do not want exposure to this shit either.

Are you brainless? Paul?


You think everyone else is stupid when all a long it is you that is stupid.


Discover you are pushing depopulation in an extinction event. It makes no sense. Keep on doing what we are doing to the earth and everyone is dead. And then the need for population control?


Overpopulation and habitat overshoot are an extinction event.

It’s pretty simple to fix. Just stop having kids. Then as an added bonus to curve the use of fossil fuels, stop eating meat.

If you really want to go crazy, adopt three kids from refugee camps.

Instead people want to argue about which team they are on. The Socialists Versus the Capitalists.


No it is not simple to fix. The earth can sustain 3-4 billion. You are under the impression that people will stop eating meat or driving cars or heating homes with FFs. Wrong. There is no movement to un-improve our lives. Life in cities is unsustainable. Cities must die, all of them.

So looking ahead is mass death on a grand scale. Countries not excepting the decaying life styles will likely blame someone else and start a war. Reduces populations by leap and bounds. The question then is who lives and who dies. You assume if everyone stops having kids you will survive. Wrong thinking with leadership like in the USA you will die by war or climate horror not from over population.

The American life style and those that want to be are not sustainable and lead to dead as well. Are you prepared for hunter gatherer life style? If not you die with everyone else. So have all the children you want understanding that they will die with you or soon there after.


There does seem to be an eerie sense of abandon when it comes to gobbling up our natural resources. Do we consider that mining on other planets or moons is being done? Are there alternatives we don’t know about being researched and developed?
Us peons will be the last to know, that’s for sure.
This seems possible considering that saving the planet for the future doesn’t seem to worry those that are abusing it. G


The American lifestyle looks the same as every other city on the planet.

So yeah, that’s not good.

I am simply suggesting that perhaps people might want to avoid further child abuse by bringing kids into this very non consensual rape scene.

That might have the effect of people looking at other options for their lives besides the cult of raising kids.

Which then might have the effect of them making different consumer choices.

I don’t have kids. Thanks. Hunter gatherer? ew!


Hello natureboy, Thanks for the analogy. Unfortunately it is much more flattering than we will become. I suggest a flesh eating bacteria that poisons the flesh that remains so that nothing can consume it but the bacteria!!!


I wondered about having children but did. They are grown and will not have children because they do not want them to 1. die in an extinction event. 2. be left behind in a dying world when their parents die. So as I age and get ready for the end I have my daughters to take care of me. Who takes care of them in the end.

Ya things are fucked up and no one like yourself will give up the life style that is causing our death rates. So humans are now entering a time like never before in human history. Sort puts a new spin on road rage.


So how did Japan end up with 23 tons of Plutonium 238?