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Edging World Closer to Nuclear War, Trump Deploys 'Low Yield'—More 'Usable' Atomic Warhead—on US Submarine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/30/edging-world-closer-nuclear-war-trump-deploys-low-yield-more-usable-atomic-warhead

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And now we are 90 seconds to midnight.


Caligula is preparing for a loss in November


The significance of the Iranian attack on the US air base in response to the Solemenai assassination can not be overstated.

First the USA was warned beforehand the attack incoming . Iran wanted to avoid casualties while demonstrating they were not helpless when faced with US Military power. Now it next to impossible that the USA did not have anti-missile batteries in place to defend that airbase yet there no indication any missiles shot down before hitting the targets. In other words even with forewarning the Patriot systems could not shoot down those Iranian missiles.

Secondly a study has concluded that all of the missiles were home built . Iran manufactured these inside of Iran. The study also concluded the missiles extremely accurate and on par with the accuracy of any western based missile system.

I think this came as a shock to the US Military which has constantly advanced the meme that US weapon technologies are so much more advanced that these third world countries pose no threat.

It my feeling that “low yield usable nuclear weapons” are how the USA intends to ensure other nations remain cowed. As the technological edge erodes the USA will resort to brute force and the WILLINGNESS to commit mass murder to get its way. (see the Samson option)


The malignant monster and war criminal has his ugly finger on the nuclear button. That truth should cause every person to support taking him out via the impeachment process while there is still time! ALL of us have reason to fear his malignant and vindictive ignorance and stupidity!

Act now or pay the price!

Support Bernie Sanders for honesty and sanity!


Wait, what? There’s still an impeachment process??


Well America’s military is so big already that it can’t get any bigger short of an outright world war scenario. Yet despite its immense size, it doesn’t work like the military expects. Bigger and better, more weapons and men doesn’t change the fact that most of it simply isn’t ever used in the real world… Despite its immense size and power, American forces are still in Iraq and Afghanistan for example and so what is left then to ease that military angst if sheer size does not? They breached the castle walls last time … so we need higher walls. They got through the higher walls so that means we need two walls and then a moat and… still castles didn’t work in the long run.

So with a phenomenally gigantic military that can’t be deployed due to the even more phenomenal costs involved, what else is left but what is a first step in the nuclear option. Like using a smaller nuclear weapon is somehow more acceptable?

Nuclear weapons kill all life. They are the very definition of a satanic weapon against life. All life.


Precisely. So we may ask what the reasoning is behind using nuclear, “light” weapons when the objective is totally defeating the enemy. And so, simply more of the light weapons would be used to achieve the same desired total destruction result.

If ever one is used then more would be used. One ‘light’ (imagine thinking of any nuclear weapon as light?) nuke would never be enough in any conflict that was serious enough to warrant such a massive use of force. Trump is just so amoral that it beggars the imagination. He is an incompetent who cannot manage the world like a monarch nor end the forever war conflicts and he knows that the world is losing respect for the USA under his vainglorious self promotion as our President. Trump would jump at the chance to have something else besides his impeachment be his historical legacy. Trump the Mighty vs Trump the Impeached. I think the boorish fool would actually do it. His big finale like a pro wrestling match up. Trump the Mighty.

The man is a moron but good at greed.

Russia has reduced military spending and patiently watches pentagonian parasites bankrupt the US.

Totalitarian military empires always go bankrupt ; always equals 100%, been there, done that.


Now here’s an abuse of power we likely can’t touch.


Please notice that the trillions of dollars spent, the too many lives lost - and no wins.
Our advanced tech of drones, stealth, and the don’t work Patriot defense missles lack leadership.

We had the Iran nuclear agreement to work. Continue talking, agreements, and going for normalcy.
But no !! John Bolton and his people wrecked our hard work.

Next, to start over without pentagon being the negotiator in the middle east. We do not have to be anyone else’s bully boy.
That’s why we have a state dept.
Put them to work.

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The same thing happened to them with Reagan. Our mistake was like having the genie grant our wish to bankrupt the soviets and then find out later that we were unable to stop the monster military build up that we had started as it began bankrupting us. Be careful what you wish for indeed!


What makes you think that they wanted to shoot those missiles down?

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I recognize fully the venality of the Pentagon and the US Government. This the same Pentagon that saw its leaders suggest to President Kennedy disguising planes as Cuban and having them shoot down US airliners.

For that reason I do not believe they wanted this to happen. If they wanted those missiles to get through they would not have warned US Soldiers to take cover. They would have claimed that Iran was lying if Iran suggested they had sent the US a warning before the missiles launched. They would have wanted as many US casualties as possible in order to justify retaliation.

I believe that just as with that Russian missile strike on ISIS from the Caspian Sea, the US Military was taken aback by the success of the Iranian airstrike and it for that reason Trump backed down from another strike as he claimed he would do.

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Maybe, but there is also the very real possibility that the, “neocon” executive branch of the US Government, needed another “Pearl Harbor” event, to start a war in which NATO would be obligated by contract to support and used our people as bait.Therefore our troops would have been unprotected and Pompeo would have certainly known it.

Maybe Iran considered it a potential a plot and foiled that plot by giving their two hour advance warning of the attack.

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So much for the myth of the Nuclear Deterrent. Tactical nuclear weapons have always been a farce of the grimmest kind. What is truly terrifying is who has control of the football.