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Economists Demand Trump Immediately Lift Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela Sanctions That Are 'Feeding the Coronavirus Epidemic'

It is the “Bully in the schoolyard” mentality. Problem is, this set of bullies has WMD’s (including sanctions, which I put in that category).


Question: do you actually think your precious USA is whiter than white when it comes to covert interference in the politics of other countries? Or even blatantly overt interference! Most countries are probably at it - I certainly wouldn’t absolve UK, for instance - but the USA has massive form going back generations! Might one mention the four-letter word Iran, together with Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and poor old Mohammad Mossadegh? Yes, obviously Russia’s at it too, as was the USSR earlier, but for pity’s sake display some honesty about your own country!


Yes James,
you are correct.
I always like a big strong, heroic national leader in every allied country.
Consider central America
The middle east
In the 1960’s, we financed Italian candidates to run against communists there.

Mainly because it is less expensive for us to bribe one guy than to bribe a whole parliment.

Currently we are cursed with pompeo, who runs our cia, state, and military,

PS: my sister-in-law is Swedish heritage and an Olympic caliber athlete. She is wisely non political.


Concede to the sanctions and assistance will be provided.
Those regimes should think about their constituents…

There is little difference between Trump and Biden. A mentally ill president or a president with dementia, it makes no difference to me and it will make little difference to this country because the people running this country will continue to run it, no matter which imbecile sits in the Oval Office.

We were in a state of emergency in 2016 but the Democrats embraced incremental change, pragmatism, and tweaks to a healthcare system that cost twice as much but ranks 27th in the world for quality care. I listened to people who do not earn enough money to pay taxes, parrot Republican talking points, asking, “how will we pay for it,” while ignoring the fact that $1 trillion a year in profit is siphoned out of health care premiums for profit. Now we are in the middle of a crisis and it is too late to do anything but watch the fallout.

I listened this year to poor people rave about this “great” economy because they have/HAD a job, received a $2000 raise or drive for Uber. I listened this year to people who should know better, put down other poor people, those who need food stamps, those without health insurance, people on disability because they earned/HAD a few dollars in their retirement account. The insanity of someone who drives for Uber, bragging about their wealth still has me spinning.

In 2020, I heard a UNION president, a Hispanic woman, say that they did not want to lose THEIRS. They stood on the backs of brothers and sisters who lived the mantra, “united we stand, divided we starve,” and told everyone else, “we got ours, you get yours the best way you can.” I still remember how proud my father was to be one of the first Black men to join the masonry union and how proud he was to stand with his brothers and strike. How did we get to this selfish, self-centered, self-righteous space in just a few years?

We are so lost. Buttigieg said that he wanted to make pragmatic the new progressive. What kind of insane crap is that? It is about as moronic as imagining that your health care will protect you from a pandemic when 25% of the country has no health care. It is a notion as senseless as believing that 10% of this country can earn six figures and that the problems of the 90% will somehow never touch them. It is as insane as believing that 44% of our country can work for minimum wages, with no paid time off, they can clean our houses, cook our food and deliver our groceries, but their poverty will never affect us.

I watched with horror, disgust and bewilderment, as a state with 20% of its population uninsured, ran to the rescue of a man who did more to keep them poor than any of the other candidates. Their beloved politician, who has the best health insurance taxpayer dollars can buy, gave the order and they obeyed to maintain “Obama’s legacy,” whatever the hell that means to people who live in a state where Obamacare was not even adopted. It is insanity how people have voted against their own interest because of fear of the boogie man.

I am convinced that Democratic leadership would prefer Trump to a progressive president because they want to hold on to their gravy train. We become the boogie man when we lie to ourselves and that is the only boogie man I fear. To be clear, this is not about Bernie or Warren or the progressive movement. This is about me, and how I feel about the fact that I have platinum health insurance and my children have high deductible insurance. It is how I feel about the fact that I have more PTO than I can possibly use in a year, but my children work for school systems and hospitals and if they don’t go to work they don’t get paid. Suddenly, we are forced to deal with the consequences of low wages, no health care and no PTO. 20% of this country has no PTO at all and those who do, don’t earn enough days to survive Coronavirus. This is about all the people who lied to themselves about this great economy and who are now standing in the unemployment line. For me, this is about all the poor people who took the blue pill, stood in line and voted for a man who cares more about upholding the establishment, the status quo, than he cares about helping human beings.

