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'Ecological Disaster on Massive Scale': Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Migratory Birds in Southwest Linked to Wildfires, Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/ecological-disaster-massive-scale-hundreds-thousands-dead-migratory-birds-southwest


Anthropogenic mass extinction is happening right now.
The death of all the beautiful non-human species who evolved here with us is a cause for mourning.
Mass die-offs are ongoing.
We will be the last species to die off, leaving behind a smoldering, urbanized, dying biosphere.


welcome to the 6th Great Extinction brought to us by the greed of the capitalists and their enablers in governments around the world


In view of consistent smoke in the 150-500 ppm up and down the Pacific flyway, its no surprise that the birds are seriously compromised by the time they get to the Southwestern US. Due to thick smoke here, I haven’t taken a deep breath in weeks even though I am hundreds of miles from the nearest wild fire.

But a New Green Deal would be soooo expensive…reallocating money from ever growing corporate welfare programs, especially for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC), and tax cuts for billionaires. The billionaires are on such a roll buying politicians around the world (now that they own the US gubmit) we wouldn’t want to defund that effort.


It’s getting harder and harder to get out of bed every morning knowing I will wake up to more stories like this every day. It is long past time for humanity exit this realm and give other species a chance. But in our sick and selfish way of living we will take all of them along with us instead.


I was walking to the store to pick up a newspaper when I saw a dead animal in the roadway on Krafft Road. It was a rabbit. Judging by the blood trail, it had lived long enough to drag itself several feet. How long it took to die in dreadful pain I don’t know. Carcass was fresh, only a few hours old.
I could not go out and give it a respectful burial because I didn’t have proper protection and traffic is so heavy I might have joined it in death. One car just drove over it, not caring.
In my tradition, if you take a life, you must give a life. Or comparable energy exchange. The driver of the kill car should be forced to walk for the rest of their life, and learn the true cost of driving individual motor cars in the First World.
Way past time to put Henry Ford’s nightmare genie back in the bottle and then destroy it. That sacrifice won’t prevent our own extinction, and is only a tiny fraction of the expiation of our sins of arrogance, greed, violence, pride, and unfettered capitalism.
Mass die off of migratory birds. Mass die off of insects. Mass die off of homo sapiens. QED. I recently heard that greedy US interests want to siphon off water from the Mexican state of Chihuahua, which is also in the extreme long drought and is quite poor. Treaty of 1944 allows the US to do this. The paisanos are protesting this at the dam involved, without success. The ricos take and take while the pobres die. No one says what we need the water for…


The greatest tragedy is not that the species called homo-sapien might go extinct. It is that in so doing they are taking the rest of the living world and all of these other species with them.


9 times out of ten when there geese or ducks crossing the road here in Vancouver , the people in their vehicles stop and wait patiently for them to cross. Yet there always that asshole in the line that forms honking his horn yelling out “it just a fucking duck”.


So, after all, it’s not the wind mills that are killing so many birds! All we need now is for the hard right to collect the poor, dead, migratory bird corpses, and pile them around windmills. Take some attention from the fires… As more countries burn to a crisp.

Looking at the front page of today’s Seattle Times there is an article addressing wildlife casualties from eastern Washington wild fires this month. 300,000 acres burned in one day on September 7…fires moving so fast that escape was impossible for many animals.

Washington’s fire stats are boutique compared to Oregon and California, so I don’t even want to see the wild life casualty stats in those states.


By all means re-elect trump and ensure a sterile future polluted and poisoned, devoid of biological genetic diversity - the building blocks of life. His odious terminally ignorant mindset and crony economic goons, all of which have zero understanding or respect for the Natural World or its life forms.
The time to effect a real realignment of governance and what it serves is past, and we are left with little left not spoiled or able to change course onto the rocks - as usual we destroy without thinking or caring, ignorant and unmindful of the fact that we humans are part of The Web of Life, and every individual life and life form we exterminate lead to our own demise as well.


…stupid phucking white man


That exposes the rank hypocrisy of one Donald trump. He ranted and raved about windmills killing all those birds yet passes laws that will lead to even more of this type of ecological disaster.


and consumers, too.


The canaries are no longer in the coal mine, the coal mine is now all around the canaries.


Just wrote about and linked an article about this latest ecological disaster under the CD’s piece about Scientific American with the title that included the phrase:

“ It’s a matter of life and death”

I must say re: matter of life and death: the latter—death---- is taking a solid lead and gaining ground each day and will go even faster with 4 more years of trump (if we have 4 more years without massive chaos or war)

We are witnessing (for those who choose to see)incessant, incomprehensible deaths of wildlife and ecosystems that support wildlife. How is everyone here coping with this?

Rachel Carson is in many ways lucky that she did not live to see this----I think it would have killed her. Cancer killed her, probably from pesticide/insecticide exposure.

Carson dedicated “Silent Spring” to Albert Schweitzer. She wrote in her dedication, “Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying the Earth.”

Rachel Carson went through a living hell trying to protect life on earth----she is still getting brutalized even after her death. (h_ttps://e360.yale.edu/features/rachel_carsons_critics_keep_on_but_she_told_truth_about_ddt)

There are many days I wonder if it is easier to be like those that are 100% anthropocentric, those that don’t notice or care about nonhuman life.

It’s hard to imagine what that must be like . . . . .

Can there be authentic love with a disconnect from the nonhuman world?

I think not . . . .

“If a man loses his reverence for any part of life, he will lose his reverence for all of life.”. (Albert Schweitzer)

More than a billion animals killed in Australia last year and millions, if not billions throughout the world. Nonhuman/ecosystem deaths are exponential now----yes?

In the u.s. there are destructive hurricanes/flooding in the south, wildfires, massive drought in the west. Migrating birds, butterflies will have no where to go!

How to cope with this?

Safe to say I do not share the Victor (Viktor?) Frankl gene. Not much is helping with the grief.

And creating habitat, offering hospice care to wildlife where one lives can be emotionally challenging as I described in the post under the Scientific American article.

We can’t bring back healthy habitat/ecosystems or stop the poles from melting or ch4/co2 that is already baked into the system from entering the atmosphere/oceans.

We are at the place where Albert Schweitzer and many others predicated we would arrive.

The question now before us is how to keep going in the midst of this human induced extermination of all life on earth?

Those of us who have children-----how do we talk to them about this?


“Fake news!” cry the right wingers, planted by that megarich pac, BIG ORNITHOLOGY. I’m getting numb to the daily barrage of shit news about our dumbass existence.


I’ve noticed that some plants seem to benefit from the daily dose of wood ash and others don’t seem to like it. Keeping an eye on this for all the changes that occur on such a massive level.

“Using wood ash on garden soil is an excellent way to dispose of ashes while adding essential nutrients to the soil. While organic soil additives such as compost and leaf mold can take weeks to combine with the soil so that their nutrients are available to plants, the effects of adding wood ash are almost immediate. Test your soil pH before using ash in the garden. Many Western garden soils are alkaline, and wood ash should not be used on alkaline soils”

“the effects of adding wood ash are almost immediate”


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Rachel Carson wrote in Silent Spring ----

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”

The cyclical refrains of nature have been broken by humans. There is no more assurance that what many of us knew as spring (bursting with birdsong, flora, fauna) will come after winter.

There is no more assurance that dawn comes after night as many are under a blanket of smoke that obliterates the sun and the moon. Day and night merge into one.

Gone are the “reserves of strength” that many of us have turned to . . . .


That’s right fern. We used to put our ash from the fireplace around our mango trees in Egypt in the garden. (Oh yes. It got a bit chilly in the winter evenings there.)

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