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Economists Call for End to Tax Havens as Global Cost of Secrecy Revealed



So is this an attempt to ensure the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes or is it an attempt to get the worlds banking under the control of one central body with ultimate (unelected) power over the Worlds monetary system?

Given so many of these "worlds economists" have supported the premises behind the vast inequality in wealth that exists on this Earth today, I doubt they suddenly have concern for the worlds poor.


I am still awaiting the publicizing of US, elected or otherwise, citizens, businesses and corporations involved in this scandal. Where are the Bermuda papers, the Bahamas papers, the Cayman papers, the Delaware papers? Where is the talk of US taxpayer losses to these "legalized crimes" if in fact they are legal as the MSM wants us to believe? We have long been educated about the "poor" banana republic countries in the world whose leaders steal millions from their countrymen/women while destroying their country's environment. We are only now beginning to understand that we have been living in one of those banana republics for some time now! Either clear the above mentioned US entities of involvement or let's start naming names and get on with the prosecutions of those involved.


Jeffery sachs is not on our side?
Why not?


Time for corporations to share prosperity with those who create their wealth.....Time to put an end to corporate slavery...people working for low wages so the elite can live in luxury.....They think they can just have it all and we can all eat dirt....If the world is left to corporations then poverty and misery is all we will get....They want to claim all prosperity as their personal wealth and the workers bees can kiss their ass......I say hell no.... no more corporate domination while they offshore all profits and refuse to pay taxes.....This is why the world is so fked up..Corporations think they have the divine right to all that is good and we have no claim to anything but their scraps and the misery that follows....This is the republican way misery and woe...No thanks......Dont deprive the USA its share of taxes when you do business here use our infra structure then demand tax breaks and no taxes on profits....and tell us you are entitled to keep everything...
You cant have it all.....If all cant prosper none should.