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Edward Snowden Condemns Trump’s Mistreatment of Whistleblower Who Exposed Ukraine Scandal

Our army soldiers in afghan are in garrison. Probably left there for John Bolton to send into Iran from the east during his great big 7 division invasion. There are a few out in the boondoks watching. Particularly the paki taliban.

Syria was Assad regime change under Obama. Then ISIS to fight for three or four years. Proved our army officer corp is inept, Heck, we could not even dispatch a fighter jet on time to whack Erdogan in Turkey.

I do not think drone 1066 wants war anywhere.

I will, right now, applaud the cooler heads in the world who are holding back a retribution armed strike against Iran. Including the young fella now leading the saudi family to two trillion dollars of brand new wealth. Easy money !!

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That may be a straw man, but in any case, I haven’t read any comments that suggest anyone (here at least) believes that. I think many do recognize that Trump (however questionable his motives) has resisted efforts to turn up the conflict level with Russia, pleased the S. Koreans by trying to build some bridge to N. Korea, resisted thus far the attacks on Iran that Israel, S.A. and US hawks have been pushing; resisted thus far actively engaging in war in Venezuela, etc. In in all these cases his own decisions have gone against the urgings of hawks on both sides of the aisle and possibly against the wishes of the “intel” agencies.

And all of which of course are reasons why some of the elites have turned against him. Aside from the fact that he’s an embarrassment (which Shrub was, in spades), he is just not managing the world affairs per the prescription for American hegemony.

None of that is likely due to any fundamental valuing of peace or justice, of course; but those are the outcomes.

Au contraire, it’s important to think instead of knee-jerk.

Setting aside for the moment any semantic arguments about “whistleblower”, isn’t it at least curious (as others suggest) that this time a “whistleblower” is widely celebrated & given cover by the MSM and Democratic establishment, while people like Kiriakou, Snowden, Manning etc. are either ignored or impugned- and in all cases left to try to defend themselves against charges, imprisoned, etc. ?

Just why would that be?

And isn’t it curious that the guy is blowing the whistle not on his agency but on Trump. … who made the foolish decision to make enemies in those agencies and who have been the promoters of the Russiagate narrative that was previously hoped would bring Trump down?

In any case, I don’t consider that any informant is the same as a whistle-blower as in those who blew the whistle on the tobacco companies, EPA, CIA/NSA, and other entities that employed them… risking ouster, jail or their lives in the process. This is not the same thing at all.

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This is a pretty fair summary of the situation. Most people though, don’t really want to consider this…too horrifying. That’s why so many , especially among the D’s, will be content enough merely with the ouster of the ugly POTUS, as long as their team color waves once again in the WH. They are perfectly fine with further empowering an anti-democratic “security apparatus” to take over , as long as it supports their fantasy about American democracy. Indeed, the spook agencies are now heroic saviors of democracy in their view.


I particularly liked the Ed Snowden tweet referenced in that article:

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What I am saying is that both are corrupt. But what’s worse as the average might judge it? Overthrowing a democratically elected government in a foreign country and installing actual fascists as your puppet regime or just trying to bribe them for personal electoral gain? I know we don’t get to decide that.

It’s worth recalling that Tricky Dick wasn’t threatened with impeachment for bombing Cambodia and Laos (countries we weren’t at war with) killing millions and escalating the Vietnam War ( betraying his campaign promise to do the opposite) and killing more millions and 10’s of thousands of US troops, creating COINTELPRO or the War on Drugs, no he was impeached for steeling some files from the Watergate Hotel of his rival party.


And it always seems that the “crime” that gets elites in hot water are offenses against other elites. For those of us who subscribe to this hypothesis generally—that elites have only one commandment: thou shalt not tread on each other–this fits a long pattern.

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The MSM is neoliberal. You wrote: “That should be a red flag for anyone.” Indeed.

Beware the “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” ideology. The D/Rs in the US love whistleblowers when they’re singing their own tune that supports or proves their own agendas, that is, all the way up until one side or the other finds a way to indict one (usually in retaliation by one side or the other), then they’re all (D/R) out to lunch (together).

The extreme hatred by the powerful for whistleblowers is because they inform the public of what is really going on with their tax dollars and in their name.


  1. 2016, Assange; Hillary emails proving corruption by the DNC, Donna Brazille, et al.
    Hillary Clinton: “Assange must answer for what he has done.”
    Trump: “Wikileaks, Wikileaks, I love Wikileaks!”

  2. Today, Ukraine fiasco:
    Trump: “The president himself attacked the whistleblower in a closed-door meeting Thursday, calling him “close to a spy” and suggesting he committed treason, according to the Washington Post.”
    Democrats: “Democrats say President Trump is putting at risk the physical safety and well-being of the government whistleblower at the heart of their impeachment investigation.”

Dude needs to dust off his passport, once he’s served his purpose he may soon be on a one-way flight to Russia.

Agree with bard, drone, and you MCH, but maybe Snowden has sympathy for a real one, or a set up one? For all of’em? Even the set up one might have believed it was a worthwhile role?

Your first paragraph made sense. Right there is something IMO that should be impeachable. All they were doing was setting up an emolument gravy train. Plus it’s dangerous. It wasn’t like breaking the Boland Amendment vis a vis small countries in the same hemisphere–no, in this case they were tempting the only other major nuke power to get in a tango. Stealing files on Ellsberg wasn’t in any way commensurate. But there are at least three other things (if not this Ukraine “aid” that DT kept going)…all of’em important enough for Congress to act on, important enough not to be shielded by some substitute diversionary technical crime.

It’s just like the other “gate,” so this is for anyone remaining who still wants to keep that narrative going https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Crimean_status_referendum