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'Economic Pain for Tens of Millions': Watch Sanders Destroy Trump Tax Plan on Senate Floor


'Economic Pain for Tens of Millions': Watch Sanders Destroy Trump Tax Plan on Senate Floor

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"This proposal would cause devastating economic pain for tens of millions of Americans."


I am biased, I’ll admit it and yes, this is Commondreams but I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else yet either. Is Bernie the only backbone this country has? Where are all those Demo’s??? This should be a slam/dunk. Guess I’ll start looking under rocks outside for all those Demo’s!!!


Bernard Sanders shows his quality and leadership once again, speaking out while others remain silent or complicit. When the timid and corrupted, hyper-partisans, corporate/banker/Wall Street tools, the uber-wealthy, the utterly moral-zero trump regime tears-down, and the faux opposition party elite evade, simper and “negotiate”, Bernie sanders tells it like it is - always visible and vocal to energize and empower the people. The true people’s president of the United States in so many ways.


He really and truly is. May he be forever young.


Damnit This Man is Suppsed to be Our President

Fight Truth to Power

Hit the Issues Hard and Vocally and Consistently

Change the Flow by Unanimity

Let No Lie Stand

PS…Watch Your Six


Bernie would make a great president but being an anathema to the oligarch’s that actually run America, unfortunately, Trump and Hillary were their selections. And the fact that Bernie would have buried either candidate, tells me that presidential elections are and have been nothing but a dog and pony show for the masses.


I use to think Clinton beat the Republican Party at their own game, but I realize now he is a republica.


Once again, truth and true wisdom does a number on the Orange Tweet y-Bird from the alternate universe…Give 'em Hell Bernie.


So true: as I clicked on this news piece here I turned on PBS Newshour and listened to the headlines of the stories they would be covering and this wasn’t even mentioned. As I type they, as well as every other news outlet, are focusing on a tragedy that also will not be addressed with common sense and honesty, while the slime of the captured political class goes on unimpeded.

Why do these shooters always target the innocent?

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I shouldn’t have said that, but It always comes into my mind when one of these horrific episodes unfolds.

The problem with voting these fuckers out of office, is that the professional political class that has ben nurtured and expanded guarantees that the ones waiting in the wings to take their place are even worse than the ones that will leave.

Where does that leave this scab of a nation? I’ll leave it to the reader to decide whether that is a rhetorical question.


Talking points in dissection of the tax plan - link to Richard Wolff

Who Will Benefit From Trump’s Proposed Tax Holiday? - Richard Wolff

Richard Wolff Briefly
Published on Jul 12, 2017
Spoiler alert: it’s not you.

An excerpt from the “Economic Update”, a weekly program hosted by Richard Wolff. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/user/democrac

Full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjiF4


  1. Trump’s ‘tax holiday’ could be a windfall for these stocks

  2. Companies are holding a $2.6 trillion pile of cash overseas that’s still growing

  3. Here’s What Could Be Fixed by the Taxes on Apple’s Offshored Profits

  4. Why is Apple borrowing money to pay investors when it has more cash than ever?

  5. Bush Already Tried Trump’s Proposed Corporate Tax Holiday And It Was A Total Failure

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Thom Hartmann on the Trump Tax Hoax with Michael Hudson


Once again the neoliberal vampires are sharpening their fangs ready to bleed yet again the lower classes into total worthless leeches without any blood left to feed on, so to speak. Come on I’ve been hearing this same song and dance since ol’ Reagan buddy gave a windfall to the wealthy in the 80’s and here we are again with an even bigger windfall in the works. Time to say, no scream uncle, and NO DAMN MORE!! Enough already, quit lying, and do something for those that don’t feast at the military trough and help the 80% lower classes with major emphasis on the lower 40-50%. Stop giving your rich asshole buddies our money, after all we actually earn it by actual toil and sweat. It’s really time to take a stand or there won’t be anything left to stand on.


Bruce Bartlett who helped write the Reagan tax ‘myth’ calls Trump tax plan ‘hooey’

“I helped create the conservative gospel of slashing taxes,” Ronald Reagan advisor Bruce Bartlett bluntly wrote in an op-ed for USA Today. “But virtually everything Republicans say about taxes today is hogwash.”


That is what happens when both parties are corrupted by campaign promises, not the ones made on the stump but in the back rooms and gentleman’s clubs. American politics on all levels are no more then a quid pro quo.


Not the best of sources. Everything He said about taxes was what hogs wallow in.


UUUMMM, if you read the classical definitions of republican and democrat, Bernie is a true democrat and the clintons are republicans. Our country has swung so far right the a moderate republican looks like a democrat.


Aw Hell, repeal the Kennedy tax cuts and be done with all this fat cat welfare. At least Clinton’s welfare queens needed it, well all but six anyway.


If you read the Federalist Papers, they are a job description for the rich in the Hudson River Valley on how to run the country without the country knowing it. The majority of our Presidents are related by blood and or marriage. Read the works of Gary Boyd Roberts.


Pretends to be a Democrat. I can call myself a smart guy but I voted for a Clinton three times. Only once was I pleased with the result and that didn’t last very long. Problem is that the right hasn’t got anyone because they sold out fifty years ago.


You’ve done it again, Emphyrio! You’ve made me smile after reading piles of distressing articles. America does still have a conscience and citizens who acknowledge and revere ethical statesmen and women.
Thank you.