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Economists Demand Trump Immediately Lift Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela Sanctions That Are 'Feeding the Coronavirus Epidemic'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/19/economists-demand-trump-immediately-lift-iran-cuba-and-venezuela-sanctions-are


It is good to see some principled people speak out against these sanctions.

The evil trio of Pence, Pompeo and Trump will likely not respond. Once again the US of A will demonstrate how it is a force for evil in this world.


Slogan: America: A Shining City on a Hill

Truth: Empire: A Shitting City in a Swamp


These sanctions are evil, there is no question about that. It is almost certain they are a result of trumps innate cruelty, and hatred of anything “other” than himself. pompeo, pence, and the vast majority of the current mis-administration are all evil, cruel, boot licking, ass kissing opportunistic sycophants wanting to get in on the ransacking of this country, and they do not care who or what gets ruined or destroyed that they perceive to be in their way. Some of them, I’m sure, enjoy the ruining and destruction, like trump personally and miller to name just 2 of the guilty monsters. The shame of the USA runs very deep, Cuba and Iran have been in the crosshairs of american might for decades. Not all of american citizens are to be blamed for the crimes and injustice done by this nation, the guilty are guilty, the rest of us are, mainly, just here and trying to make a difference. I hope!


But fascists use disasters to consolidate their power, don’t they?

Listen folks, if any of you are planning to vote Bernie and split the Democratic ticket in November, you are guaranteeing a trump re-election and the last thing the world needs during a global pandemic and economic collapse is more fascism. Biden is old and sold otu but trump is straight up fascist. He will use the disasters to become an uber-monster.


I agree with the push to lift these inhumane sanctions.

Unfortunately, I expect staunch opposition from the Democrat’s Party leadership given their hostile response to efforts aimed at lessening hostilities with North Korea, winding down the war in Afghanistan, and engaging with Russia. Critique of the manner in which Trump undertakes initiatives is valid, however, the Democrat’s leadership refused to articulate any support for breaking with the status quo to achieve peace. The Democrat’s Party leadership has moved so far to the right that now, they are in complete unison in expressing any acknowledgment of the achievements of the Cuban revolution and are absolutely supportive of the right wing coup effort in Venezuela - this in addition to support for the right wing coups in Honduras and Bolivia. Given that the next generation of Democratic Party leadership will be folk who have embraced right-leaning agendas - folk like Buttigieg, Klobochar, O’Rourke, and Harris - I have no hope for the Party unless progressive grassroots mobilizations force revolutionary change in Party leadership.


If you listen to folks here on CD, they would have you believe a Clinton presidency would be no different. I disagree. Trump is straight up fascist.

In November if any of you are thinking about disrespecting Bernie Sanders No.1 demand, that we DEFEAT trump. and you split the vote by voting for Sanders, I hope you realize what you are bringing upon yourselves and the rest of us. We must defeat the most dangerous man in the history of the presidency.


Hello Ed,

You have a valid position, but I respectfully disagree. I absolutely will not vote for Biden or Trump. Yes Trump is taking the US down a path towards a neo-fascism, but Biden is unacceptable for many reasons including some that I’ve mentioned in previous comments (copied below).

Instead of national elections, I will focus my energy on grassroots community based organizing. Of course, this is much harder now with the state of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the Latinxs I engage with are very cut off and living in fear for loss of income, loss of child care, lack of health care, threats of increased police violence, ICE raids, and imprisonment in COVID-19 incubation centers.



The United States government does not have the right to intentionally kill people in the name of ‘regime change.’ The people of Iran have done NOTHING to hurt Americans, and even if you don’t like their theocracy, the nation of Iran has done nothing to deserve these sanctions. It’s all about oil, geopolitics and the heavy influence of radical Zionism on American politics.

Ditto with Cuba and Venezuela. Compared to the international crimes of the United States and the number of people killed by bombs, sanctions and the results of having their countries devastated, these countries are innocent as angels.

Karma is a real buggar, irrefutable. So what goes around comes around. It might be time for Americans to demand that their government quit waging war on the world under phony pretenses, and start taking care of its own side of the street - which is an abject mess.


Well if that’s the case, nominating Biden is a huge mistake. Bernie could whip Trump, he has the base and the enthusiasm. Regardless of whether Sanders supporters show up and vote for Biden, I fully expect him to get beaten decisively.


Real Clear Politics aggregate poll count has Biden beating Trump well beyond the margin of error.
If you split the vote you guarantee a trump re-election.

And the link you provide with following commentary is NOT Bernie Sanders own words. I quote your candidate’s sated No.1 priority: “WE MUST DEFEAT THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN EVER TO INHABIT THE WHITE HOUSE.”

And that means voting Biden if he is the opposing nominee in November. If you split the vote you guarantee a trump fascist re-election. We cannot afford that at these dark times.

