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Eating Away at Workers' Wages, Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Costs Soared by 121% Since 1999: Analysis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/07/eating-away-workers-wages-employer-sponsored-health-insurance-costs-soared-121-1999

Employers, large and, like mine, small, never look for the best deals for their workers. They look for the best deals for themselves. My company once chose a “provider” that went broke, and the company had to scramble to find another insurance company. We currently have UHC, with a $6000.00 deductible. The prescription copay, is pretty reasonable. My employer didn’t offer health insurance, until the fine for not providing it exceeded to cost of providing it.


The rich people on TV, in both parties, the loser CAP like think tank crowd have it good, do not want to be thrown into a system that denies them more privilages than the peasants and are paid by interests that profit off the present system. Why any working person gives a damn what rich people on MSNBC, CNN, Fox or people like Maher say is beyond me. They do not share your reality, they benefit from things that harm working people, and they have class and ideological biases. Who cares what corrupt hacks like Biden or Pelosi say?


“Why Single Payer Medicare for All is an Imperative for Labor”
James G. Kahn
New Labor Forum, 2019, Vol. 28(2)

Article intro, link, and Physicians for a National Health Plan (PNHP) commentary:


Note: Physician Don McCanne’s ongoing PNHP page is the best one-stop site I have found for tracking - and reading his pro-M4A, progressive commentary on - healthcare articles in the press.


My employer-sponsored health care" increased 39% between 2018 and 2019 and I won’t be surprised to see at least that much increase for 2019-2020.

The 121% does not represent a straight line increase during the past two decades as we watch our premiums increase exponentially in recent years.


Oh, and the costs of housing in most places has massively grown in real terms during this time, as has the costs of higher education, while wages have stagnated. Systematic inequality, corruption, a massive infrastructure gap, and an environmental crisis too. We obviously need structural changes, but the adults in the room will wag their fingers at you if you call for structural changes. They are mediocre thinkers, have no sense of public service and will not be bothered with coming up with solutions to anything. They have been in charge as things have gotten progressively worse for most. So, grow up, and just follow these worthless assholes off the cliff. And do not offer anything to those that do not vote because of the horrible options given to them, even if they are more than half the country. Just appeal to the voters that voted us to the brink of collapse and the brink of fascism, even if that pool of people is much smaller than the non voting group. The non voters could be enticed to vote, but largely by offering the very policies the large donors oppose. Nero fiddling.


The Employer might as well call up the Health Insurance providers and to negotiate raises for their employees.

The Boss : “Hey Mary works very hard and is very productive. We were thinking of a wage increase of 6 percent”

Health Insurance Guy: “Well if she that good a worker we want 12 percent”

The Boss To Mary. “We are giving you a 12 percent raise, however your paycheque will decrease by 6 percent per pay to pay for added Health Insurance and your deductibles on that insurance will go from 2000 per year to 3000 per year”

Mary to Friend; “I can’t figure it, I got a 12 percent but a smaller paycheque but thank Goodness I have health insurance”


Look on the positive side. Almost half of the jobs created in the USA in the last ten years don’t even offer health insurance as a benefit anymore.


From the Democratic Socialism Party (AOC is a member):

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I can’t wait for single payer and it’s coming. Insurance companies can only blame themselves. I am in the insurance business and when you compare premiums versus a dollar of risk it’s completely off the charts compared to life,disability car or homeowners



Did America think that Bernie is a Bullshit Artist like Trump.

This is what Bernie has been telling us, that Private Insurance Companies are Bankrupting us.

We are handed a lot of Propaganda by the Cable Media that collects Millions of Dollars in Advertising Money from the Health Care Industry, telling us how people love their Private Insurance Companies, Hogwash.

There is only One solution to the discombobulated nightmare known as Health Care Insurance; take it out of the hands of the FOR PROFIT Companies and take charge of it ourselves, it is called:


BERNIE - LIZ - 2020


As a small employer, we do have good insurance for our employees and we are proud of it. But the costs are almost crippling and we have to compete against less ethical firms. It’s time to give the people Medicare-for-All and help the smaller companies (and the ethical companies) survive.


