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Ecological Importance and Human Rights Be Damned, Trump Admin Says Fossil Fuel Pillaging in Arctic Refuge Coming Soon

Hi SuspiraDeprofundis:
I am sorry that Canada is as brain dead as America in realizing that humans need Nature to remain being human. What , do you suppose, will happen to the bird sanctuary?

That sounds like a wonderful place to be.

I live in a small rural community next to a mountain in south central Pennsylvania.

The Appalachian Trial is only moments away.

My wife and I moved here a year ago after she retired from her Acupuncture practice and have been exploring the state every chance we get.

There are an abundance of birds and critters all around here and last evening, it was particularly lovely out, around 75 degrees, a cool breeze coming off the mountain, the birds, the bunnies, the chipmunks all reveling in the late spring air.

Last February, a Great Horned Owl visited us outside for a few hours in the early morning hours, making his “Whoooo” long and low.

It is uplifting to acknowledge nature in all it’s splendor.


Like I may have mentioned before, both of my folks were lifelong Republicans, unlike the rabid liberal hating breed of today.

I too have some other relatives who are somewhat closed minded Republican party faithfuls who will disagree with you if you suggest anything that they see as overly generous to the poor and needy, while remaining quiet on corporate welfare.

Assholes, perhaps. Greedy, not really. Just misguided individuals using the R label they’ve put on themselves to justify that allegiance.

Oh it will remain. They are in fact restoring areas of it and in particular the beach area. That said when I first moved to this apartment a strip to the South of me right to the Inlet was all woods. It was THICK rainforest woods. All those trees are gone replaced by another highway and buildings. They can not develop much more however as to the East is a Fist Nations reserve and while there some amount of development there, they are a little less anxious to rip it all down.

The Vancouver area is pretty rugged. The North is ringed by Mountains and it very steep terrain so they are closed off from expanding there. Most of the develoment is east west along the fraser River valley. I could in fact, if I wished take a hike and get up into those mountains and totally lost . There always people getting lost or trapped up there on hikes needing rescue.

While only seeing pictures or videos of the Appalachian area , it a beautiful region on this Earth. That any entity could conceive of that thing called “Mountaintop removal” just to get at coal underneath is a travesty.

How Humans can treat one another is bad enough. How they treat the Natural world is on another level of crime altogether.


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:

Thank you for sharing that. It sounds wonderful, and my wish for the world is that all Earthlings could spend time and a place like that to, just BE. : )