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Edward Snowden Comes to Defense of Jailed NSA Contractor Reality WInner


Edward Snowden Comes to Defense of Jailed NSA Contractor Reality WInner

Common Dreams staff

A day after her arrest was announced publicly by the U.S. Justice Department, Reality Winner, the 25-year-old alleged source of a leaked National Security Agency document, has found a vocal ally in the most well-known government whistleblower of the contemporary era: Edward Snowden.


That quote was from Thomas Jefferson. If memory serves, he was really being savaged by the press at the time. When asked, he replied, “If I had to choose between government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I would unhesitatingly choose the latter.”

  • When Kennedy was president, he gave a dinner at the White House for all the Nobel Prize winners. He looked over the gathering and said, “This is the greatest collection of intellect in this room since Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”
  • God, could we ever use a Jefferson, a Franklin, a Lincoln or a Kennedy here today! (If they would be allowed to live and govern.)


amen! but there is always hope…


Jeezuz. She’s just a kid. And a brave one at that.


Yes, that’s an interesting comment. The documents released were not game changers, according to the Goodman interview today on Democracy Now! She was talking to a former NSA official and an ACLU lawyer; the latter is working on the release of more of the January report on Russian interference by the Obama Adm. They felt Winner may have stuck her neck out a long way for only personal reasons. She really dislikes Trump, on a deep gut level. Reading her background maybe she didn’t agree with dropping the MOAB near Pakistan. That’s her area of experience, as well.
Who knows, really?
Curiously, this type of hack, if it occurred, would involve going after voter information prior to the election. The voter information from prior elections. Causing the casting of many provisional ballots as ordered by county election officials. Something Palast has addressed concerning the Democratic Primary in California. He said, " provisional ballots don’t get counted, usually ". Also, this could be the verification of Absentee Ballots, based on prior voting info. Or, micro-targeting of fake news to certain voter groups with a weaker allegiance to Dems. Getting the last punch in, so to speak.
Besides, this story only peripherally " follows the money ". The key to all these various inquiries is, " always be following the money ", imo.
Trump & Co. have deep Constitutional problems, voting machine rigging with GRU help, is not one of them. If this Intercept article is correct, anyway. The " spear-fishing " malware attack went lower into the food chain to disrupt. Whoever did these shenanigans was pretty subtle and crafty, though. And, they still are, too.


All the previous patriots you mentioned, would not be allowed to become politically powerful, by the deep state,if they were around today.


"For each
Gentle Soul
inside a

We Gazed
Chimes of Freedom

Bob 1964


SMELLS. SMELLS. SMELLS. The Intercept got set-up? Gee. Who would want to soil the reputation of the Intercept? Just days after TI’s inception, the U.S. Military issued a ban, warning any employee reading TI would face … yada, yada, yada…



So, do we think she had an idea, she would be charged under this espionage act?.. I think she must have had a clue. Maybe, she didn’t care. Because as one person commented above… she dislikes(ha) Trump at a deep level… and was, I guess, incensed that MOAB dropping… (as was I) … so, she may be sacrificing … but, hoping of course… to be freed… I say all this because my first response to her imprisonment… with no out side communication etc… was… SOME ONE SHOULD BREAK HER OUT OF JAIL.


If by the “deep state” you mean the corporations and oligarchs that run the government, then yes.


I like how you put her name in quotes. My first reaction was, "does she have a brother named, “Lottery”?

Badabing Badaboom.


“Hopefully this is not a National Security State disinformation program.”

Unfortunately that’s exactly what it seems like.


i’m particularly fond of thomas paine. another excellent observation from jefferson i keep in my “favorite quotes” file: “Information is the true currency of Democracy!”


Profound quote.


If you were young, perhaps above average intelligence, would a little pat on the back,some praise, a good salary offer,oh, and line about how you can help your country, get you to work for these people?


Keeping her incommunicado, hmmm, reminds me of the Kennedy assassination; when Oswald(the patsy,he was not a shooter) was made incommunicado permanently. I say that because the whole leak smells of classic tradecraft. That is a" leak" supposedly not permissible but actually done on purpose by the agency as disinformation. Shutting her up avoids getting to the bottom of the matter; which is more anti Russian hysteria that the intelligence community is using to get Trump. Trump deserves to be got rid of but for legitimate reasons; like his financial conflicts of interest.


When will Trump be arrested and charged under the espionage act ?


BINGO! They are the people that covertly are the real political, power that’s behind America’s so called democracy.


The oligarchs’ K Street is indeed the real control center in DC from which most electeds take their marching orders.

Perhaps New Orleans could make statues of Assange, Manning, Snowden, Winner and other champions for democracy to replace the Confederate statues they recently removed ?


I concur with Clovis. And Tom, you are correct, sir. Patriotic “act”. Yes. But what if “fake”? (Seems that weasel-words are the norm now?) So, We the People, are witnessing one of many of, perhaps, preliminary bankster corporate moves.

The corporate weasel-word “fake” brought into our public sphere by Bezos’ WaPo - a preposterous propaganda frontpage tripe. Indy News was portrayed as “fake” - using unverified sources, to shove this lie down our collective throats. Definitely, a preliminary bankster corporate dis-information move. A troubling, nascent attempt at sabotaging what, We the People, must absolutely have to steer OUR COUNTRY Toward THE TRUTH - that the Free Press is enshrined in Our United States Constitution. Diabolical. Holy crappola, if this is what the banksters are up to!

The pissed-off oligarchs must have been planning this from day one, right after WW2 - the return to the totalitarian state. Look around and I see scared citizens, frenetically racing to work, then racing back from where they start every day. To avoid thinking at all about politics - because denial is just a six-pack away. Yeow.