It is delusional to believe the health insurance industry - not to be confused with the for-profit corporate hospital health-care charade industry - is looking-out for the people may need psychiatric care.

The “system” is designed for one thing only to create profits for middle-men and parasites feeding-off society. Politicians take “campaign-contributions”, AKA bribes, to assure the continuation of The scam that promises care but will do anything to deny it - along with grossly inflating costs that rob everyone - “everyone” means universal and that is the coverage we need Universal Not-For-Profit Health insurance.

The “free choice” in doctors is a BS lie - that in or out of network restrictions are created by and for the for-profit insurance and health-care industry! Under Universal Single-payer all doctors will eventually leave the “networks” and treat people equally to the limit of their ability. It is claimed “Over 80% of hospitals in the U.S. are non-profit” - I find that hard to believe…

Story on the scam:
"A hospital gave a rate of $120,000 for the mothers procedure.
The (knowledgeable & experienced) daughter was able to ascertain that only about $7,500 was the hospital’s charge for the operating room; the rest for the doctors.- the surgeon fee was roughly $100,000. She was able to get him to agree to take only half. She continued working on him. By the time she was done, he agreed to charge the rate that would have been billed to an insurer: $3,800.

We will have to tackle seriously reining-in the corporate “health” scams, thieves and parasites later!

Yep, I would love to keep my health insurance of thirty years ago. It did not cost me anything directly…

BTW. Obama said ‘if you like your insurance, you can keep it’. What Obama did not say: If you keep it and it is low or no cost to you and provides excellent benefits, the IRS will tax it as a ‘Cadillac’ plan.

When and if MC4ALL occurs be prepared. It will be the government eating away at workers wages as they eat my retirement income … not to mention, I still pay insurance company premiums, plus 100% of my dental and vision care. Both once included.

It is an uphill battle with a down hill system. Now in my eighties, it will not be long that I will no longer burden the health care cabal or is it vice versa?

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Thanks for the link!

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Ah this article reminds me of how so much of my fucking nightmare over the last decade began!

I recall being so happy to be working for a company that had relatively good insurance for their employees at a reasonable price per month. Still a significant monthly expense but relative to what I would have paid without the employer contribution, I considered myself fortunate.

Within about 5 years, the monthly premium soared 300% partly by my employer switching companies with higher premiums and higher deductibles! (I can see how effective that propaganda works coming from Corporate State Democrats how people just LOVE their private insurance!!!)

Within that last year of paying much more expensive premiums and the impact it had on any income I had left over paying rent, etc., my employer cut my hours to part time 3 months prior to me turning 50.

Then a a month prior to turning 50 my employer let me know that “because you are working part time, I can no longer contribute to your insurance, and the yearly audit is coming up which they would force me to drop your insurance”

I found out later, no such audit was scheduled and she dropped me because her contribution was going up upon me turning 50. I should have researched any legal remedy, if there was any…probably wasn’t anyway.

Then just a few months later, I suffered a life altering injury and was the beginning of a years of utter hell.

I’m still reeling from all of it, lucky to have stayed somewhat sane, but had mental breakdowns that affected relationships and ultimately caused me to lose that fucking job where I had been a hard working employee for over 15 years…location at a hospital, just to add insult to fucking injury.

Rant over.

Almost…important to note. I’m a clucking statistic. One of those not qualified for Medicaid in my clucking State (after losing my home and Medicaid coverage in CA because of the tumult of my life ultimately) nor can I yet afford medical care, dental care, etc.

Just life in good old USA!!! But it’s okay, If I work real hard I can…



The clucking swing voter. Can’t be bothered with analysis any more complex than which MSM talking head satisfies them the most.

I know I’m over the top here to some degree…then maybe not.

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Sending you chill vibes, yo.

You’re strong. Fight the powers that be.

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Thanks a lot for that my friend. I’m not even close to having the fight taken from me.

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I know dats right.