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Echoes of Reagan: Another Nuclear Buildup

Echoes of Reagan: Another Nuclear Buildup

Mel Gurtov

Thirty years ago Americans endured an absurd expansion of the US nuclear-weapon force under President Reagan. The announced weapons modernization program was accompanied by a huge increase in the military budget, the President’s warning to the Soviet Union that he was willing to spend it into oblivion, and crazy talk from some of his advisers about the potential to fight and win a nuclear war. So here we are evidently back to the future as the Trump administration forges ahead with nuclear “modernization,” without a set strategy for the weapons but with billions of dollars to burn.

Republicans and Democrats.

Can’t kill em, can’t let them run your government.

What are they good for? Absolutely nothing, other than, Empire building with 50% of the budget going to the Military, massive income inequality, pathological lying politicians that serve the wealthy and the corporations before the masses, Nazi infected Law Enforcement.

Need I go on?


Fascinating to think that hegemonic power is based on such levels of incompetence. Not only that, but “strategies” to combat lesser powers with fantasies of hegemonic power have no dignified means of utilizing what it refers to as its ‘greatness’ to enable even the baseline NECESSITY of not s#itting the bed with waste products guaranteed not only to put human beings in the grave, but the very planet itself.

Bring back Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping

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There are zero reasons for optimism here. While we gaily play follow the leader into oblivion due to continued uncontrollable climate degradation our time, energy and resources are invested into military hardware of the worst and most unusable nature so that the continued intimidation of other countries will not cease. We are king of the hill, unfortunately the hill is burning and other countries - North Korea in particular - are not playing the game. A dangerous world is getting much more so.

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