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Education for Sale?


Education for Sale?

Linda Darling-Hammond

On February 7, Betsy Devos was confirmed as the nation’s new education secretary after a contentious 50-50 vote in the Senate, with Vice President Mike Pence breaking the tie. Coming to the job with no experience in public education—either as a student, parent, educator, or board member—DeVos’s only stated commitment is to expand “choice” nationally through charter schools and private-school vouchers, as she worked to do in her home state of Michigan.


"At the end of the day, the public welfare is best served when...." is soooo 20th century.

Saint Ron's revolution and the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation more than three decades ago assured that the 1%'s fortunes would be served at the expense of "the public welfare".

Trump is stage four of a disease in progress for decades.


Sick and tired of choice = freedom and liberty.

I don't need 20 choices or 10 choices to confuse me as to what to choose or 20 choices that are priced over my head.

I don't need so many choices as I am working two jobs to put food on the table for my children and don't have time to study all these choices.

My tax payments pay these politicians to do their job and do what is most efficient and cost effective for the general welfare of the people.

Next, I will have a choice of how my water is delivered to my house, same with sewer and roads? I could have a delivery service for water, sewage pu at the curb, gravel or dirt or paved roads depending on level of payment. How I want these choices to have my freedom of choice.

I want a GD civil society and the people I pay close to $200,000 a year to do their GD job.


I've heard a lot of people complain about paying taxes that go to the school system when they don't have any kids attending the schools. They believe they shouldn't have to pay those taxes since they aren't "using" the school. The point that they are missing is that they depend on their fellow citizens to be able to read, write, and have those skills and knowledge to function in a democratic society. The real truth is that we are all dependent on public schools whether or not we have children attending them. If more people would understand that, I think there would be less resistance to getting the necessary funding to properly run public schools. Many of the schools in my county are straight up dilapidated and with outdated and obsolete resources just because they can't get the funding they need. One a couple blocks from where I work burned down last year. None of the charter schools in my county received a composite ABCs test score greater than 75% and one didn't pass the Adequate Yearly Progress thingy. There's only 6 charter schools in my county. One out of six failed?! What sort of "choice" does that really represent? Just support the public schools already!


We need to end the expansion of these siphon schools and end other policies that siphon away our freedoms, our equal opportunities, and our civilization.


We have always supported public schools. Charter schools are a scam I have worked in public schools. I agree. We need an educated society and it should not matter whether one has kids in a school system. How selfish and small that people only think that it is all about them. What if the previous generation did not want to educate them? Also, nobody is forcing anyone to go to public school. People are free to pay tuition. This is all about charter and private schools making profits . Our country did much better as a whole when government invested directly in infrastructure. That is why the fifties and sixties worked. It was not about private corporations making profits or for people thinking that the government was an enemy. I saw ( on Cspan ) a professor from Yale discuss a book he had written about just that topic. The books's title starts with Amnesia. When society deregulates that is when we have problems such as the Wall Street crash of 2008.


Yes, like outsourcing and insane profits for Wall Street.


Yes, absolutely.


The business plan for charter schools is to receive public funds, then hire teachers at wages lower than what public schools would normally pay, to teach whatever kids might become enrolled, thereby producing profits for the company and investors. When enough students are siphoned away from the public schools, that will put those schools in major decline, and what used to be quality education taught by well qualified teachers, will now become just bare minimums to a diploma if they don't drop out before graduation. What is it about public schools that have served us well by providing quality, free education, that they must be eliminated from this country?

This race to the bottom would probably begin with the new charter schools hiring teachers that were working at a public school, and offering them work but at a sub-standard wage, likely no benefits, since that's all they're offering to pay if they need to work. After a few years, when public schools totally collapse, any remaining teachers who want to remain teaching, would have no choice but to look for work at these charter schools. By that time, the charter schools will then be producing amazing profits for the owners and investors.

Now, isn't privatization just the greatest thing for the 1%?? Not you and me, just the well heeled. Just wait until everything publicly funded becomes privatized. Can you say, toll roads? Emergency services? Sewer and water? The military? Slippery slopes ahead people!!


Roland Martin, Mike Pence, & the establishment want to get rid of school boards.

Repeal Obamacare
Repeal Trumpcare
Medicare 4 ALL!


We should clarify that further. "This is all about charter and private schools making profits from taxpayer dollars that would otherwise have gone to public schools thereby depleting the funds that public schools need to operate with."


Exactly. Also many charter and private schools have very strict criteria for admission - like no admissions for sped students.