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Eclipsed Race and Class? Calling AOC a 'B*tch' Is Not Just About Sexism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/26/eclipsed-race-and-class-calling-aoc-btch-not-just-about-sexism

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Yoho’s constituents will be responsible for him from this point on.

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I’d love to see AOC debate Yoho or his replacement, who will surely also be a Republican given the gerrymandered nature of the district. She would serve them up filleted, sautéed, and flambéed, without having to go to the gutter (not that she couldn’t–she was a bartender, after all). AOC does her homework, pushes for Progress, and scares the hell out of the entrenched. That Girl! (dated reference)


I get it! You gotta be a little “dated” to remember "That Girl’!

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Your comment is really good, and right on target! Fully agree with, and, like very much your thoughts on debating yoohoo, or any other republican. This particular young woman, Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez is truly something else, powerful, brilliant, and, totally on top of her game.


One could have a field day with the lyrics to the song for That Girl (don’t we all want to be like “tinsel on a tree”?)

Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes,
That Girl
Chestnuts, Rainbows, Springtime…
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She’s tinsel on a tree…
She’s everything that every girl should be!

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If you find a girl to love,
Only one girl to love,
Then she’ll be That Girl too…
That Girl!

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I wish she directly used the word “race” in her speech and more explicitly highlighted the intersectional struggles of women of color."

Well, AOC didn’t. So Ms. Tanjeem’s “wishing” is arrogant and condescending.

Do we really need to be inserting this “intersectionality of race” - largely the lexicon of privileged bourgeoie of all races - into all of this? While acknowledging that huge disproportional burden of poverty being placed on black USAns due to racism, do poor poeple really care about this “intersectionality” and other postmodernist babble?

And, at any rate, as a women of European-Spanish heritage (by way of Puerto Rico) Ms. Occasio-Cortez is, technically, a “white” person.


An additional driver of today’s corporate politicians’ fear is that the AOC brand is already as well established in the lexicon as TR, FDR, JFK and LBJ, all of them figures who made many positive contributions that benefited the 99%, unlike the corporate politicians of the past half century, who have accomplished only military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) and other corporate welfare expansion, while dismantling the broad based accomplishments of TR, FDR, JFK, and LBJ, MLK, and others.

Although the media keeps highlighting her bartender experience, AOC 's qualifications include a degree from Boston College in International relations, minor in economics, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory named an asteroid after her for her science acumen, and she was the only Spanish speaker on Senator Ted Kennedy’s staff. She is more qualified to hold public office than any Republican and most Democrats.


I agree completely. This was a jab (an effective one I believe), not a piece of legislation. I don’t know the specifics of Hillary Clinton’s case - if she heard a fellow senator use that term and didn’t take the brief opportunity to make a jab, how is that AOC’s fault?

I either forgot or never heard about the case of Senator Artiles who was forced to apologize and resign (he was D not R) That won’t happen with this guy - he’s denying he said it (he claims he said “fricken BS”) so unless someone is going to rat him out or he’s caught on tape we are probably stuck with this guy.

When I was a local elected politician, my GOP “colleagues” would smear me and blame the reporters for “getting it wrong”, and then they would apologize for something they said they didn’t say.

Psychologists call this crazy making and it has been part of the GOP play book from the local level to the national level, going back to the sixties when I worked on a lot of local campaigns.


Just like the author of this piece, I too have a wish. And my wish is not related to what AOC should or should not have said. My wish (as a non Yoho supporter from his district), is for articles that highlight the larger issues that this incident revealed…such as “how/why do ignorant, vulgar, banal, arrogants like Yoho get to represent us”…or…“if this is what Yoho does in public view, what else has he been doing that has damaged the life and well being of thousands of his constituents”…and similar other issues. As, while Yoho may be an unsophisticated vulgar, ignorant, and banal individual, there are others who speak the right words, but whose decisions cause deep damage to the well being of hundred thousands of women. I guess, my wish is for a few articles that have some substance.


It is my belief that AOC is a person who is:
Honorable – and that our country would be a much better place with more like her!

Aside from the content of the article, the caption under the photo isn’t great. “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) wears a face mask to protect herself from the coronavirus […]” It would be more accurate to say that she’s wearing it to protect others in case she is unknowingly shedding the virus herself. That message really needs to get reinforced at all opportunities.

You are spot on, imho, to recognize the contextural flood of misogyny suffusing the scene. There’s even sexism in our selection of names to say – as if martyrs to police terror are naturally more effective when male. When Orangeman’s robotic spokesperson says something idiotic, as usual, about not letting science “get in the way” – I always expect to see her attacked as “that bitch” right here in the CD Commons, and usually that’s what I see.

It feels tedious to point it out over and over again, as AOC herself does so eloquently in her address: That word is an attack on all women. Could we please retire that awful word? (Except when speaking of my darling frenchy-mix, that is, who loves to be told “You the bitch!” while getting tummy rubs.)

Coverage of the Washington football team changing its name improved considerably when some outlets stopped airing that terrible word, referring to “the R-word”. Some things are just vulgar.

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You mean AOC? Although, the fact that Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, have been called a "bitch"by their political opponents many times does certainly suggest that race has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it.

I meant AOC responded with a jab (I was not referring to the initial use of profanity as a jab).

I am an agreement with you. Not everything is or has to be about race (and unless AOC has a significant percentage of indigenous genes in her she is is just as white as someone from Spain, Italy, or Portugal).

The interesting aspect to this story for me is that Rep Yoho is denying he said the words AOC stated. This makes it different than the other cases given. Will his constituents believe him I wonder.

Wasn’t that girl Marlo Thomas?

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