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Economic Policy Could Determine the Political Results in Venezuela


Economic Policy Could Determine the Political Results in Venezuela

Mark Weisbrot

The opposition in Venezuela has stepped up its campaign to remove President Nicolás Maduro from office, having announced — in accordance with its numerous divisions — that it would pursue a three-pronged strategy: a constitutional amendment to shorten the president's term of office; a recall referendum, as permitted under the constitution; and "protests." The first tactic was struck down by Venezuela's Supreme Court, as it would be in any country — you can't change the legal term of a president who was already elected for a certain number of years.


Thanks for this excellent article. Politically it would be very difficult for Chavistas to swallow the pill of selling national petroleum assets, but given the long-established economic dependence upon petroleum exports to support the national economy it is certainly difficult to visualize a better alternative. I don't see any political problem in Chavistas accepting your currency exchange proposal, so I hope that your ideas will get some serious consideration by the Maduro Administration. As for our (US) Government's continued policy of undermining truly progressive Latin American governments -- not only in Venezuela, but also in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and elsewhere -- this deliberately chosen path by the Obama Administration has been one of the most disappointing and shameful things that our first Black President has chosen to do. Unfortunately even our so-called "progressive" media sources have generally been disinclined to take notice of (much less condemn) this Obama continuation of previous admnistrations' antidemocratic foreign policies. So your article comes as a very welcome exception to that rule. Thanks again.