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Echoes of Alt-Right Worldview in Speech


Echoes of Alt-Right Worldview in Speech

Sonali Kolhatkar

President Donald Trump, his chin lifted defiantly, gave his first State of the Union address Tuesday as two of his main enablers, Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan, looked on adoringly from behind.


Bring on the next shutdown…


Problem: immigration

Solution: help Latin America gain economic traction.


I guess the raised fist in the photo is a “dog whistle” expression of “white power”.


So, rump is saying his immigrant mother is a criminal? So when is he going to have her locked up?


It rarely ever gets mentioned that a lot of the economic problems of Latin America were caused by the US particularly when the US set up Banana Republic governments in those countries. The whole point of the US proping up the Banana Republics was to deliberately put those countries at an economic disadvantage.


It took Gen. Smedley Butler to teach me that. He had to learn the lesson in a most difficult manner. Additionally, he saved this nation from a fascist coup–at least for around 83 years.


The Statue of Liberty weeps…“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

While the racist ginger pig rapes America for the short-term profits of a few and deports at-risk families…

contemptible low-life scum!


I didn’t know about Gen. Smedley Butler. Thank you for pointing him out. I learned about the effects of the Banana Republics by living in Panama for 3 years. I learned about it first hand from the people there. It was also in Panama that I learned the phrase “The Ugly American” which comes from the book with the same title. Although the book was based on south east asia, it applies also to Latin America.


It’s good that he made it clear US citizens are and should be the sole priority of the US govt. Illegals are more than ‘defacto’ criminals…they are actual one here in violation of US law, and most of them intentionally so.


One of my all time favorites. (Broke my heart when my rescue hound laid waste to it.)

I’ve done a fair amount of development work in Latin America. The funny thing is that so many without money are so very happy–and generous.


It sounds like you approve of Trumps human decency free views. Many of these immigrants never broke any laws so they are not criminals in any sense. They overstayed their visas. Sending all of the undocumented immigrants back at this point of time would be an act of inhumanity on a grand scale. Many have lived here for two decades or more, Many live in families that include American citizens. Of course the Dreamers were brought here when they were small children and probably have no memories of the country they have came from. Many people with a sense of morality have been trying to find the best solution to this problem. They are compassionate. Just take the most nasty course and deporting all of them would make the US look bad and would be another thing the US go wrong. And sending them all back would not even make any economic sense since several industries are dependent on them for labor and it is unclear how they could be replaced since they often do jobs Americans do not want to do and perform these jobs for low wages.


Digby is correct. The presidet’s views are not nearly as shocking as the Republican party’s slavish devotion to same.


Trump, Mnuchin, Mulvaney, Pruitt, Ryan, McConnell…any/all of these make great poster boys for “The Ugly American”!


This was less a SOTU address, as it was a SOTM (State Of Trumps Madness) address.

A Total Republican Conspiracy To Uphold An Authoritarian Takeover Of The United States Of America.


where did you live in panama? we were stationed at ft. kobbe, but lived on clayton


The liar in chief repeats himself and somehow his approval rating is said to have climbed. How in any sane world could that be true? I did not watch his SOTU lie fest but reading reviews leaves a sick feeling for the future of truth and the survival of humanity.


And any culture/state, to “gain economic traction” needs a positive outlook. And there is no way that outlook can exist in places of drug prohibition, the bringer of darkness and death and favored by Drumpf/Duterte.


he is simply underscoring his bigoted nationalistic propaganda/rhetoric. There are terrorists everywhere, there are MS-13 gang members everywhere. They have you duped with the war on “terror” and they did it by first duping us all with the war on drugs.

Notice how both of those wars are unwinnable, as they define a war on words instead of countries, a metaphorical war. That is one element that helps to enable perpetual war.


Downtown Panama city for about six months near Punta Paitilla then we moved onto Ft. Clayton.