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Economic Sanctions: War by Another Name

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/25/economic-sanctions-war-another-name


Yes, we have NO right to interfere in Venezuela’s affairs because we want to control their oil and other resources. And imposing sanctions on them to force a change in government is an absolutely heinous abuse of their human rights. However, this is exactly what the entire world needs to do to Israel, in order to force their criminal and genocidal government against the rightful Palestinian owners of the land to collapse and be expelled by the Palestinians. Not only is it the humanitarian way to end the Zionist terror against the Palestinians, a complete worldwide boycott and embargo of Israel is probably the only way short of war to right the wrong of Zionism.


And where are the Democratic candidates? Not a word. That Venezuela is a threat to the security interests of this country is patently absurd. Obama started this, and his gang and the present gang are guilty of causing suffering and death to the poorest poor. Watch as Max Blumenthal tries to get answers of why from Obama advisers.



Too much power results in too much war and too many battles.
If we can’t leave people be at peace, we are the problem.


Trump and oligarchy could actually be trying to solve the world’s overpopulation problem.

Picking and choosing who to kill off by war, starvation, disease and other atrocities leaves a lot to be desired, but he is after all, the Chosen One.

The sanctions might have started with Obama, but the demonization of Venezuela and it’s people started much, much earlier, I suspect about the time when our government realized how much oil was under their feet, as well as other natural resources.
This scenario with Venezuela and the sanctions forced upon them reminds me of the final scene in the movie “Braveheart”, where Wallace is on the table being tortured and his torturer tells him all he has to do is except the kings rule and it will all stop. I hope the people and leadership of Venezuela can muster up the strength to refuse to kiss the kings ring, and scream out the words FREEDOM, as Wallace did.
My heat goes out to them.

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A naval blockade is an act of war. Nuthin can get in or out.
Economic sanctions are a blockade
Therefore, sanctions are an act of war.

I had thought 200,000 Iranian soldiers were killed in the 1980’s iraq/iran war. Got phone call three years and three months ago letting me know that the toll is 2,000,000 dead. The sanctions after desert storm killed 50,000 iraq citizens each year due to lack of medicine and Iran too is suffering with early deaths. the Venezuela death count is true. Bolton, you hard nosed idiot !!

Sanctions are just the modern version of sieges. Except more barbaric since they affect an entire country instead of just a castle or city.

Some may be interested in this article I wrote not so long ago.


“…Sanctions can and do kill the innocent. Sanctions rarely harm the decision-makers but have caused extreme hardship to those who are the weakest, the most vulnerable and the least political. Members of the elite with greatest access to government privileges are best positioned to survive and can even thrive. Under the sanctions, there are those who are savvy enough to exploit others’ deprivation for a profit. They function as middlemen and brokers becoming wealthy. Smuggling and clandestine networks arise and result in a shadow economy in which corrupt officials are fully complicit…”

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