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Edward Snowden and 'The Big Reveal'


Edward Snowden and 'The Big Reveal'


It seems like only yesterday that a lot of political journalists were spitting mad over the Snowden revelations. It was a very weird time.

Anyway, you don't see so much of that anymore as some have remembered what their jobs are and others seem to have realized that they didn't need to be so afraid of having information. But it hasn't gone away completely.


“Of course, Dana Perino isn’t exactly a journalist. She’s a professional Republican. (I don’t suppose anyone noticed that the only Democrat who voted for the USA Freedom Act last week was Tammy Baldwin and that was because it didn’t go far enough. All those Republicans voted against it because it went too far. Just saying…)”

Two Democrats voted against the USA Freedom Act, Baldwin of Wisconsin, and Sanders of Vermont. 32 votes against and two were Democrats.



Let’s also take note that General David Petraeus also leaked secret information and just received probation as punishment. Like big bankers, big politicians are immune from the harsh sentences issued to small fry like Manning and Snowden (if he returned)

Justice in the US has certainly taken off her blindfold and now does a credit check.


It has always been that way – read accounts of the Palmer abuses in the Wilson Administration and the way people who didn’t kiss ass and suck up to Senator McCarthy (Joe, not Gene). But like everything, like global warming, it’s getting worse, entering its terminal late stage.

Little fish can be gone after because they can then be object lessons that can help prevent others from doing likewise. Big fish get light (mixed metaphor alert) slaps on the wrist. Same basic reason, just the opposite object lesson: letting higher ups know that, if they act in ways that protect the system, no long term harm can possibly come to them.


Here’s how justice works in the U.S. Crooks, liars, thieves, war profiteers, weapons merchants (selling illegally and otherwise to all sides), Wall Street vampires, elite financial barons (bankrupting one country after another, money laundering, mortgage crooked deals, etc.) all get a walk or a fine and keep their assets, bonuses, et al. On the other hand, those with a moral conscious go to prison, are ruined financially and professionally, accused of treason and are wanted (for the most part) dead or alive, preferable dead. What great examples are being set for the rest of the world to see and our children to accept as the norm.