Today, I have things on my mind far more important than Dumb or Dumber.


The number of places in the world where Americans can visit without being identified as participants in this oppression–and thereby put at risk–is growing by leaps and bounds. This is not the most important issue of course, but it is indicative of the karma you refer to.

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Well I don’t think everything about Russian interference is a hoax, but what Russia did deserved about a 15 minute segment on one night in the news, not three years of non-stop lies and speculation on MSNBC and others. The Russia Gate scenario was devised by Robbie Mook, John Podesta, and others the very night that Hillary lost to Trump, to deflect blame from themselves for losing to the worst candidate in American history; a game show failed businessman con artist huckster. They could not accept the blame of running a neoliberal, widely despised candidate who couldn’t beat Donald Fucking Trump, so they created the Russiagate narrative to assuage their guilt. And the Deep State joined in because Trump was talking about ending our regime change wars and that is bad for the human murder and suffering business, which is one of the few things the US is still good at. This is all verifiable if you care enough to do some research (ever hear of Google?). The democratic party and DNC is far more influential in interfering and rigging our elections. If you can’t see that, then wallow in your RussiaGate fantasy forever. Most sensible Americans have moved on, but MSNBC relies on the easily duped for their ratings.

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Truly excellent post - thank you! One (minor?) point, which others might do well to take note of as well: please bear in mind that some of us on this discussion board are not American! To me, PTO is written at the bottom of a sheet of paper and is short for Please Turn Over! Checking out Wickedpedia tells me, after searching down the page a way, that you probably mean Paid Time Off. It’s a good idea to write it in full the first time you use it in a piece, like “PTO (Paid Time Off)” - saves time in the long run! :innocent:

We need party unity. RIGHT NOW. People are once again being swayed by the CORPORATE media to hate Nancy Pelosi for her response to the plague. SHE HAS LEVERAGE NOW WHILE GOP SENATORS ARE SELF-QUARANTINING to force Mitch the Bitch to do what is right for working class Americans.
She wants a larger bailout for working class Americans, absolute ban on bailing out the rich (like Trump) student debt relief, subsidies to go to renewables etc. These things may never be possible under Mitch the Bitch’s regular rules.
No time for the Bernie Bros. to shit on Pelosi. WE NEED TO TURN THE THUMBSCREWS ON MITCH THE BITCH RIGHT NOW!

It’s no myth. I see them here every day. Shitting on Pelosi and the Democratic Party.
if you Hillary Haters and Pelosi Bashers STOP FRIGGING EATING YOUR OWN for just a moment we might actually get student debt relief, a shift of subsidies to renewables, meaningful bailout assistance to working class Americans. But as long as you haters go along with the GOP and corporate media in bashing Pelosi and the DNC at this critical moment you will continue having fascists run you destiny.

Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi has been supporting legislation that gives massive flows of wealth to large corporations but does very little for those will the least wealth.

Billions to corporations and the military. No support for folk who can’t pay rent. Inadequate support for folk gig economy folk. No help for folk who have now lack child care . No support for folk who can’t afford health care

That’s not what my reading has shown. And I believe there is a Common Dreams article RIGHT now which disagrees with you, banning Trump and his family and any corporate board members from receiving bailouts, being pushed by Schumer and I bet Nancy Pelosi supports it.
What I have seen in the Democrats want student debt relief, shift in subsidies to renewables, larger bailouts for working class Americans ($1,500) etc. Your post smells of corporate propaganda.


Did you read that CNN article?
“There was intense partisan debate over the $500 billion proposal to provide loans to distressed companies, with $50 billion in loans for passenger air carriers. Democrats contended there was not enough oversight on how the money would be doled out, but the Trump administration agreed to an oversight board and the creation of an inspector general position to review how the money is spent.”

