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Education Secretary DeVos Condemned for 'Alarming' Civil Rights Rollback


Education Secretary DeVos Condemned for 'Alarming' Civil Rights Rollback

Jake Johnson, staff writer

More than thirty Senate Democrats and one independent—Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders—sent a letter (pdf) to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday expressing alarm at a recent memo unveiling her department's plans to drastically roll back civil rights protections at public schools.


Too bad Obama was not really a progressive and had more gumption to effect the "change we can believe-in" he promised - or secured what little real change was accomplished - astonishing how easily trump & Co "rolls-back" decades of actions - why didn't Dems push for some of the same in the other direction? Craven capitulation due to fear, political cowardice, failure to push an agenda and involve the public, collusion with power and greed, as well as the Dem Party nominating a sure loser, hated and despised, was prelude to the nightmare this nightmare trump regime is bringing to America and the world - education and civil rights "roll-backs" example of so many others.


DeVoid (of brains) is neither civil nor fully aware of the meaning of the Civil Rights Act (1964), the Voting Rights Act (1965) or the Elementary/Secondary Education Act (1965) all programs contained within LBJ's 'Great Society." which was an historic compilation of legislation created and implemented to shore up the nation's social safety net (reinforced and expanded FDR's New Deal). Devoid (of brains) was only seven years old at the time, after all and she grew up insulated from all the riff-raff in public schools while attending bible/parochial private academies that fortified her insulated existence. White privilege need not bother themselves about civil rights, voting rights, or mundane public education (or public anything).

Mindless, clueless, and ruthless.


Three reasons I am no longer a DamnocRat and am unlikely to return to the party anytime soon. With Gorsuch tipping SCOTUS even further to the right, Sessions in charge of Justice, and nearly two thirds of state legislat- ures firmly in RePooplican hands, both Civil Rights & Voting Rights are in serious danger of being rolled back
to what they were in the late 1950's – or earlier . . .

IMHO, DeVos is devoid of heart - not brains - and is well aware that destroying our public schools and "dumb- ing down" the next generation is an important part of the Far-Right's program to replace what little is left of our democracy with a FunnyDementalist "Christian" theocracy.


"There is no more serious responsibility of the Department than to ensure consistent, vigorous enforcement of civil rights laws and protections for all students"

Uh, i thought the the responsibility of the Dept of Education is to educate kids. Protecting their rights and punishing any offenses against those rights is the job of the Dept of Justice. Maybe if the Dept of Education would focus on their real job we would not be ranked 30th of of 35 on education in the OECD.