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Economists Warn of Disastrous Consequences as GOP Cites One Positive Jobs Report to Say "We Don't Need" More Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/economists-warn-disastrous-consequences-gop-cites-one-positive-jobs-report-say-we

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Everything else the trump administration does is upside down as well. Nothing new about that aspect.

Well, we don’t want the economy to recover too quickly. Otherwise voters will credit Trump, reducing the odds of Biden ousting him.

The odds are not bad, according to the main sources out there. They include Lichtman’s keys system.

Salaried workers are being exploited beyond belief with most of the hourly workers on furlough, and there is no sense complaining to OSHA with Scalia running the show (nepotism anyone?). I haven’t seen any advocacy for front line restaurant workers at all. I would like to know who deemed us as essential workers and why there is no Hazard pay to speak of for the most exploited industry in America.

Not mentioned is the likelihood that the loosened virus restrictions along with a misplaced sense of safety of the clueless will result in a surge of cases. Also not mentioned is that, sorry folks, people are not going to suddenly jump up and say hooray and act like normal spendy Americans. This latter is already evident. The economy is 75 percent consumer spending, don’t hold your breath.

Dr. Fauci is concerned about a surge of cases in the fall if the opening is not handled properly-well guess what, it is not being handled properly especially in certain conservative(retarded) states. So the future is not bright, you won’t need shades.

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America seems forever trapped in a Ground Hog’s Day/Charlie Brown and the Football loop. Everything Republicans touch turn to shit and Democrats are left to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, the cleaning is never completed, so with each cycle things just keep getting shittier and shittier.

40 million were unemployed, then, in one month 2.3 million regained jobs, and that’s all we need to do to declare “the economy is fixed?”

What about the remaining 37.7 million unemployed?

Will they magically be made whole without jobs?

The dumbasses who said, “we don’t need more relief,” need to be relieved off their government jobs.

Search for mouseland
On YouTube.

Other than the jaded few
Half the voters think elephants should screw everyone and the other half think donkeys should screw everyone.

I seem to be missing something. Every week through May I heard how millions more lost their jobs, and now I’m hearing that 2.5 million more jobs were created than lost. How did they pull off that miracle?

I sense satire

Disregard that last post, it was ignorant.
We have a good neighbor local web site where a single, unemployed mom with kids plead for food help. Not surprisingly, she received more than she asked for and stated her profound gratitude.
That’s the America we should be promoting, not “we don’t need more relief.”

Since these numbers are from a Nazi regime noted for its Big Lies, how do we know this jobs report is not itself a Big Lie?

Lie or truth, it’s a perfect way to herd Moron Nation into new outbreaks of the Covid19 plague.

But of course, Dow rose over 800 points today. BTW, while no one was watching, the stock market’s been rising all week, almost 2,000 points. Them’s that got the most … got more.

Where the #%@^ is the opposition party, oh yeah, there isn’t one.

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