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The US has been involved in economic (and all other forms of) warfare for decades before Trump. While it is true that Trump (Pence, Pompeo, Bolton, and many others) have turned up the war crimes against Iran, and Venezuela, and Syria, and Ukraine, and Yemen, and Libya, and Iraq, and on and on, the US has this as part of our “unofficial” foreign policy forever. Removing Trump will not change that, even though he must be removed. The US will continue to decry the failure of socialism, all the while working to manifest that failure by strangling their economies, so that we can gain control of their natural resources for the benefit of our corporations, who will then invest those profits overseas to avoid paying American workers and to avoid US taxes. Carlin: “its a big club, and we ain’t in it.”


“…and we are convinced that (sanctions) will lead to the Iranian people to rise up and change the behavior of the regime.” – Pompeo

Uh-huh. After all that strategy worked so well with Cuba, where sanctions have been in place for almost 60 years.

Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran are comprised of good people who have no ill will against Americans, despite our abhorrent treatment of them. Unlike us, they are able to separate our authoritarian government from the citizens. We should do the same. I feel nothing but shame over these death-dealing sanctions. They are a form of warfare, nothing less. And under the present circumstances, they are outright murder. I don’t believe in a literal hell but I’d be willing to suspend my beliefs if I thought it would assure that they would be sent there.


I could not have said it any better. Thank you.

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The actions of the trump regime and those behind it (including the rabid racist israelis) are war criminals guilty of millions killed and/or displaced, or abused, in the lowest form of depraved racist human behavior, on our southern border!

The regimes that have ignored and downplayed the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, or defunded health preparedness, are criminal extremist murderers and deserve the fate of Mussolini and others I will not turn the other cheek to their monstrous evil and crimes!Bolsonaro and trump and duterte, and others basic examples, as well as all their co-conspirator politicians and enablers!

The EU and others should - must - immediately lift/end their participation-in and suopport-for trump & co’s criminal depraved sanctions and blockades! If they do not they are craven cowarda nd complicit to the crimes!

I have written before the war crimes against Iran, Venezuela and Cuba - as well as ignoring/spreading the SARS-CoV-2 to kill tens or hundreds of thousands or potentially more, are crimes deserving Nuremberg trials and executions, IMO. the pre-meditated destruction of cultures, denying medicines, food and all other normal needs of nations and peoples iare crimes against humanity!

Anytime such attacks are policy is always criminal, but to inflict such crimes at this time in history is especially heinous and depraved!


Hello Ed,

I apologize for the confusion - the quote I cited was mine, not Sanders.

Again, I understand that you have valid reasoning, but respectfully disagree. For folk in my community, President Obama threw us into dark times that Trump has only exacerbated. President Obama began the White Supremacist PROMESA undemocratic rule by decree over Puerto Rico. President Obama was the deporter-In-Chief who began locking up children in cages. President Obama supported the coup in Venezuela. Of course it is worse under Trump, but I, and a lot of Latinxs I know, view the present election as a choice between getting stabbed or shot. Many of us will opt to fight back rather than choosing between those two options. We fight back by organizing.

With respect to Sanders, let me clarify my position. I have never thought that he was perfect so he was never “my candidate” in the sense that I was in agreement with everything he said and all his positions, but I did intend to vote for Sanders, and encouraged Latinxs to vote for Sanders. I understand that progressive political change is more likely to occur as a result of political pressures from organized masses. My hope was that, if Sanders was elected, progressives grassroots movements had an opportunity to organize mobilizations to shut down business as usual on Wall Street, in Washington, etc., until the political power brokers concede to structural change. Now that Sanders will not be President, I will simply keep working with grassroots communities with the goal of organizing that mass movement.


The Bernie Bros. are as blinded by their hatred as the trump cultists.

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Unless the CV takes down the economy (which is looking likely) Biden will lose, like you say. Then, the dem party will blame progressives, regardless of whether we vote for Biden or not. In 2016, more Sanders supporters voted for HRC than HRC voters voted for Obama, yet, Trump got elected. Then progressives got blamed for that anyway. Also blamed, the big, bad Russians, in a hoax perpetrated on the American people by the dem party and corporate media for three years straight. Yesterday, I heard that the US government has dropped charges against the only accused Russian trolls indicted, showing that the US had no evidence that would hold up in court. All of it was a distraction from the fatal decision by the dem party to nominate a neoliberal candidate in HRC. Now they want us to vote for HRC 2.0. If we elect Biden, in four years we will get another fascist, smarter and more effective than Trump. Then the dems will nominate another corporatist and tell us we are unAmerican for not voting for them; and on and on it goes. Fuck that.


According to Real Clear Politics aggregate poll counter, Biden beats trump by a larger margin than Sanders.
Sanders will eventually concede defeat and you will have a choice, bad as it may be, a fascist or a neo-liberal. Sanders says our No.1 priority is to DEFEAT trump. We should respect his request/demand and unite behind whoever gets the Democratic nomination, and that looks like Biden.
Remember, I voted Sanders in the primary. I can only hope the dire times bring out the FDR in Biden should he ascend to the throne.

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The Bernie Bros. characterization is a hateful and dehumanizing statement Ed. In complex times, such as those of today, people can have different perspectives particularly when it comes to folk from diverse backgrounds. The fact that someone, or some group of people, have an analysis that is different than yours is no grounds to dehumanize them.