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Economic Inequality and Taxation are Feminist Issues


Economic Inequality and Taxation are Feminist Issues

Magdalena Sepúlveda

Two American women lawmakers, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are determined to make taxation one of the central issues in the United States 2020 election campaign. They both express the will to do away with the taboo on taxing the rich. They are right. In the United States as in the rest of the world, there exists an inequality crisis. The growing gap between the super-rich and everyone else is increasing.



please learn some basic macroeconomics - the progressive cause is not helped by journo’s and well meaning politicians framing argument for much needed social/economic equity in neoliberalist terms - it reinforces the economic myths used to constrain spending on social needs - it is self defeating.

When corporations do not pay their fair share of taxes, there is less money to invest in public services, sustainable infrastructure and social protection

is only true of State level taxation - Sen Warren and AOC a Federal level legislators - the federal govt, is a sovereign currency issuer, the States are currency users, as are we citizens.

Each ‘State’/citizen must obtain dollars before they can be ‘spent’ - the Fed. govt can always buy/harness what ever idle resources are available in the nation by issuing new money (of which they have an unlimited supply).
Inflation is not an issue provided they only buy idle resources (that includes unemployed labor).

We should more heavily tax the wealthy because they are too wealthy - thus retain too much control of the nations resources and governance; the Federal govt does not need their money, it needs to reduce the claims of the very wealthy on national resources so as to be able to allocate fair/equitable share to common citizens.

Unless we get this basic economic truth clear in our head we will always be fobbed off by deceitful politicians/corporatists asking “how will you pay for it” - or blithely telling us ‘we can’t afford it’; such statements never uttered when congress is pressed to authorize massive military expenditure.

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Ya think? So is racism, classism, homophobia, war mongering and an American foreign policy that according to John Pilger has led America to intervene illegally in other countries 68 times.

Social justice is a feminist issue…as is child abuse. Can drive you crazy, but for women, the work never ends. But yes…a fair progressive tax would make a lot more money available with which to do the good work in front of us. Good luck with that.