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Ed Garvey Was the Progressive Populist Who Inspired Bernie Sanders and Paul Wellstone


Ed Garvey Was the Progressive Populist Who Inspired Bernie Sanders and Paul Wellstone

John Nichols

When Bernie Sanders was barnstorming across Wisconsin in the spring of 2016, just days before the state’s critical presidential primary vote, his schedule was packed with policy addresses, rallies and media interviews.

But he took one afternoon off and went to the Madison home of Ed Garvey to spend time with the man Sanders and the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the late Sen. Paul Wellstone hailed as an ally and an inspiration for their progressive political campaigns.


This article details how long sleazy politics have been the rule in Wisconsin, making the rise of Paul Ryan and Scott Walker fascism less surprising...but no less shocking !.


There is "a proud progressive tradition in Wisconsin," and may it generate again following its somnolence.

Rest in peace, Ed Garvey.


He would have made a great president. Ditto for Wellstone. Ditto for Jackson. Ditto for McGovern. Ditto fpr Henry Wallace.

The U.S. has had many opportunities to elect truly good people to lead, but has repeatedly rejected them in favor of lying
sleazeballs. How strange! How tragic!


Isn't amazing how gullible conservative voters can be? Their leaders squawk and the people walk.


Unfortunately, we erase everything the progressive leaders have said about US poverty from today's discussion. "Back in the day," people actually understood the shortcomings of our economic system.


There WAS a proud progressive tradition. Starting in the 1980s, WI took a hard right turn. Even our liberal media/spokespeople speak as solid capitalists today, implicit (middle) class elitists. As a result of the right wing politics that WI has chosen since the 1980s, we've seen a huge number of our jobs shut down, shipped out, and family farms fell like dominos. Yet, we pretend there are no consequences, and keep re-electing the same people.


Wisconsin was a leader in the beginning of the end of the so-called Vietnam War; read, "They Walked into Sunlight".