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Eco Crises: Doom & Gloom, Truth & Consequences


Eco Crises: Doom & Gloom, Truth & Consequences

Kristine Mattis

We can't save the world by playing by the rules because the rules have to change. Everything needs to change and it has to start today….To all the politicians that pretend to take the climate question seriously, to all of you who know but choose to look the other way every day because you seem more frightened of the changes that can prevent the catastrophic climate change than the catastrophic climate change itself… Please treat the crisis as the crisis it is and give us a future.


An excellent recipe for Earth’s recovery.

Now, all we must do, is live it.


Aside from the inherent contradictions in the appendix, I want to comfort the author:

Everything she advises we do to save the planet will come to pass. It just won’t happen until chaos leaves humanity with no alternatives.


So maybe Ted Kaczinsky was a prophet after all? But really folks, the root of the problem is over population. Does anyone believe that the planet with a healthy co-evolving ecosystem could have a chance with ten or eleven billion justifiably needy people, even if they all led modest lives akin to a Dalai Lama or Mahatma Ghandi??


Trump thinks he’s in charge when it’s really Mother Nature who’s calling the shots.


She had me until I got to the composting of human bodies. Is that really necessary? Our ancestors didn’t even do that.


It just won’t happen until chaos leaves humanity with no alternatives.

Unfortunately, I agree with you, SkepticTank. The question is: will a livable planet remain by the time it comes to that? Can we do anything to bring about those changes sooner than if we allow the omnicidal industrial system to run its course to exhaustion?

Most of the author’s analysis is spot on, but appealing to a mass movement to give up comforts and luxuries hasn’t worked despite decades of environmentalism. A few will make changes, but it’s nowhere near what we need.

Given the looming catastrophes and the urgent need for immediate change, those serious about action must proactively stop fossil fuels (google “stop fossil fuels why we must how we can”). It could be accomplished with surprisingly few people, if they adopt the right strategy and tactics.


It may be an unsavory thought to us, but sure they did! Not in hot compost piles, but humans used to be a part of natural cycles, including our bodies when we no longer needed them. Bodies fed the earth, or scavengers, or fish. They weren’t pumped full of toxins and sequestered from the rest of life in sealed boxes.


Will we choose our lifestyles over our lives?


The problem is, in a US-style capitalist system, even a population of a few million will burn as much fossil fuel as a population of 10 billion. Economic expansion, not population expansion drives fossil fuel exploitation. CO2 emissions are increasingly most rapidly in the parts of the world with stable populations, not growing ones.

The idea that population drives fossil fuel burning is a US-centric one, driven by its wildly profligate and wasteful enormous automobiles, enormous living space, and IC-engine based economic culture. Elsewhere in the world, people don’t necessary what to live like USAns.


"Indeed, Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update supported these notions in the wake of the IPCC news:

Colin Jost: Scientists basically published an obituary for the earth this week and people were like, “Yeah, but like what does Taylor Swift think about it”….We don’t really worry about climate change because it is too overwhelming and we’re already in too deep.

Michael Che: That story has been stressing me out all week. I just keep asking myself “Why don’t I care about this?” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I 100% believe in climate change yet I am willing to do absolutely nothing about it".

Wow, when even SNL can no longer make a joke about something, it is a sign that we are definitely screwed.


This piece is way radical…and plain common sense. Those are the extreme times in which we live. I do want to point to one of those “inherent contradictions in the appendix” which is the call for a Universal Basic Income of more than $12,000 each. I live in the US, and mostly live in the way prescribed here, but I do drive a car. My husband and I live on less than $18000 a year, and we live fine. If we follow even most of these prescriptions, we won’t need $12K apiece, let alone more (okay, I do live on land trust land in West Virginia, in a house we built ourselves and heat with wood, and have our own solar power and I grow about half our food. But many of those are things we need to do to live more sustainably. I mention WV because land is cheap here and so is the cost of living (but the politics and culture suck).


To simplify and organize the necessary actions we need to organize everything under the umbrella of an emergency climate mobilization. We need to completely replace fossil fuels with efficiency, wiser lives and clean safe renewable energy; reforest the world; transform chemical industrial agriculture into small-scale low-meat organic permaculture; and industry into benign closed-loop biomimicing forms–all in the next 10 years.

The rich have made it clear they won’t yield a bit on anything and have the money and power to stop change. A peaceful revolution will be the only way to dislodge them, and as war measures we need universal health care, guaranteed income floor and ceiling, moving toward each other and meeting, so they’re the same level maybe 15 years out. We can no longer afford rich people.


Burying people without embalming them works just fine. It’s not quite as effective from the point of view of soil creation, but it’s a sort of labor that few of us are apt to be eager to do.

On the other hand, here is a beautiful way to integrate human burial ecologically (http://www.earthporm.com/bye-bye-coffins-these-organic-burial-pods-turn-your-loved-ones-into-trees/)


“Drastically reduce our use of computers…”

hmmm…? Shall i practice what you preach Kristine and toss the laptop away and no longer have access to the information you so kindly place on the web for me to read.


Someone once said you can’t legislate morality or mandate equality the changes must come from the human heart .
It’s only understanding humanity’s oneness that real change happens ,this is our only hope.
Everything else is an illusion.


It’s refreshing to see the “news” telling the plain stark Truth for a change: our species’ relationship with Earth is the only news that matters…

The only thing missing from this piece, as far as I am concerned, is an understanding of WHY most humans have been, and continue to be, so cruel and heartless to their Mother.

Because, let’s face it: most people everywhere have been totally willing to get on the mass-murder bus of modernity. Where people are poor materially, they mostly want more of what everyone else is having…and take it, to the hilt, at the first opportunity.

We cannot blame the wealthy for this phenomenon; almost every human seeks material wealth, and will behave in the exact same fashion as those currently occupying those hated/desired seats given the chance.

The actions this author recommends are excellent, of course. But if we do not understand what it is about us as a species that has enabled us to go on denying that we are destroying our own greater Body, what it is about us as a species that has enabled us to take pleasure in exploiting, raping and killing so many of our relations, we are unlikely indeed to change our annihilating habit.

Having participated in many community experiments in changing this habit, I will only say this: most people cannot move from their dissociated modern lifestyles because we are so terrible at relating with one another.

Remove all the existing economic “imperatives” and entertainment modernity offers, and people are forced to face the fact that they cannot get along with one another. That they do not really know how to love one another…


Much wants more!

For BIOCHAR solutions check out Albert Bates at http://peaksurfer.blogspot.com/


“> Have corporations automatically account for and pay for all detrimental externalities that result from their products”

Actually, that one objective would go a long way towards achieving the other 33 mentioned by Kristine. The question is how? Changing our lifestyles would only get corporations to change what they produce and how if everyone did it, and that’s not going to happen unless ecological/economic collapse imposes it upon us. Which it will, but only once it’s too late for most people and species to adapt.

Meanwhile, those interested in becoming pioneers should certainly know about these web sites:



“You can’t go home again” (T. Wolf 40’s novel) suggests that ditching a modern technological society for indigenous people’s nature respecting and preserving ways of life isn’t going to bring “salvation.”
But a belief system respecting the planet earth as an unpolluted will of a God of love, and a given right for all mankind to cherish, surely will. And beliefs that teach that consumerism, materialism and any exploitation of this gift is an abuse of life itself: “you cannot serve God and mammon” [wealth] (Mt.6.24); such a belief system that unites every human being to all of creation, “for the creation was subjected to futility, not of its own will but by the will of him who subjected it in hope” (Rom.8.20); suggests to me that our hope of salvation rests more in what we believe to be the true good for ourselves and the world we inhabit.