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Ecuador's President Moves Government From Capital as Protests Over Austerity Measures Continue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/08/ecuadors-president-moves-government-capital-protests-over-austerity-measures

The gas and diesel subsidies, which cost the government close to $1.4 billion per year, were scrapped as part of Moreno’s effort to honor a $4.2 billion loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) finalized earlier this year.

So, the Ecuadorian people are now suppose to suffer for Moreno’s “payoff” from the Fascists for handing over Julian Assange? I hope Moreno winds up having to hole up in some other country’s embassy for 7 or 8 years.


Me too. We hear nothing about julian these days.

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My recent post regarding Assange’s situation (in case you haven’t been following):

Consortium News is going a good job. Particularly their CSLive!


In the name of Global Boiling, fossil fuel subsidies need to end.

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None of this has anything to do with Assange. Please. Everything isn’t a Robert Ludlum novel.

Remember what the WB, IMF, the Bretton Woods System, and “structural adjustment” were? Well, they’re back in action.

These subsidies were consumer subsidies to keep motor fuel affordable to the working class. Yes such subsidies are still problematic, but as recent events from France to Zimbabwe and now Ecuador show, increasing the cost of fuel is wildly unpopular in a world where there are no alternatives widely available. Only rich people can afford Teslas.

The current President of Equador is a plant by the US. Installed by the US govt. It has everything to do with Assange. The previous President was actually working to help the people of the country. The big bribe of cooperation in exchange for the World Bank to come in with loans and foist austerity on the people. This is how it works. It is the same story in every country in central and South America.
Goal one: stamp out any glimmer of Socialist policies. Goal two: get Assange out of the embassy and into prison. Do some reading.

Exactly what’s going on –

Unrest originally triggered by US actions against Ecuador and it’s former president
who protected Julian Assange in their London Embassy with asylum.

John Kerry had a lot to do with this in the first attacks on Assange asylum by using
the UK to help US who desperately wanted to stop Assange, get him off the
internet and STOP WIKILEAKS – all of which they’ve pretty much succeeded in
doing – except that Assange is still in UK hands. Large threat however that he will
finally end up in US hands.

And where’s Chelsea Manning?
Recall that she was trying to run for the Senate – Congress –
Will she be released after “six months”?

You want people to do some reading? How about citing some credible sources?

Bretton Woods Agreement protected labor by barring capital from jumping borders.

Originally, this had very much to do with Julian Assange in trying to break Ecuador’s
protection of him. And they succeeded when John Kerry visited the UK to re-arrange
things in regard to Assange. Eventually, the Ecuadorian president was overturned.

The further damage can also be seen as a threat to other nations who protect the
enemies of the US.