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Economic Pressure Could Jolt Trump into Action on Climate Change


Economic Pressure Could Jolt Trump into Action on Climate Change

Naomi Klein

Let’s just give up. That’s one way of responding to the reports that President Trump has decided to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord.


Trump is caught between the leaders of the world wanting him to keep the US in the Paris agreement and a political base of climate deniers who want more oil drilling, coal mining, and fracking. It is already clear that he has scammed his political base on many things, particularly by bringing in wealthy establishment people to his administration. His claim to being a populist can now be seen as just a tactic to get votes. He still wants to build the wall, keep Muslims out of the US, and deport all undocumented immigrants and he keeps attacking the free press so he hasn’t completely abandoned his political base. But staying in the Paris Climate Agreement would seem likely to cost him considerable political support. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes of with some sort of statement which tries to give something to both sides.


Economic sanctions against the USA would be a fine idea. It is very telling that the US is becoming rendered sufficiently redundant globally that such a thing is even thinkable. And kudos to Ms. Klien who lives in the US’s largest trading partner for proposing it. But will this just go beyond thinking about it? Probably not.

Certainly a lot can be done voluntarily. If the announcement at 3:00 EDT today goes the way I think it will go, then certainly people should cancel all their tourist travel to the US. Yes, this means boycotting the US solar eclipse this August too unless it is part of a serious scientific project. The path of totality makes a precise slice through Trump Country from northwest to southeast so Europeans cancelling their reservations en masse in from all the sold-out hotels and motels and campgrounds along the route will send a big message. .


It would be very good if that were to happen. It will be difficult because climate change is the one issue he has been unwavering on. That particular topic has activated his stubborn streak like no other. Hr’s changeable on so many of the positions he takes and promises he has made, but not on that so far.

I hope Ms. Kline or some of her cohorts can come up with an action plan because it’s getting late in the game.


Natural gas is putting coal outta business.

Renewables too, and they’re taking nat gas and oil down as well.

It’s just a shame that the time to have avoided catastrophic climate change came and went.

Shut Down Enbridge Line 5!


Right you are ST.

The 70’s was the best time to avoid polluting our planet. Solar tax credits began and spurred so much interest that within a few years the Oil Industry lobbied hard to kill it’s expansion.

Imagine where our country, our world would be if our so-called leaders in the Duopoly had had more vision and concern for humanity, than profit.


You used the key word, PB: “Imagine.”

I contend that imagination, or more precisely, the lack thereof, accounts for our dismal progress (or regression, lately) as a society.

Case in point, the pragmatists around here whose constant refrain amounts to cheerleading for incrementalism, limitations, the status quo, and faith in the establishment.

When they tell me they can’t imagine anything outside of centrist politics and policy, they remind me of those who tell me they can’t imagine 4 feet of sea level rise or renewables ever replacing fossil fuels.

My response to both: imagine harder.


Only one word might be more key, SkepticTank.



B-b-but all the scientists were predicting a new ice age in the 1970s! There is even a very real-looking Time Magazine cover floating about the internet to prove it!

(note on how science works: even if, for arguing, there had been a consensus for cooling 45 years ago, so what?! Ptolemy was wrong - did that make Copernicus wrong too? Aristotle was wrong - did that make Newton wrong too?


Economic pressure could also jolt the anti environmentalist Trudeau government in Canada to quit allowing Canadian pipelines, tar fields and murder in Central America.

Naomi klein throws stones in glass house that is equally grotesque as trumpland.


Ms Klein states
We now know that none of it worked. It’s time to communicate with this President in the only language he appears to understand: money.


The facade of authenticity is falling quickly of the face of the current Monetary system. Donald “the Orang-Utan” (with apologies to the species) Chimp is a direct beneficiary of the money printing that the banks have done over the past nine years. Every system is co opted and in the hands of the Oligarchs.

Nothing we do will put a dent in Trump’s ideology. Neither our votes, nor our protests matter anymore.

The cooperatives cited in the shock doctrine by the author are our only answer.



And we the people in the US need not wait for such sanctions: Total, Gandhian non cooperation. We fill the streets, the jails, we withdraw our cash, no rent, buy nothing, no school, no work, do not use transportation except bicycles; we begin in the big cities and activists from outside bring in food to the strikers. And, must not neglect the educational component to this: Educate, teach-ins to show that those in the coal, fossil fuel, and nuclear industry will be first hired in the new green technologies.


For the real cause of climate change and the increases in wild weather around the world google ‘Pole shift’ and see t.he NOAA web site for confirmation of the current positions of the north and south poles!


We must take action if only to remain sane while the powers that be mess with our heads. What about the mental health of our kids? What are we doing to them when we do nothing but debate what the next loony thing some politician does or doesn’t do? While we react to the misspelled words of a dyslexic as if this is the end of the world we miss the opportunity to examine our own inaction. Stop cross-border shopping with the U.S. Show the children we are done with the entertainment value of this shit show.


Economic sanctions by the world on the US make sense for this. It puts Democratic officials in a hard position politically, though. If they support the sanctions, it’d be easy for Republicans to attack that.


It’s time to consider: BDS the US. Boycott Divest Sanction. People around the world could avoid buying American products, they could look at ways to not consume American culture. Academic meetings including Americans could be boycotted. Foreign governments could be pressured by their citizens to sanction the US. Foreign businesses could be encouraged (under threat of boycott themselves) to not invest in the US.
American could do their part by buying locally as much as possible, which disrupts the Neoliberal anti people, anti planet globalization. Plus we need to remove ourselves from being a part of Their (not OUR) social structure. One small example was disgust by subscription holders to the NYTimes on their hiring of a global warming denying Islamophobe led them to NYTimesExit. Many Dems DemEXited the Party.
As an American who is deeply frightened of the Empire we have become, I think we the people have to leverage our power, in part joining hands with the rest of the world to reign in the Neoliberal Neoconservative 1%ers that are running this show of endless death from endless war, austerity and the bludgeoning of our planet. The US is the center and ringleader of the their assault on us. Let’s not play by their rules. BDS the US.


There’s a good example of runaway warming right next door. It is called Venus.


Terry, I’ll just submit that having burned over a trillion barrels of oil and 90 million barrels more per day is having some effect as well. Oh, and that coal, and wood, and corn. It might be having some effect.


Excuse me. Naomi calls it, for reals! If We the People pay attention like never before, We will counter with a direct counter-attack. No flank attack. Direct. We move, too. We attack back, cleverly. These corporate knuckleheads are on the absolute wrong side - of an epic world war for Peace and Justice. Planet Over Profits Justice Fight. They’re for profit over everything. Can’t eat money.