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Echoes of Sanders and Corbyn as Left-Wing 'Stand Up' Movement Vows 'New Political Revolt' in Germany

Echoes of Sanders and Corbyn as Left-Wing 'Stand Up' Movement Vows 'New Political Revolt' in Germany

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Looking to spark a political revolution in the mold of Sen. Bernie Sanders' in the U.S. and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn's in the U.K., Sahra Wagenknecht and her husband Oskar Lafontaine—two leading figures of the German left-wing party Die Linke—officially launched the "Stand Up" movement on Tuesday with the goal of confronting Germany's "crisis of democracy," countering the rise of the nation's racist far-right, and offering an inspiring alternative.

Zionist smears?? Maybe you should have meant they should avoid the winking at anti-Semitism and stand up to the extreme hatred of Israel that has undermined the UK Labor Party??

Yours is a smear. Perfect example. Just repeat the accusation endlessly.

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What extreme hatred and anti semitism do Corbyn and the labor party project onto Israel? Specifically. Have you heard?

The problem that has aroused the far right is all the immigrants from the Middle East that the government has allowed into Germany. Income inequality is not the main problem. The racist attacks against Muslims has been growing and there was serious mob violence in an a city in the eastern part of the country just a few days ago. This is a big problem for the government which follows liberal democratic values. The far right is against globalization. I don’t know why the left is opposing it.Globalization would seem to be in the best interest of liberal democracy. If both left and right are opposing globalization that puts them on the same side which is kind of strange.

As I understand it Corbyn gave a speech a few years ago which recently surfaced and people claim it contained at least one clear antisemitic statement. It had nothing to do with Israel. It was the type of antisemitic comment that goes back centuries. That is why some Jewish groups became very upset.

Bullshit. Quote it. Don’t participate in a smear campaign. Tell us what you think Corbyn did or said.

Here’s a few links from Counterpunch with various perspectives on these matters:


“Workers of the world unite.” Anybody ever hear about that?
It means, friends, that socialism requires us to build SOLIDARITY.

So in Germany, Die Linke, the Left Party, is trying to create unity to defeat an upwelling fascism. How about, 1) we wish them well, and 2) we try to understand how we can do that here. Without a lot of unnecessary accusations.

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I don’t understand why this re-emergence of the Left in response to the consequences of 3 decades of neo-liberal ideology is portrayed in US media as something ‘new’ as though it has never existed before, and terms like ‘modelled on Bernie Sanders’ are used. Corbyn for example is just an old school socialist who has remained such since he joined the Labour Party way back in 1970’s. When I was growing up there were many like him, in fact it was the norm for the Labour Party, Tony Benn, Michael Foot, Manny Shinwell, Eric Heffer, Dennis Skinner etc even George Galloway who later split from the party and before that there was the Nye Beban generation who set up the NHS and Welfare State. There is nothing ‘new’ about it unless you’re under 35. All that’s happened is that, such socialists, who were descredited in the 80’s via Thatcherism, Raeganism, and monetarist economic theory (trickle down) are starting to sound viable again now that free market Thatcherite philosophy has been shown to be a failure that simply increased the wealth divide and has resulted in a deterioration in the quality fo life for millions. As an old school socialist myself who was a Union Steward in 80’s & 90’s and often had to debate this swing to Thatcherism even amongst working class voters, my own members, I often feel tempted to just say ‘told you so.’ And to the youth now who are rediscovering democratic socialism, I’d say ‘blame your parents.They were the ones who gave it all away.’

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Obama and Bernie should both be coming to Maine to support ZAK RINGELSTEIN as the Democratic Party’s Candidate for U. S. SENATE in Maine — this extra and radical progressive DSA candidate for Senate would give us one more VOTE 100% Against EMPEROR TRUMP!

COME TO MAINE BERNIE AND OBAMA!!! The weather is nice and you could actually DO SOMETHING for your country!

Hey, Bernie — this is HUUUUUUUGE

As a Bernie delegate in Maine myself in '16, I’m pushing Bernie
(almost bribing him with more contributions) to come over from Vermont
to Maine in order to “BACK ZAK” and show him the love and support he
gave to Alexandria (NYC) so that at least some of the people in Maine
will know and understand the name of our 2018 Democratic Party’s
candidate for the U.S. Senate is ZAK Ringelstein — since the Maine
Media and the Maine Dem Party are treating this young (32 year old)
highly progressive, and even DSA candidate for U.S. Senate from Maine as
a real fire brand progressive who can beat the old, tired,
“middle-of-the-road”, IINO (Independent In Name Only) A King — who
votes and supports Emperor Trump’s side in the Senate 47% of the time.

Is Maine progressive or what??

Is Maine “Dirigo” (leading) or what??

Let’s get real and over-come A KING, a censoring media monopoly EMPIRE, and
with ZAK in the Senate also over-come this damn Disguised Global
Capitalist EMPIRE — because

as all true Americans know right down to their own DNA:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

It’s hard to believe that Bernie doesn’t have the guts or commitment to just cross the border from his own Vermont to support a U.S. Senate candidate of the Democratic Party in the fellow New England state of Maine (which supported him so heavily in his own run for President), and give us all an extra U.S. Senator who is a DSA member, and strong progressive- who could change the balance of the Senate from 2018 to 2020 against Emperor Trump.

What’s the matter with you Bernie??