Why shit on Pelosi for handing out corporate bailouts while this bill does even more than she was asking for?
The Senate bill gives massive flows of money to the AIRLINE INDUSTRY, that’s a corporate bailout.
What is the difference between what Pelosi is pushing and this? I hear it’s money to HOSPITALS is what she wants.
Also the House plan gives $1,500 in direct aid to working class Americans while the GOP/White House bill only gives $1,200.
Who are you going to listen to?

According to your CNN article it looks like the House GOP may sabotage relief to the hardest hit Americans:

“Pelosi has called for the bill to be approved by unanimous consent, but the GOP source said that “it’s a very real possibility” that a member would object, preventing that from happening.”

Hi Ed,

Yes I did read the CNN article. The reality is that the legislators have agreed to keep the bill from being made public. With respect to the oversight, I see that as an employment program for high priced law firms which will be paid, handsomely, to find loopholes. With respect to the $1500, I’d like to take mine and shove it up the asses of McConnell,
Pelosi, et al. No way this will be enough for me, and folk in my community to get by.

Want to know who I get my ‘talking points‘ from. I engage with undocumented folk, mainly Mexican and Central Americans and Puerto Rican’s - many of whom have been displaced after the hurricanes and earthquakes. I hear how they can’t pay rent and are facing eviction. I hear how many have no jobs and wonder about how to get the next meal to their families, I hear how they are feverish and sick like hell, but avoid hospitals out of fear of ICE and go in to work cause their bills haven’t gone away. That’s who gives me my perspective. Which low income community groups are you engaged with?

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Turns out that Pelosi has postponed a vote on this:

“House Democrats will now review the final provisions and legislative text of the agreement to determine a course of action,” Pelosi said. Shortly after Pelosi released her statement, the House adjourned until 11 a.m. Thursday.


The GOP has degenerated into a new-fascist Party. Unfortunately, rather than embracing progressive, democratic, and inclusive principles, the Democrat’s leadership have largely embrace right-leaning Randian/neoliberal capitalist economics, plutocracy, and imperialist war mongering.

Take a chill pill, please. You’re all wound up, obviously. Relax, already. I’m worried about your health.

