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Ecuador: From The Middle of the World to the End of the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/21/ecuador-middle-world-end-world

Power concedes nothing without a demand

And the dogged determination to back it up

Ecuador, sigue pateando sus culos.

Thank you for the heartfelt post. My struggle, entering this Ecuadorian story recently, is what is the solution? The policies that were in place since 2008 were unsustainable – you mentioned that, albeit briefly – and Ecuador needs to find a fiscally/socially/environmentally-responsible path forward that doesn’t involve destroying the rainforest for oil. I didn’t see a solution, or a range of solutions, in your post. Thx.

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Are you high or plain brain washed?

At least you are honest enough to state that you were a PAID “consultant” for Rafael Correa. With Ecuadorian tax-payers’ money. And that’s where honesty stopped.

What you saw were Ecuadorians being sick and tired of CORRUPTION. That corruption that you fail to mention, which plagued Correa’s government and which disastrous effects the country may never recover from.

The question is, are you still getting paid by Mr. Correa?

I visited Ecuador many times just got back from Thailand and Cambodia visiting The killing Fields. Studying how could this happen in modern times. My travels have been very enlightening. One thing for sure is the u.s. president has pulled the curtain back on corruption in the government, the deep state and the news media. fake news is real! It would be nice to have a little bit of fairness for the people over profits.

I am sure that some people lead humorless lives. For one reason or another nothing ever could be funny enough to laugh. You might be a factory worker, working 16 or more hours a day in China or in solitary confinement for a crime you didn’t commit, or a single survivor of a bombed city, or in a squalid refugee camp for years or your whole life, or you may have suffered so many injustices that nothing seems funny anymore, or maybe there are people who are born without a sense of humor. There are many horrid situations that millions of people find themselves in, on this planet where it is legal to kill and maim masses of people if you are a leader of a country. How is it that these people are permitted to get away with murder? They are the worst criminals, those people in power who use their power in this way. Has anyone ever analyzed the humor of dictators, tyrants, and political leaders? I could see them laughing wickedly, like dead president Nixon making racist jokes, like bullies in the schoolyard.

In Chili, in Venezuela, the military and police are killing in cold blood their citizens in a seemingly random fashion with the justification of protecting the state. The people are demanding a change in the government and their response is brutal repression. Why is this not criminalized? If citizens don’t like how those with power over them are controlling them, don’t they have the right to object? Especially when the ways of illiminating them or for changing the entire system is essentially blocked?

We all live under a subtle form of tyranny, masking as civilization. And now, when enough is enough, the mask falls and the true face of those in power is revealed with their psychopathic distain for the lives of others. The broiling protests that keep popping up like seething volcanoes or pimples on an adolescent’s face testifies how things have gone too far and that systemic change is necessary. Even with the threat of extinction by irreversible catastrophic systemic collapses, these leaders/psychopaths fail to act and are permitted to carry on at the risk of all of humanity. Can we not make the systemic changes that are called for without having to resort to violence?

Where are the courts, the laws, how are their heinous acts legal? If we protest peacefully, they will install provocateurs to foment and create violence to give them the justification to use violence, as was done recently in Ecuador. Crimes against humanity must be punished. It is not enough for these tyrants to be allowed to leave office and flee the country like they do in Ecuador, i.e. Correa and many other presidents. Why are they given carte blanche while in office? That seems like an insane law, if it exists. Why isn’t Erdoğan, dictator of Turkey arrested for bombing defenseles Rojava right now? It reveals what a mockery the United Nations and NATO are, their falseness, how they stand by while innocents are murdered daily.

These tyrannical forces perhaps feel so confident being as it is so heavily armed that they don’t need to pretend anymore, that the populace must accept their willingness to murder, because we have no other choice. But they are wrong, the people will fight against them with sticks and stones and homemade bombs and guns if necessary. We will never submit voluntarily to tyrants. And that is not a joke.

The time is ripe for revolution/rebellion, hopefully without violence. No more corrupt governments, no more power to psychopaths. To prevent this from occurring once again, the power needs to be decentralized. It needs to come from the bottom up. The people being bombed in N. Syria, in the autonomous zone known as Rojava are a model for the world of how to do this.

The Kurdish political prisoner Abdullah Ocalan, condemned to solitary confinement continues to write books explaining how to escape the tyranny of so called government and for the people to take back their freedom The Kurdish people followed his prescriptions to create Rojava and have existed for eight years successfully, in a pluralistic society, with women’s rights as their foremost pillar, while being besieged on all sides by Syria, Turkey, Iran and ISIS.

Tragedy, ongoing tragedy is not funny.

Ok, I will respond to my own article, since, it seems hardly anyone reads this, and I am someone who has lots of ideas:

We must try to avoid violence. We can demand or collect signatures, whatever it takes to put on the ballot, a choice to change the government to a horizontal, decentralized, leaderless kind of gov’t., like I described in Rojava. To minimize corruption, illegalize war, criminalize murder by government, use the military budget for social needs and for climate crisis and to give the power back into the hands of citizens. We can vote on it. We can also go after the government in court for their abuses and lies.

One other suggestion: Upgrade the protests. We are still protesting pretty much the same as we did in the sixties. The same 2, 4, 6, 8, what about the government, do we hate, etc. This stupid, sophmoric, boring rhythem, weirdly, is done all over the world. Lets get out of that rut.

My suggestion is that we also spend some time doing improvisational singing, perhaps in groups in the huge crowds, maybe it is impossible to do with thousands of people at the same time, because to improvise sing, that is, one person starts it off with a repetitive riff, and others come in to complement the sound with rhythems, harmonies, and sometimes melodies, all totally original, with no genre, with the idea for the sounds to be musical, not just sounds, to go in the direction of making music, totally spontaneous.

My first time doing this was when we were protesting nuclear testing in the Nevada desert around 1990, which just happened to be where the Navajo people lived. A Navajo elder set up a sweatlodge and 40 of us went in, sitting around the hot, hot rocks, sweating, and he explained how we should improvise sing, no one could hardly see anyone it was so dark inside. We sang for over an hour and the spontaneous, original music was breathtakingly beautiful. I will never forget it, after that I would do it with musicians and musical people at weekly jams in San Francisco. Sometimes it was great and sometimes it didn’t get off the ground, so to speak.

What is important is to listen to the others and to blend in in some way, and sometimes for a more advanced musician to make up a melody that would go in front of the rhymic sounds of the group. Its lots of fun and its magical when the group is creating original sounding music spontaneously without a leader that is beautiful. In a way it is a metaphor for the new kind of government, leaderless, with everyone making it up, both as creators and by being a part of it. And its a glimpse into the new beautiful world we want to create.