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Eating His Own: Ahead of Memo Release, Trump Attacks Top Officials at FBI and Justice Department

Eating His Own: Ahead of Memo Release, Trump Attacks Top Officials at FBI and Justice Department

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Ahead of the expected release of a "cherry-picked" memo clearly designed to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing probe—and which critics who have seen the document have called inaccura

I wonder what’s the makeup of Nunes district in Ca? It seems with all the negative attention he’s getting, even in a heavily Republican district, he could be beatable.

At some point in Mueller’s investigation, I assume Twitler’s tax records will have to be subpoenaed. The allegations of money laundering—long the subject of rumor and speculation—will then either be proven or not, and we can move on from there.


“The top Leadership and Investigators of the FBI and the Justice Department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of Democrats and against Republicans - something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago…”

How can anyone possibly disagree with the idea that this ought to be unthinkable.
The democrats have become so accustomed to seeing the CIA and the Pentagon as benevolent institutions setting the world to right by killing foreigners in Libya, Syria etc that it took only a small leap to advance the nonsense that the FBI, throughout its existence a menace-a murderous menace- to every popular movement, is non-partisan, neutral and a defender of constitutional values.
Small wonder that in Congress they file into vote for bigger Pentagon budgets, legalising total surveillance of society and other enormities.
Trump is very bad but on this narrow question-that the state should not conspire to rig elections- he is correct.
And I can’t believe I’m having to tell liberals and progressives this.


A perspective by founders of the threat of social media facebook: ABSOLUTELY WORTH EVERY SECOND … How the institutionalization of dissociative “social media” predation is marketed and what it does to the premises of conscience and integrity in the time of Trump


It’s working - Trump’s attempt to deflect and distract. Here you are debating the role of the FBI and CIA. Let’s get back to the MAIN point - Trump’s collusion with Russia and Obstruction of Justice.

I agree with you about how badly the FBI and CIA have behaved. But the focus for now should be on Trump.


Couldn’t disagree with you more. Trump is just the sideshow. The real story is the systematic corruption in our government at all levels. But I have no faith anything will be done about it. Just another day in DC.


I am sick of the collusion with Russia thing. I am certain that there is something there in regards to money laundering, probably tax evasion, he could be impeached because of profiting off of the office of the presidency, obstructing justice. The collusion with Russia thing though has not been proven at all. Maybe Mueller will turn up stuff, but there is nothing to this point to back up collusion between Trump and the Russian state. I also think that if a similar investigation were done on Trump’s ties to a number of other countries, the corruption and connections to actual governments would be just as deep, if not deeper. For example, the Saudis. Now, why isn’t there an investigation on that? Should be obvious. I find it hard to separate this from domestic politics and the battles going on within the Democratic Party. The establishment Democrats have been pushing the Russian angle, literally, since the day after the last election. The DNC announced their “war room” early in 2017, and in interviews the leaders of the DNC said they would focus on Trump’s ties to Russia, his business interests and his personal behavior. Nothing at all was said about actual issues impacting people. If you take the collusion away, what, outside of platitudes, corruption, and we’re not the Republicans, is left among establishment Democrats?

On this, I have no doubt that Nunes is lying and it is also obvious that the Democrats haven’t handled this well.

“But the focus for now should be on Trump.”

Yes, I agree, but in regards to the mid-terms, it should be on freaknig policy, which is what working people care about. The problem is that when Democrats focus on Trump, they do a really poor job of critiquing him on policy, and an even worse job of proposing actual alternatives, especially alternatives that the public wants, but their donors don’t. Cause even if Trump goes down, and I hope he does one way or another, what exactly would Democrats do policy wise if they gained power? What policies would they implement, what is their vision, their alternatives to the trajectory Reagan set us on 40 years ago? The DCCC, the DNC and those that chose Kennedy to give the response give me no confidence at all in them. There’s a reason they have been utterly wiped out.


He may be beatable, but his district is largely rural, dominated by agribusiness, including his own family. I think he is desperately fighting for his own financial, and maybe legal, interests, less for Trump.

Trump is very bad…but. The slogan of a the “progressive” left.

Haven’t we seen enough of DT’s repellent face?
Instead of stock photos of Trump prefacing these articles, can we get an incisive comic sketch -------- something . . anything that depicts the message of the article?

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In the long run,yes. But the Trump investigation is NOT the thing that illustrates this.

I think it will come down to money for all the Trumps and their associates. Not a small matter. The overlapping oligarchies are a distinct threat. But it is very possible to still deal with other issues. Many people are doing so. It isn’t necessary to contend solely with the DNC. It doesn’t really have the power of a politburo. Even tyrants have feet of clay. If people attend to the local resources, which they appear to be doing, there is much that can be done. We’re just not guaranteed anything.


Absolutely! Policy is top of list.

It is almost like there are several levels of importance. At the lowest level is the Nunes memo, which is complete BS, and how Trump wants to use it to obscure his crimes. Another level might be historic abuses by the FBI-CIA, but the Trump investigation is NOT the place to expose this. The next level is Trump collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice, and repubs enabling him. Up from that is policy, what the Repub Congress (Ryan and McConnell) and the Trump admin (Pruitt, DeVos, etc.) are doing to destroy government and benefit the corporate elite. The final level is a failure of governance by both parties, overt and aggressive by the repubs and covert and spineless by the Dems, both kowtowing to their corporate elite masters.

But don’t mix levels or let one level obscure the others.


Yep, and on that, I think he’s toast, or at least should be. I don’t have tons of faith in the legal system at this point, I am interested in how the legal system holds up to the Republicans in PA essentially ignoring the Supreme Court on gerrymandering.

Good grief.

You remind me of the “alt-left” arguments that align Trump’s criticism of MSM with legitimate criticisms of the MSM.

If you think I’m an apologist for the Corporate State Media (MSM), or war mongering corporate Democrats, then review my posts for such evidence because you won’t find any.


Why could this man not find his way out of jr. high?

Attacking an independent judiciary is central to authoritarianism. Like fascism in the 20s and 30s, it’s an international movement.

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Thank you for this. I am no longer on f/b and I have always refused to own a cell phone. Of course I don’t get much face time with people the way I used to but that will change, sooner or later.

Not only is there a reason they’ve been wiped out, they’re doubling down on that reason: Their belief that what benefits their corporate masters is what’s best for America in general.

Thus, for-profit health insurance is enshrined and single payer will never, ever happen. The MIC will always receive lavish budget increases. Wars for oil, under the smokescreen of the GWOT will be endless. Drill, baby, drill. Drug importation will be forbidden. Wall St will be unconstrained and bailed out whenever necessary. Unions will be destroyed and a living wage will be paid lip service. Tech companies will spy and sell and promote overall vacuity.

Hope everyone enjoys the rich getting even richer, while everyone else stagnates. That’s all the duopoly offers.

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