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Eco Groups Take Canadian Government to Court in GMO Salmon Fight

Eco Groups Take Canadian Government to Court in GMO Salmon Fight

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Green groups on Tuesday launched a legal challenge against the Canadian government's approval of genetically modified (GM or GMO) salmon egg manufacturing, which they say was done in secret, violated environmental protection laws, and risks widespread, long-term damage.


Just great. One more thing to worry about. Cancer from unstable DNA in the Salmon I’m consuming for heart maintenance.

Phucking Secretive Capitalism! They’ll sell you bottled Hemlock if it they can see a profit in it.


Dear Thomas_Jefferson,

If you are consuming Atlantic Salmon at all you are risking your health. It’s all pharmed (intentional), full of toxic chemicals and fat from eating food it would never eat in the wild. GMO grains, meal made from rendered pigs and poultry. There is less and less fish in the food as the oceans are being depleted of small fish because so much is being used to feed these pharmed salmon and the industry cannot afford to pay for it any more. The best we can do is to stop purchasing any products with Atlantic salmon in them. We have broken the oceans we should not expect to eat fish at all at this point. We need to get out of the oceans to allow them to heal.


Reading this I imagined a future where nature has become totally anthropogenic in response to pressures from overpopulation. Poisoned oceans are only able to produce food by GMO animals created to tolerate the toxins we’ve spewed into the seas.

So there we are in a 10 billion + world harvesting millions of tons of GMO salmon from the oceans as they come in to spawn. They are our savior food fish, essentially the world becomes dependent on their production in vast numbers.

And then I remembered the Irish Potato Famine where one type of potato was grown and when that succumbed to a disease, millions died.

There is a growing sense that as man destroys the environment that sustains us that we will some how compensate for it by manufacturing GMO substitutes.

Animals that exist only in the anthropogenic version of nature will be susceptible to nature. We create flawed creatures while nature refines its creatures through millions of years of fine tuning through evolution - weeding out the flawed and imperfect. We create instead the pre-weakened hosts for nature’s other perfect creations … diseases, viruses, pathogens and pandemics. We may even ingest something unexpected that leaves us more susceptible to disease.

We tinker with perfection making it less than perfect because it is more profitable to sell the imperfect versions. A GMO salmon is a lousy wild salmon but a very profitable fish farmed one. We risk creating a perfect host (flawed and weak) for a perfectly evolved disease (virtually unstoppable).

What a terrible risk we take sacrificing nature for the sake of a bigger buck!


Sardines are the only fish that are relatively safe and sustainable - so far.
Also really tasty!

Actually the Irish perished because the landowners continued to EXPORT food as if nothing was different than normal. There actually was plenty of food - the whole nation didn’t all live solely on potatoes. However the poor farmers who had tiny plots of land DID depend on potatoes and when the blight hit, they were left to starve. But food exports from Ireland of other crops continued all during the famines (there were more than one).

Almost all developed countries have negative population growth through birth rate. Countries like the US, Canada and Australia, with a growing population, achieve that growth though immigration and higher birth rates among new immigrants.

The lesson to be learned from that is not to increase food supply through GMO foods, but to eliminate the population explosion by helping poorer countries to elevate their prosperity instead.

A Canadian couple we have met quite a few years ago abroad put it this way: “We have four kids and then we realized what caused it, we had the TV fixed and, bingo, no more kids!”
In other words, when there is excitement in people’s life, rather then boredom, propagation is greatly reduced, Education, the relative costs of raising children as well as consideration as how to provide for them, in a modern society and access to birth control are also huge factors in limiting population growth, but they all come with increased prosperity.

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