I am a low income community, Steve. In my younger days I supported a Mexican American for the better part of 3 years whose alcoholism ( and to a lesser extent my own) destroyed my life. The relationship came to an end after he tried to murder me one night in a drunken rage. Later, I rented a room in a house where a Mexican father and daughter also rented, He was an illegal/undocumented alien, she a very beautiful American born young woman, one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. Both very good people. He was a very sharp man, and I respect his superior intellect. As an aside, I allowed her to use my rented garage space for her car out of courtesy and subsequently my truck was stolen parked out on the street. (That’s not her fault! But when my truck was recovered, stripped by a Mexican incidentally, I did request my spot back.)
I have been invited by the author Victor Villasenor (tilde) to his annual Thanksgiving party at his home twice but have refused because at my age I simply do not wish to hear about “Gringoes” anymore. I am too tired and unnerved to deal with the Mexican rage, no matter how cloaked in literary sophistication. I have too much of my own these days.
I studied Prof. Rodolfo Acuna’s very angry polemic “Occupied America” (I haven’t the knowhow for the tilde over the “n” on my keyboard!) Richard Rodriguez’ “The Head of Joaquin Murrieta” and other essays, and Carey McWilliams (the “Father of Mexican American Studies”) very good history “North From Mexico” in college only to be told at the end of my BA by the chair of the “Diversity Commission” at San Diego State that I should not expect to go anywhere in education in 1995 because “affirmative action will keep (you) out” (and he was correct at that time). And yet I oppose trump’s wall and am thrilled to see a new generation of Mexican American college kids, and professionals, educated, healthy and beautiful. I hope they can make this a better country.
I have a signed campaign photograph to me from Bobby Kennedy looking down on me from the wall as I right this to you; he stood with Cesar Chavez when standing with “Chicanos” wasn’t cool. My father knew the Kennedys personally. All the corporate MSM media ever seem to do is smear the Kennedys.
I studied Mexican American studies in college for about twice as long as the matriculation requirements warranted. I was in his class the day Mexican American studies Prof. Joe Rodriguez opened his lecture with the joke “What’s the difference between a straight Mexican and a Gay Mexican”.
I tried to learn Spanish but without an intimate hispanohablante partner and as an older student, that hope was evanescent. There is a window period for language acquisition for most human beings and I blew through that a long time ago.
There is very little I can personally do anymore to affect progressive change: I am poor, more or less alone, my wife and Mexican “brother” both dead, and surrounded by Fox News-viewing white racists in a senior community here in San Diego. They actually believe the greatest threat to American democracy is no wall on the southern border. When I tell them the greatest threat to American democracy is wealth inequality, basically quoting their own Supreme Court Chief Justice Louis Brandeis, they laugh at me and ridicule me and one actually told me I have brain damage, and, most offensively of all, I am wrong because I do not have Jesus in my life. Jesus said nothing in Matthew 25: 31-36 (?) about building walls to keep poor and desperate and sick people out. They are blinded by greed, hatred and racism.
I want Trump gone and by what ever means necessary. He is a fascist in my mind and he has not only the blood of Mexican and hispanic immigrants on his hands but now that of Americans as well for his obviously failed response to the plague. Yet his poll numbers ARE GOING UP! And if we in the opposition continue with the internecine infighting, we GUARANTEE a trump second term and honestly I do not think I will literally physically survive another Trump term.
We are up against a genuine fascist. We need to recognize this and fight fire with fire. Maybe we can organize a petition to have Biden drop out of the race and nominate Andrew Cuomo or Gavin Newsom. I do not believe, although I support him, that Sanders will win. He is not able to go for the throat; he is too civilized to play the kind of vicious dirty game necessary to win in this benighted fucked up country. He is like a bullfighter who has all the right moves but cannot bring himself to shove the sword in at the final moment.
Forgive my rambling missive. I only want trump gone.

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Hello Ed,

Thank you for your sincere presentation of factors that have led to your perspective. In the first place, I am sorry to hear about the losses in your life and sorry to hear the comment of the individual at San Diego State. I support affirmative action programs, but I am opposed to the ‘Zero Sum’ manner in which some people have forced them to be implemented. Each individual has a unique and valuable perspective on the world and the inclusion of any individual interested in working for positive change is essential for us, as a nation and as a world, to achieve more justice, equity, sustainability, and peace. There are people diverse background, include white people, from all ranges of economic quartiles, in academia, and in in community based organizations, who play essential roles in progressive movements. It is unfortunate that the person at San Diego State did not encourage you to pursue your academic interests at places that would have welcomed you.

Regarding the Presidential elections, I, and many of the folk I work with, are no longer focused on this November’s election. The groups I am involved with have researched social change and found that right-wing populists are most often defeated by campaigns focusing on positive alternatives rather than on just getting rid of the authoritarian. I understand your interest in getting rid of Trump. Human society is very complex, perhaps your strategy is best. But, my sense is that that Biden has the nomination and will lose to Trump because Trump’s base in animated to get out the vote while Democrats are not. Even if some Latinxs do vote for Biden, there is not the motivation, in the community, to hold events to rally traditional non-voters nor the motivation to sacrifice a day of work to pick up people and drive them to the polls. Without that, Trump wins.

So, now I am focused on community based work. And, after a period of shock, I am seeing some unprecedented organizing taking place. People are expanding networks from from diverse social movements. Mutual aid organizations and networks are growing exponentially. And, in response to people having no money, communities are developing alternative economic structures such as community time banking and community currency. I feel that putting my effort into these initiatives is a more effective use of my energy and will lead to the community being able to organize to shut down the operations of the state until structural change occurs, regardless of whether Trump or Biden is President.

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