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Easter Rebellion: Three States Give Bernie Sanders Landslide Victories


Easter Rebellion: Three States Give Bernie Sanders Landslide Victories

Mary Bottari

MADISON — The Sanders campaign came to Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday with a wind at its back. Sander swept Alaska, Washington State and Hawaii with huge margins, even though the political establishment in those states overwhelmingly supported his primary opponent Hillary Clinton. Call it an Easter Rebellion of sorts.

"We knew things were going to improve as we headed West," Sanders told a crowd topping 8,000 at the Madison Expo Center. "We are making significant inroads in Secretary Clinton's lead and we have, with your support here in Wisconsin, a path toward victory."


Let’s start publishing the email addresses of Super Delegates!

Can’t hurt to send them a nice courteous letter begging for them to save America!


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Yeah, since some of them are governors and Congressmen, you probably are right. We could point out that allowing the pendulum to shift back to the center will prevent the rich from swinging below Lamp posts…

Great motivator, that Lamp post thing!

But phrase it like this: Nobody wants a violent revolution! Let’s throw the poor a bone here Mr. Super-Delegate! Good for stability. Good for Wall Street Domestic Profits…


We’ve got to work on that part quite a bit!


Perhaps identifying the superdelegates who are up for re-election in November would be most strategic.

Some of the superdelegates who are facing tight races may calculate that supporting Sanders may help them in November.


Thank you.


And Obama just endorsed Wasserman-Schultz for re-election to Congress. This is the race where Bernie supporter Timothy Canova is challenging. The time has come to show the-powers-that-be that the status quo is changing. It is also important that Canova is elected along with Sanders.


Can you imagine the difference the main stream media would have reported had HRC won Alaska, Washington and Hawaii in such an overwhelming (75/80%) landslide? Probably go something like this: 24/7


Yet they downplayed Bernie’s fantastic wins over Hillary by little or no reporting and when they did report the results it was usually spun like this: Bernie sweeps Alaska, Washington and Hawaii but still far behind HRC in delegates! True, but only a half-truth because the truth is delegates or no delegates, Bernie now has the political momentum while Hillary is fading. And all the proof you need is she is resorting to dirty tricks like in Arizona… and that shows me HRC is in a panic mode and knows she cannot beat Bernie fair and square!


Those 700 or so super delegates likely have nice jobs offered to them once they leave Politics , sitting on the Boards of various Corporations.

This of course dependent on whether they stand with the people and vote Sanders or stand with the Corporation and go with Ms Clinton.


What happened in Arizona cannot be accepted as a done deal. A new and - this time - fair election is necessary and should take place before November. Also an investigation should be conducted in Hawaii to see if thousands of pro-Sanders votes had been ignored, discarded, or destroyed - one reason for the long delay. I’d expected a Sanders victory in the, at least, 80 percent level.


Additional media spin during their end of the week summaries included not mentioning that Sanders won 5 out of 6 for the week, and losing Arizona was attributable to voter suppression. Recall past weeks where the media summarized the entire week’s results, not just selective races.

Other subtle spin this week: National media frequently refer to Idaho as one of the most conservative states in the US, whereas this week, in view of Bernie’s wins, they are characterizing Idaho (and Alaska) as part of “the liberal Northwest”. By any metric the Northwest is liberal only west of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington.


Good points. Alaska is one of the most conservative states in the union ( after all look who they elected for a past governor! ) And Idaho is anything but progressive.


You know…for those of us with knowledge and appreciation for Irish history, equating victories at the polls to an armed uprising where over 500 people died, more than half civilians, with an aftermath that saw thousands detained in interment camps, Republican leaders summarily executed by firing squad, creating a lasting legacy of mistrust…and violence…in that country? That’s just plain wrong.

That headline needs to be changed.


Near half of them already are not in politics but are lobbyists with nice jobs. They are appointed by the DNC as VIPs to be super delegates.


Some of the Superdelegates are lobbyists.

It’s part of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s auctioning off of the party.


The Alaska results didn’t come out until past midnight so Bernie’s last announced win was on Easter.

Couple that with the bird on Good Friday and I think we’ve got ourselves a resurrection. :grin:


If one is going to do it, one should, at least, employ some semblance of accuracy wrought from a working knowledge of history.

Unlike the Sanders supporters, the Irish insurgents lost that battle.


Interesting ctrl-z,

For some reason, that possibility never occurred to me. Profiteer Super Delegates? Not good.

Tangled Webs from hell…

One of us needs to publish a Super Delegate Identification Table on wiki or someplace. Example:

Steely Rockefeller, Super Delegate for Texas, Lobbyist for the Kock Brothers, email fukthepoor@coralsgables.com etc, etc.


ABC News report on Super Delegate lobbyists


Yes Mr North,

This is the big unknown question. Will the Super Citizens vote against their own gravy train and self interests and side with a rebel like Sanders? It does seem very unlikely, but it’s happened before.

They did it with Obama since he was for sale to the highest bidder. Double Agent Barry Soetoro gave them everything they wanted and more. Now Bernie is a whole different story since he won’t take Wall Street Super Pacs like Obama did, but he is still holding very real cards at the table that put him in the big game in the first place.

  1. He is on the powerful Senate Budget Committee that doles out all government spending to greedy lobbyists. It’s Billions of dollars of contracts and programs.

  2. He is supported by the MIC (particularly Lockheed) who have a Trillion dollar F-35 contract up in the air.

  3. He is on the Senate Intelligence Committee who probably have access to every tiny detail about every single Super Delegate. And according to ctrl-z, many of those Supers are also Washington Lobbyists who must curry favor with the Senate budget committee. Also, Lockheed, the biggest employer in Bern’s state, is big time NSA subcontract intel (they now own Snowden’s BooZe Allen Hamilton and SAIC which likely caused 911 and recommended the wars that followed with phony WMD intel.)

So Bernie supporters do have a prayer here. Unlike Jill Stein, Bernie has a chip in the big game.

Now, that’s if I understand the big game here. I’m just reading between the lines, mind you. (I wasn’t invited to play in the Big Club, btw, so it’s probably a lot different in there than I might imagine).

“It’s a Big Club, and you ain’t in it. YOU and I are NOT in the Big Club” - George Carlin

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