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Ecuador Admits It Cut Internet Access for WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange


Ecuador Admits It Cut Internet Access for WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Ecuadorian government has confirmed that it "temporarily" cut off internet access for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been living in the country's embassy in London since 2012, over fears that recent leaks were improperly influencing the 2016 presidential election.


Hillary asked Obama to shut Assange and WikiLeaks down.
Obama asked Kerry to follow through on Hillary's request.
Kerry demanded that Ecuador shut Assange and WikiLeaks down.
Ecuador fell into line and complied.
The oligarchy and its plutocrats can't stand the truth to be revealed to the public.
Or the facts to come out. Or anybody questioning what they're up to.
The Fascist bastards.


But wikileaks is still, well, leaking, isn't it?

Temporarily cutting off Assange's internet access doesn't seem very effective to me.

Wouldn't it make more sense to just expel him from the embassy?

Because if the point of your conspiracy theory was to shut wikileaks down, it didn't work.


Is wikileaks back up now? How long was it suspended?


When Julian Assange said: " because of security reasons" he changed his October surprise announcement; one has to wonder if the Ecuadorian government was not somehow intimidated by Washington. Of course, I have no proof, but if nothing else it sure looks suspicious; especially, when right before an election for POTUS the one that is benefiting from the Ecuadorian government cutting of the net from WIKILEAKS is HRC!


It's good to know Assange is ok and still at the embassy. I got the rumor that he had been taken out. Whew, good news.
I have no doubt something happened for them to cut his service. Pressure from the Clinton machine, no doubt.

Still watching the DNCFraudLawsuit on facebook. It's getting comical, they are so stupid to reply to the court that neutrality at the DNC is merely a POLITICAL promise, like campaign promises so therefore, cannot be litigated.
They admitted they fixed the election, just saying they don't have to be fair. Too much. Keep your eye on that one, it's slow but still chugging on.


Leaks are still coming out but they cut him off last Saturday.


If we want real news, it is important to fight for Wikileaks. The Ecuadorian Embassy in New York is at 800 2nd Ave. in Manhattan. Their phone is (212) 808-0170.

I feel it is important to explain that Wikileaks is a media outlet, probably one of the most read and trusted media outlets in the world at this point, and the Ecuadoran government should not be in the business of censorship.

Furthermore, to my knowledge, no media outlet has ever been censored before the US election. The Ecuadoran government should re-think its actions.



" Over fears that the leaks were improperly influencing the election."

Translation: Wikileaks was starting to make Hillary nervous!


The point's been made in other comments, but muckraking reporters are always trying to influence politics. There's not only "nothing wrong with that" there is something very good about that.

Whether the politics being influenced are US presidential and party politics, or Colombian negotiations to finally end the war there, the claim is being made that the facts and the truth should be hidden so as not to "influence" the political struggles and processes underway.

Bullshit. The facts and the truth are the basic grist of useful and effective politics. Hiding them always serves some political interests over others, and hiding them is an act to influence politics.


The new propaganda being pushed by the media is the 'Hillary already won'' meme, same thing they did against Sanders.
#TheFixIsIn #Stein2016 #BreakTheBlackout


Although he may not be directly influencing the election outcome, Obama's cyber war with Russia, by instigating a revival of the cold war IS influencing the FUNDING of elections. Cold war revival will put billions more of taxpayers' dollars into the hands of the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC), resulting in the Democratic Party getting a big boost in MIMIC bribes.


President Correa said he hopes Clinton wins.



"My conspiracy theory?" That's rich and wildly off the mark.


Vox loves to accuse people of conspiracy theories.


CD is now publishing articles where comments are not welcomed. They have two currently up. One on coal and one about assassination.


Do you suppose that vox wears a tin foil hat?


Hey, here's another conspiracy - Clinton Campaign illegally coordinating with 'Correct The Record'/Super-Pacs:


Isn't this against the law?
It's certain that none of the Hillary cultists will know the answer to that question and if they do they'll lie about it.


Laws are for little people.