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'Economic Terrorism': After Failed Military Coup Attempt, Trump Imposes Total Embargo Against Venezuela

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/06/economic-terrorism-after-failed-military-coup-attempt-trump-imposes-total-embargo


A xenophobic war here in the US.
A trade war with the Chinese, threatening to crash the US economy
Escalating the oil wars in the east, especially with the target du jour, Iran.
North Korea all but getting the green light from Washington to continue its nuclear and ICBM development programs.
Destabilizing central and South America, especially Venezuela, as well as raising tensions with Cuba once again.
Helping the utterly corrupt Torries stay in power and run Britain into the ground.
Alienating our natural economic allies.
Ending arms treaties with the Russians, all but signaling the beginning of another nuclear arms race.

The wheels are coming off Trumps kiddie cart. And just like his fellow spoiled members of NY society tried to tell us would happen, now that heat is on and the shit is starting to hit the fan, he has begun his end game. He will burn it all down, throw everyone else under the bus, all the while he sneaks out the back door of the White House carrying a suitcase filled with silverware.
Oh, and the planet is now seeing all the positive feedback loops come to fruition, the warming is now out of control.
Good times ahead.


Madeline Albright said 500,000 starved and medically deprived Iraqi children was ‘worth it’.

Americans: Crimes against humanity are now in your name and my name. Worth it?

Pathetically, all this is being called ‘right to protect’ by pushing a perverted form of democracy in a country that has an advanced democracy. When in actuality, it is a scheme to take over their natural resources on behalf of western oligarchs. The same scheme bring perpetrated over much of the world by using western militaries as guardians of the exploiters.


This action is representative of what America is known-for under the depraved extremism of the trump regime; economic terrorism abroad, environmental exploitation and degradation at home, and racist murders across the nation.
True self-determination? No.
Helping nations build an egalitarian, just, society? No
Environmental stewardship? No.
Science in policy decisions? No.
Wisdom? No. Any shred of common decency, truth, honesty, or building an America or world based on justice and the Common Good? No!
World peace and true security? NO!

This regime of the most reprehensible examples of people has brought the most depraved, divisive, racist, exploitative, war-mongering and confrontational agenda of lies and deceit ever in recent history - it is a blight on humanity that must be challenged, confronted, fought, and defeated with every breath!

The people can see the truth, but the “opposition party” establishment is too timid, politically scheming utterly failed policy, and actually complicit, to make the difference that must be made to end the rapid slide into oblivion and provide a clear vision of the contrast between good and evil - that term, evil, is not out of place given the past three years of the destruction directly caused by people with zero moral compass, integrity, or wisdom!



The leaders of China are going to need a military escort to for their shipping to Venezuela.


I hope China keeps them supplied. Of course my greater hope (read fantasy hope) would be the rest of the world ignores the embargo and does all they can to support Venezuela and help Maduro become the leader Chavez hoped he would become.
Someone has to stop the US. We are the ruination of the globe.


Looks, for now, like nobody cares what John Bolton thinks.



We, the USA, have become the monster that tRump imagines. Where is Pelosi? Where are the Democrats? Where has our humanity gone?

Oh… “We are capitalists” and pure capitalism precludes humanity.


Democrats are part of the problem. But yes, gone is the good face that John Kennedy gave the United States.


That is a super interesting site to monitor. Thanks Roberto! And I fervently hope you are right.

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Every one of US American Empire tactics was first practiced on the First Nations where a weapon of choice was to starve them to the point of extermination. It has now unleashed its death machine on the world and on everyone else. Stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela!

The Trump administration’s decision to impose a full embargo on Venezuela was viewed as yet another attempt to oust Maduro—an effort that could do severe harm to the civilian population.

This is total war that the likes of Andrew Jackson perpetrated, Trump’s inspiration.


Is it too much to imagine the fruition of flotillas going with supplies to Venezuela? On board there needs to be a US activist presence.


Bugger - looks like i picked the wrong day to give up glue sniffing!! Let’s hope dump doesnt get wind of this too:

“Free” traders gonna free trade don’t you know…

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terrible, neither the people of Venezuela nor their government has done anything to harm Americans, yet our government wants them to suffer unless they allow a US lackey to rule there. Sadly, there is little we can do about this in the US other than try to get rid of the Trump regime, but the rest of the world’s social justice movements should be advocating standing up to US bullying (on Cuba, Iran as well as Venezuela) and doing all they can to trade with and help Venezuelans. Where are they?


The Opposition party is in on it, many Dems have condemned Maduro as a tyrant ,thug, or murderer. You only hear a couple of people in Washington question the Sanctions . Obama started with the sanctions, I’m sure at the behest of Hillary and Biden. Biden recently called Maduro a thug and “he needs to go”. The opposition party is willing to let Trump do their dirty work, well they stay off to the side quitely cheering Trump on…



The good citizens of this country would like to believe that the incitement and glorification of cruelty and violence in which we wallow to be the result of some external factor, like Trump. But it is actually a necrotizing, syphilitic disease which is on full display with mass murders here at home and our global terrorism against Venezuela, Cuba, Libya, Iran and an ever expanding list of other vulnerable countries, and has taken deep root in the social and psychological fabric of this country. Those who ‘have’ see everyone else as a threat. American ‘values and interests’ have become synonymous with the rape and plunder of the planet. Marginally better background checks for gun purchases or carbon taxes which make the extermination of humanity slightly more expensive are delusions, not solutions.

The cruel, racist, fascist turd occupying the highest office in the land can no longer be considered an aberration, but needs to be recognized as our own true reflection. Throwing rocks at the mirror won’t change anything.


Someone please put John Bolton out of the worlds misery.

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US version of democracy explained:

“You’re going to keep on voting until our guy gets in!”