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'Ecological Armageddon': Warnings From Scientists as Flying Insects Disappear


'Ecological Armageddon': Warnings From Scientists as Flying Insects Disappear

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As new report shows flying insect population plunged by 76 percent, author predicts "our grandchildren will inherit a profoundly impoverished world"

butterfly in Germany


Without insects we are doomed to extinction. It has been projected that we have 9 to 13 years left here on Earth. We are in the throws of Extinction Event #6. This info is out there, it is being talked about but there is a river flowing through everything it’s name is D’Nile. If we don’t elevate the conversation to a higher level of discourse, those that don’t know will be going into shock and it will be ugly folk’s because everybody’s got a gun.


Strange that this article should appear, but over the past two summers, and especially this recent summer, and incredible scarcity of flying insects of all kinds - in spite of a very wet summer. I have hardly seen even a housefly in my house, or outside, all summer. And on the long trip south through the southern Appalachians to see the eclipse, I did not have to deal with degraded visibility from bug accumulations on the windshield the whole trip. 20 years ago, a couple windshield cleanings would have been mandatory in this humid climate region.


If you are of a futurist mind and have considered what it would take to colonize Mars or some more suitable planet that needs terraforming then cast your thoughts back to your supremely diverse and bountiful home - the planet Earth - watch the process taking place in reverse! Slowly at first but increasingly more rapidly, we have engaged in making the good green Earth into a less hospitable place for life to exist. We are de-terraforming our own planet!

I imagine that before we reduce the amount of plankton in our oceans enough to reduce the oxygen content of the atmosphere to unbreathable levels we will find a way to substitute God’s evolutionary perfection with man’s dubious GMO makeshift version and at least manage to keep breathing. Envision our world a horrid mess of alternatives and GMO substitutes for the perfection of nature that we take for granted but which we rapidly destroy.

No it won’t be the end of the world but it will be the beginning of mankind’s GMO version of it. Dead oceans devoid of fish, lower oxygen levels and insane weather! Nothing will be easy like it is now. Pollinate by hand crops means that there are no songbirds either!

Don’t believe the speculation that the end is nigh. Humanity can literally terraform the Earth with GMO organisms like perhaps we could a distant planet someday. We could create a substitute for the perfection that is nature…we can create a GMO version of Earth …the problem is that we will all have to live in it!


“Grandchildren will inherit?”

If we do not VERY QUICKLY STOP “owning” and “exploiting” “natural resources” and LIFE ITSELF for the narrow “benefit” of some humans and “corporate persons,” our grandchildren will not exist.

The accelerating dis-integration of the ecology CONTINUES TO ACCELERATE under industrial assault.

OVER HALF THE ANIMALS ARE GONE, in less than 50 years. The primary causes are not climate change but DEVELOPMENT and LAND USE.

WAKE THE FUCK UP, and STOP contributing to the intertwined complex of war, automobiles, pavement, fossil fuels, and industrial agriculture.

Adopt humanistic and ecological motivations for ALL personal and social actions. Adopt HUMILITY before the living Earth, not HUMAN SUPREMACY.

OR: Continue to witness the dis-integration of the living systems of the Earth, and prepare to die with all of us in a short time.


But what if we destroy those things and we don’t die? How about living in a minimalist virtually artificial version of Nature populated with GMO species that can survive the pollution and climate change?


It has to be all that Monsanto crap they’re pushing.


Again, people do not grasp the Exponential Factor. This will accelerate more quickly than believed. We’re no longer talking about our grandchildren inheriting a very different Earth but US! I used to drive through North Dakota and my car would be splattered with insects. Not so anymore. Hardly a bug to be seen.


I fear Humanity is connecting the dots a bit too late.


The world is awash in pesticides


I know, be careful they are all civilized too.


Global warming, pesticide and herbicide use, it all adds up. For years I’ve been growing as organically as possible, while planting my yard for pollinators and it has really paid off. This past summer I marvelled at the wildlife in my 1 acre spread. From bees, butterflies, beetles, and spiders, to snakes, lizards, bats, owls, hummingbirds and songbirds and even the pesky mule deer, the space around my home is alive with wildlife. My recommendation is to fight like hell for green policies locally and nationally, and to keep planting flowering plants, shrubs and trees along the way.


I don’t know what it’s like where you live but in the Catskills my car’s windshield, particularly after evening and night driving, is generally clear of the bug splatter that used to require daily cleaning.


To me, such human supremacist thinking is horrible. Why would we contemplate HUMANS “surviving” in such a degraded ecology? Why is HUMAN survival so heavily weighted in imagining future Earths, that it seems “OK” to imagine completely dis-integrating the ecology that has evolved here, as long as some humans live?

Yes it is “thinkable” that “we” will survive the human-caused dis-integration of the Earth’s ecology. You outline one possible scenario, living in a corporate-managed genetically engineered “ecology” instead of living in the evolving Earth ecology that we emerged in – although i think you focus on only a couple of key factors, and you do not think through and incorporate other key factors into your scenario, like cybernetics and artificial intelligence, or robotic and genetic warfare, or other important aspects of accelerating technological development.

It is “thinkable” (and it is being thought) that “humans” can separate entirely from ecological evolution, and “upload our consciousness” into a virtual computerized “world” that “frees” us from the constraints of physical and ecological existence. i’ve seen people write things like “Who gives a shit if we completely destroy the living Earth, we can design and create and inhabit much more complex systems.”

We are so caught up in our own EGOS and our own “PERSONAL” existence and our exaltation of HUMANNESS that we are willing to consider ANNIHILATING THE EARTH as long as “I” get to continue. i think it is stupid and cruel and horribly mistaken.

And entirely UNNECESSARY. We do NOT NEED the endless drive to speed up “development” and accelerate “progress” and accumulate “ownership.” We need more humility. Human, humble, humus, all derive from the same etymological root. We need to get aware of our roots, and allow ourselves to develop at a pace that allows the Earth to continue to evolve on its own terms, not as an owned and managed project of the Humans.


Yes! We have a riotous little urban farm here, planted with myriad food and flower plants, and we have so many more birds and insects than any of the surrounding neighborhood. So much can be done!

People need to all be part of the Earth, part of the ecology, ecological stewards, permaculturists and agro-ecologists. Or, continue to watch the corporate-managed “ecology” speed the dis-integration of the Earth’s ecology.


That is so true. WE are the grandchildren who inherit the degraded Earth! Yet most of us continue imagining that some corporate or scientific or governmental development will “save” us. Even as we WITNESS and EXPERIENCE, with so much evidence on so many fronts, the accelerating dis-integration of the ecology…


Major culprits= Monsanto and their bought and paid for enablers in the US government.


Hopeful story. Thanks. of course, we need more people like you who create viable places for life. That is the opposite of the factory/industrial farming. Farms and land need flowers, plants, even weeds and all kinds of trees and all kinds of life. The farm should be a cornucopia not a plot for industrial farming profit making using chemicals and whatever which will eventually destroy everything.


I dont’ understand why our parks are not filled with fruit trees where anyone can eat if they want.


Yeah, I made the same observation above - on a mid-summer 600 mile eclipse trip all the way down the central and southern Appalachians, and back, the windshield did not really need a cleaning once.