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Ecological Importance and Human Rights Be Damned, Trump Admin Says Fossil Fuel Pillaging in Arctic Refuge Coming Soon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/31/ecological-importance-and-human-rights-be-damned-trump-admin-says-fossil-fuel

Got that everyone? Goo outta the ground is more important than human life.

Didn’t they burn witches for less than that?



What do we need to have this ASS IMPEACHED?

I don’t give a DAMN about Pelosi

Kick this guy out of office


Why do you limit it to “human life”? I don’t believe in the so-called “sanctity of human life” alone because its corollary is the IN-sanctity of all life not human! Is that what you believe in?

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This malignant POS is a clear and present danger to all life on earth! He must be taken down toot-sweet, and deserves life in the goddamn slammer or dancing at the end of a rope. Too bad the wider public is not informed of all his criminal and insane actions by the corrupt complicit media - maybe if they were they would add to the voices of those actually paying attention calling for swift strong action!!

Had enough yet America of this rotten evil scumbag?


I have a better idea start drilling on the Capitol Mall; let the whole world see where US values are.

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When we were boys, there were Men and Women who Watched over the Forests.
The Rangers took their duty as a Life Work.
My cousin was a Hotshot. My God?

You still see the watchtowers throughout the old forests.
Very few if any left.

But they watched, and protected the Security and Sanctity of the Forest and the Wild.

They knew before any when the Elk Rut and Wolf run began, and where the Cougars were roaming too close.

I know this is a sad thing to say, but the lost of Human Life is almost easier to bear than the death of a Free and Wild Animal.

An Animal knows only the Nourishment of Nature and cannot understand the slaughter
that is the ignorant human’s way.
That is why the fright, that is exhibited when confronted.
It is like the slaughter of a Child.

We need to Bless the Wild and Take Stewardship in its Protection.
Or we Deserve our Demise.


They burned “witches” (sic) to slake their fear and ignorance, the same twin pillars that currently prop up the edifice of the Orange Idol Idle.
And even as the faithful bow and cackle before the gilded goombah, behind their backs the real playas have free run to pillage the biosphere.


I posted this on another thread. Shall we rename it "ex-arctic:

Thank you rolson, for your very heartfelt images! The concept of and dedication to stewardship - like the Rangers - has been steadily eroded, defunded and corrupted to serve vulture capitalism and profits above all else, driven by vast wealth in few depraved hands that creates their power.to control society and the direction of life on Earth.

That path is not one of life, truth, justice or concern for the Web of Life, and I will say Love, only toward criminal exploitation, pollution, mass extinctions of creatures great and small, and death of the natural systems of Gaia - Mother Earth that sustain diversity and life.

I am saddened beyond telling for the losses I have seen since my childhood.


I yearn for the remembrances of our youth.

Being naive certainly had it’s benefits.


I am an Alaskan, resident and I have seen the affects of climate devastation in Alaska first hand. But other than the Native people of Alaska and a few Progressives, not much chance of stopping the coming pillaging of the Wild Arctic Refuge. Alaska is probably the reddest state in the union because of what is called the Permanent Fund Dividend, which pays a yearly oil dividend to all Alaskan residents, except a few like me. And like the headline says: ECOLOGICAL IMPORTANCE AND HUMAN RIGHTS BE DAMNED! Give us our oil dividend!

The Lorax has been one of my life standards to believe in and support. I have an unopened VHS copy.

The world has known for a while now. It’s us that are slowly waking up. Peace

You just nailed it. Trump’s has millions in his base that love him ( including some of my relatives ) and what could be more corrupt and complicit than Trump’s private, propaganda, cable news network? FOXY NEWS!

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To be in this right-wing political world you already have to be an a-hole. Then be ready to show and to share your penchant for greed. Then be willing to plunder and take no prisoners.
Don’t forget to wear your lapel pin and you are a member in good standing.

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The Corporate “mentality” if you would is sociopathic. When everything about profits there no such thing as the RIGHT thing to do no matter what the consequences of that pursuit of profits is. Added to that Capitalism and the extractive model of wealth generation is in essence theft. It is not so much wealth creation as it is stealing from the commons or from out future generations to line the pockets of some small few.

A case in point is Nestle. They have acknowledged for years that slave labor used in many of their operations around the Globe. They claim they can “self regulate” to eliminate this practice and in conjunction with other Corporations have creeated “initiatives” to rid their Corporation of this practice. These initiatives always fail and when there concern expressed that they are doing nothing to halt the practice, they promote another such initiative under another name. There have been something like 3 or 4 of these developed over the past decades by the Corporations and all of them failed. Slave labor is not only still used to provide labor to these firms , but is in fact growing.

The UN announced they would act to curb this practice with a series of regulatory legislations passed.

Nestle responded that the costs would be “too onerous” meaning they would have to charge higher prices to the consumer for their products.

In essence while out of one side of their mouth they express concern for the use of slave labor within thier operations, out the other side is “It generates more profits”.

This not Just a trump thing. This the entire economic model called Capitalism.


PUBLIC LAND means it belongs to ALL Americans and not the Greedy Profiteering Fossil Fuel Industry.

A handful of Corporate Donors cannot be allowed to Destroy an American Treasure that is irreplaceable.

Scenic Beauty is a thing to be Revered. Mining for Oil will create harmful CO2 Emissions and Destroy the the Breathtaking Views for Generations.

It is way past the time when these Corporate Planet Destroyers begin thinking about turning their attention to RENEWABLE ENERGY.

Carbon Producing Energy is just one step away from the Horse & Buggy Era.

Wake up America we can no longer allow these corporations to continue down this path of Planetary Destruction, it is time to Modernize and Preserve the Planet.


Very little support for this. This administration ignores what Americans want and does what international corporations want, and that is more money.

I live on the North Shore in Vancouver Canada (It called North Vancouver). The apartment I live in is rather run down but when I first moved here it in an area that was not developed. The rent is cheap but it slated for demolition to build apartments that will have rent that will triple.

I love this area and neearby is a Wild Bird Sanctuary. It of a good size and borders Burrard Inlet which an arm of the ocean.

My favorite thing to do is go there for a hike just at twilight before the sun goes down. There a magical moment when all the birds sing at once in a cacophony of birdsong just as the sun sets as they , to me at least, sing goodbye to the sun and its light. As the sun sets they go silent all but for a few and only a few moments later the Frogs all start their croaking as they greet the night. It almost like they are saying “Ok you have had your turn to strut your stuff and now it is ours” to those birds.

I just glow inside. I smile. It a beautiful moment. It is Joyous. it is uplifting.

The Corporations would call this sanctuary “overburden”.

In a world gone insane in its mad pursuit of “profits” we need these places for the sake of our sanity.