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Education Privatizers Have Gone Global. So Must We If We Want to Stop Them

Education Privatizers Have Gone Global. So Must We If We Want to Stop Them

Christian Addai-Poku and Michael Galant

In February 2018, West Virginia teachers launched a strike that reawakened a movement. Tens of thousands of teachers from around the country have taken part in what is now the largest strike wave in decades, demanding better public education in the face of years of austerity.

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When the TPP was stopped there was still a horrific trade agreement called the TISA waiting in the wings–the Trade In Services Agreement. That one includes the privatization of all government services worldwide. The TISA includes a “Board” which will be the overseer of the running of said services. Along with state run school systems, the government run health services around the world will also be in their sites as well and any other program that allows regular citizens to be anything but slaves to the 1%.

Portions of that treaty were also published by Wikileaks. As it was/is all top, top secret, there doesn’t seem to be much current info on it; at least not until this situation has come up–which appears to show that it was ratified, or is close to it. It appears the global fascist coup is still being pursued.

There is information on the TISA out there if you “Google” it or, better yet, use a browser that doesn’t filter it’s requests.


The privatizer morons will say things like " School shootings" students having babies about public schools. The downslide actually ramped up in the 1980s especially in poorer neighborhoods where people lost jobs that went overseas. Good union jobs. Thanks to St. Ronnie funds were depleted for public schools and federal mandates went unfunded. Now, it’s gotten only worse for profit. Support public schools. No more nonsense. These ARE the neighborhood schools!